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Migraines in men

Migraine is a chronic neurological disease characterized by periodic severe headache.Thus pain generally extends only on one half of the head.This problem is very common.With her face about 10% of people.Attacks may occur several times a year, but for most people they happen 1-2 times a week.Women are much more likely to suffer from bouts of severe headache, but also a lot of men face this problem.Migraine is also called the disease of aristocrats.Some people believe that headaches are more common in people who are engaged in intellectual work.

main causes of migraine development in men include: stress, genetic predisposition, nervous and physical overload of the body, hormonal disruptions, lack or sleep overabundance, disturbance of cerebral blood flow due to vasoconstriction, food and alcohol, disorders of the central nervous system and the regulation ofmetabolism.

The risk group includes residents of large cities, as they are more likely to get into stressful situations.People living in rural areas

are less prone to headaches due to a calm, measured way of life.Migraine often suffer from ambitious men who are struggling to move up the career ladder.Also at risk get emotionally unstable and prone to depression people person with diabetes who smoke and take estrogen at high doses.

All of these reasons are related to external or physiology.Experts from France recently investigated by the reverse, what changes occur in the brain during a migraine attack.As a result, they found elevated hypothalamic activity during a headache attack.Hypothalamus - a region of the brain, which is a 5% of its total weight.Despite this small percentage, it regulates the entire endocrine system of the body.The hypothalamus receives all information about the activity of the heart and respiratory system.It it located hunger and thirst centers, as well as regulating emotional behavior of men.Furthermore, it is still responsible for the regulation of vascular tone and controls the human response to external factors which cause headache.Based on this discovery, the researchers hope to develop drugs that can cure migraine.

Approximately 20% of people for 10-30 minutes before the headache symptoms such as irritability, depression, anxiety, nausea or loss of appetite (this period is called an aura).Also, some people may be disturbed by the perception of a certain part of the field of vision (blind spot or scotoma), before my eyes appear prongs or flickering lights.Sometimes even violated visual perception.For example, objects may appear smaller or larger than they really are.Few there is a sensation of tingling, and even more rarely, weakness in the leg or arm.Generally, such symptoms disappear before the headache, but sometimes accompany it.Pain in migraine can capture both sides of the head or the entire head.Hands and feet are cold and sometimes bluish.Usually, people who experience aura, the nature and localization of the pain remains unchanged with each new attack.Migraine is a very common and long-term, but then it can disappear for weeks, months or even years.

Without treatment, headaches last for about a few hours or days.Some pain is minor and quickly passes after taking OTC analgesics.But often it is very strong and even causes the patient to cease all activities, especially if accompanied by nausea, vomiting and intolerance of bright light (photophobia).As a rule, in this case the usual analgesics do not help.During migraine attacks, some people irritable and looking for seclusion, usually in a dark room.

To remove a migraine attack, use drugs, which are called means for the relief of migraine.If you choose the right and take the medicine, they can be quite effective.These are non-prescription analgesics that contain aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol, the latter is considered to be the least effective.Are much faster and better soluble forms of these agents, for example, in the form of effervescent tablets.If headaches are accompanied by nausea or vomiting, can be used anti-emetics.Some enhance the effect of analgesics because of their increased absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.In very severe nausea or vomiting, these drugs can be used in the form of rectal suppositories.

pharmacist when choosing a drug can advise you what better to take OTC analgesic.If the proposed drugs do not help you, or you need a large dose of the drug, it is advisable to consult a doctor, a neurologist.He can assign you one of the specific antimigraine drugs.These can resort to, if analgesics or antiemetics not help.Protivomigrenoznye funds differ according to the principle of action from conventional painkillers.They do not affect the pain and pathological processes occurring in the brain during a migraine attack.Ergotamine is this means, which is widely used in some countries, and in others is not commercially available.If necessary, these preparations you will be able to be combined with analgesics and antiemetics.

For very severe and frequent attacks of migraine, which can not be treated, it is necessary to resort to preventive treatment.Unlike funds for the relief attack, in this case the drugs must be taken every day, because the treatment is aimed at preventing attacks of headaches.Be sure to follow the instructions on the use of drugs designated by you.Studies have shown that the main reason for the ineffectiveness of prophylactic treatment is non-compliance with treatment regimen.

significantly improve your health regular exercise and maintaining a fit.Try to avoid predisposing factors of migraine.Typically, diagnosis of this disease is not difficult.There are currently no methods of examination, confirming the diagnosis of migraine, diagnosis is based on your description of symptoms.A must in this case is the lack of any abnormalities on physical examination.It should be as detailed as possible to describe the doctor-neurologist his headache.Explain how often and how much you are taking painkillers or other drugs.Unfortunately, at this point in modern medicine, there are no methods of full treatment for migraine.But with age, most people have become less frequent attacks.