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pregnancy syndrome in men

every pregnant woman is very important to recognize the support of the loved and loving man.Expectant mums will be so pleased to know that they are treated in a special way, with affection and awe.In this difficult period, the husband should seek to understand his wife, to give her more attention and to respect her wishes.However, in some cases, feelings and experiences of a pregnant woman can be transferred to its partner.In modern medicine, this concept is still poorly understood, but psihosomatologi called his pregnant pope syndrome (Couvade syndrome).

This phenomenon was known centuries ago.In those days, there was a certain custom.Future Dad went to bed, completely refused food, and everything repeated gestures and moans of his wife, who at that time gave birth to a child.Man, thus I am imitating birth and how to take some of the pain itself.They believed that so help women more easily migrate generations.It should be noted that the basis of false pregnancy syndrome man is a sincere fear and anxiet

y for the fate of his wife and unborn baby.

Translated from the French "Couvade syndrome" - hatch.This mental illness are subject to young people under the age of 30 years, mainly those who are expecting the birth of their first child.Although sometimes this reaction is observed in men who already has one child.Also at risk men get nervous, somewhat hysterical temperament, unbalanced.Of course, in real life, they do not fight in hysterics, but it should be noted that they are easy to panic and difficult to keep yourself in hand in difficult situations.

When the boys grew up in a family where his father was a minor role in the education, sometimes they become more feminine and receptive.That is, the mother brings them as its continuation, because otherwise can not.Also, often the boys grow up in single-parent family where the father is completely or partially missing, in which case the woman becomes the head of the family.If the family infantile man and a woman leader by nature, in most cases, his son will be regenerated and modified male qualities.That is, a teenager boy identifies himself with his mother as a woman.So often during the pregnancy of his chosen, they can feel the feminine experience, both physically and spiritually.

As a result of investigations it was revealed that pregnancy syndrome is most common in men aged 21 to 27 years old.This identified a number of disease exacerbation peaks: in the 3 and 9 months of pregnancy.

From a physiological point of view, men may experience these symptoms: bloating, nausea and sometimes vomiting, heartburn, significant pain in the lumbar region, morning sickness, tooth throbbing pain reduction or even complete loss of appetite, seizures, lower and upper limbs, canbe some irritation of the genitourinary system.By the mental symptoms of the disease include: constant change of mood, sleep disturbances (insomnia), absolutely unfounded fear and anxiety, depressed state (apathy to everything going on) and irritability.

All these symptoms every man manifested in different ways.Their degree of severity may also be different.So do not compare the symptoms, which manifest themselves in your spouse, with your symptoms of male friends, because all the purely individual.

Syndrome false pregnancy is hysterical neurosis.Men during pregnancy of his wife to really live such feelings, experiences, and even suffering.They are really sick and did not come up.

There are several variants of the Couvade syndrome.A clear increase in diseases clinic can be observed towards the end of pregnancy and the onset of labor.Sometimes the disease has some periods of exacerbation.And in some cases all the men listed symptoms are felt throughout the pregnancy.They usually disappear by the beginning of labor.But sometimes syndrome disappears only after the woman will obstetrical complications.

Men are prone syndrome Couvade sometimes begin to suffer long before the pregnancy of his wife, and it was during the menstrual cycle.These days he is going through the same pain in the abdomen, weakness and aches in the lower back as his wife.Showed US study, the disease is exposed to just about every ninth man.And 40% of men experiencing the disease in a mild form, that is, during his wife's pregnancy they may experience digestive disturbances and light pain in the stomach and abdomen.

Of course, a man who has "more pregnant", than you should be treated.This problem will help solve some experts - psychologists.They will help find the true cause of the disease and advise how to survive this difficult period without damage to themselves and their loved ones.Unfortunately, there are drugs that relieve the symptoms of the imaginary pregnancy.In this case it is best to take sedatives, which assigns only doctor.In no case do not resort to self-medication.

worth noting that from the false pregnancy can not get rid of, but every man can take her for a precise control.To do this, after learning about the pregnancy of his wife, it is recommended to immediately enroll in courses that are held for parents.Try not to withdraw into themselves, share their problems with family and loved ones.Plenty of time given to a pregnant wife.It is also advisable to read books that contain all information about the course of pregnancy and childbirth themselves.

Couvade syndrome is quite interesting, but unusual.To some extent it confirms that men are also waiting for the child and they are not as insensitive, as some women.

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