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Elevated hemoglobin in men

hemoglobin level is one of the most important indicators of the overall blood test, which is defined as from the capillary and venous blood from.Hemoglobin, which is included in the erythrocytes is a complex protein containing iron.The main purpose of it is to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide in the cell bodies.The high rate of the substance causes thickening of the blood, causing blood clots occur, plugging the vessels.This raises the risk of heart attack or stroke.It is therefore necessary to know the ways of dealing with hemoglobin, to avoid unwanted effects.

Normally, hemoglobin in men increases due to heavy physical exertion and prolonged stay in the fresh air.High levels of hemoglobin is considered the normal state of climbers, mountain bikers, climbers and other athletes.Normal blood levels of this indicator for men is considered to be 140-160 g / l.If the hemoglobin level above 20-30 g / l, it is possible to speak of a possible pathology.This problem occurs because the representatives of the

stronger sex can become a long-term smoking, which leads to insufficient tissue oxygenation.As already mentioned, it is a high level of hemoglobin often causes heart attacks and strokes because of the blood of high viscosity to form clots and plaques that prevent the normal circulation of the blood.

Also, this pathology may occur against the background of cardiovascular or pulmonary disease, intestinal obstruction, congenital abnormalities of the heart and blood vessels.The cause of elevated hemoglobin in men may be deficient in vitamin B12, which should arrive in sufficient quantities with the food.Another problem that may result from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, which can not ensure complete absorption of the vitamin.

Symptoms of this disease in men, as a rule, do not differ from the "female" high hemoglobin symptoms.Observed irregularities in the genitourinary system, blurred vision, fatigue, loss of appetite.In some cases the skin may redden much or, conversely, pale.In addition to the external signs of disease, when examining physicians should pay special attention to the increased viscosity of the blood, which prevents the normal distribution of oxygen between the tissues and cells of the body.

Of course, the treatment of elevated hemoglobin will depend on the cause of the disease, but one of the most important steps in any treatment is good nutrition.Together with the necessary medication therapy to diet in most cases give positive results.

Many believe that the increase in hemoglobin should eat fewer foods containing iron, but it's the wrong tactic.This tactic is justified only in hemochromatosis - a particular hereditary disease with excessive iron absorption and deposition in the tissues of the body.Only in this case is a special restrictive diet.But in all other cases, it will not work.The diet should be built on the basis of what caused the increase in hemoglobin.

Increased hemoglobin in the summer can be caused by excessive sweating and fluid loss without adequate fill them.The body, in particular the blood, suffering from dehydration, so the diet should be directed to adequate fluid replacement of losses.Many people in the summer prefer denser foods and refuse to soups, that is not very good.Soups and first courses must be present in the diet, just go to the cold soups: beetroot soup, gazpacho, okroshka and light vegetable soups.It is advisable to use in the summer less red meat and fish, and go to the vegetable and dairy dishes.Vegetables are a source of additional liquid and vitamins, little iron in them.A dairy dishes calcium hinders the absorption of iron from the gut.In summer you can allocate one day for meat dishes and one day to fish.And the rest of the power in the heat - soups, salads and dairy dishes.

to sweat less, many people in the heat deliberately restrict fluids.But it is necessary to consider that sweating - is the body's cooling mechanism, it helps the body does not overheat.Dehydrated body will overheat much faster, hence lethargy, drowsiness, headache and malaise.It should drink plenty of fluids, at least 50 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day, and even more in the summer.Drink black and green tea, herbal infusions and fruit drinks.Another very useful to drink or drinking poorly-mineral water.Remember, juices and soda bad quench thirst, carbonic acid and sugar in their composition only increase the thirst and sweating.Drink in small sips every half hour at 50-100 ml of fluid.The liquid must be cold and room temperature, approximately 20-25 degrees.

To reduce hemoglobin often used Shilajit.It is soluble in water, showing numerous useful features, including normalization of hemoglobin.We need to take one pill of this drug at night, the course of treatment is 10 days, then a break - a week.Then you have to repeat the course.Alcohol and sedatives and hypnotics is not recommended to combine with Shilajit.Enough effective girudoterapiya considered.Applying leeches helps regulate the level of hemoglobin in the next six months.An interesting and unusual way of dealing with high hemoglobin is donating blood.An incentive for the development of young blood, and the hemoglobin thus reduced.

Folk medicine recommended to eat fresh grass in the form of salads: Cyprus, goutweed and woodlice.Keep in mind that folk remedies will be effective only if the cause lies not in problems with internal organs, or autoimmune diseases.In these cases, the medications prescribed drugs.

Medications prescribed only after a survey and based on blood parameters.If the cause of elevated hemoglobin are diseases affecting the blood, the therapy is first subject to these pathologies.Thin the blood and reduce the hemoglobin drugs such as aspirin, chimes, Trental, Cardiomagnyl.They normalize blood clotting.When receiving medicinal products necessarily requires medical supervision to determine the optimal dose and duration of treatment.With increased hemoglobin should not take vitamin complex and minerals, together with vitamins B, C, copper, iron and folic acid.In some cases, to reduce the use of hemoglobin electrophoresis procedure.It removes the excess red blood cells from the general circulation.However, it is assigned only when it is impossible to use other methods of therapy.

Remember, in any case, an elevated level of hemoglobin should immediately be reduced, otherwise the excess protein can adversely affect human health.

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