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Vitamin E for Men

Men, feeling constant fatigue or irritability, used to write off these manifestations of daily stress, problems at work and other circumstances.This is partly true, but the problem may be in short supply of some important trace elements.In the male organism should arrive daily vitamins C, B, E and trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, selenium, and others.Vitamin E is one of the compounds responsible for the most important function, namely the production of offspring.This vitamin is also known as tocopherol, which translated from Greek means "giver offspring."This item is not synthesized in the human body, so it can only get with food.

has long been known about the use of tocopherol to the human body.It is a fat-soluble biologically active substance prevents the destruction of testosterone molecules, thereby getting better hormonal male pattern.In addition, vitamin E prevents premature aging and protects against free radicals that destroy healthy cells, improves blood circulation, prevents th

e formation of blood clots, a positive effect on the ability of fertilization and improves cellular respiration.When planning a pregnancy, men are often prescribed tocopherol capsules or injections.The dosage generally depends on the condition, severity of symptoms and physiological characteristics of an organism.

Vitamin E stimulates blood circulation in the pelvis and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.As a result, its use increases the number of active sperms and stabilize their cell membrane.Sometimes, this item is prescribed in the treatment of infertility.Compound stabilizes hormones, and even helps to reduce the formation of blood clots, clogging blood vessels in the pelvic area.All this improves the quality of sexual life.In addition, the tocopherol is an excellent preventive measure against heart attack and stroke, which is more susceptible to a strong half of mankind.Vitamin E is involved in the metabolism of proteins, it supports the work of the heart muscle, keeping oxygen.Especially recommended to take this component to athletes because it promotes the growth of muscle mass.

must know that the lack of this element in the male body can lead to infertility, a weakening of the sexual ability of men, degeneration of skeletal muscles, lethargy, anemia, disturbance of oxygen transport and metabolism of vitamin A. In most cases Vitamin E deficiency occurs in men who are addicted to fastingor a long feed according to a strict diet.Also, lack of tocopherol may develop in people with liver disease, or bowel, in cholelithiasis.Often, this problem occurs in men with impaired absorption of fats.

minimum daily dose of vitamin E for the stronger sex is 10 mg.This is the minimum that is necessary for normal functioning of the body.The upper limit of the daily dose may reach 300 mg.This fat-soluble vitamin, and it can accumulate in the body, so with regular and prolonged high doses of tocopherol may develop hypervitaminosis.The symptoms of this phenomenon are: severe headache, a split in the eyes, prolonged diarrhea, excessive fatigue and a constant feeling of fatigue.

As mentioned, vitamin E is not synthesized by the body, we receive it with food.This element is found in many foods, but most of all its various nuts: hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, and others.Also in large numbers contained in sunflower, linseed and corn oil.Rich in tocopherol, seafood and fish: squid, eel, pike and salmon.Another vitamin is part of the various cereals (oatmeal, wheat), wild rose, spinach, sorrel, viburnum, dried apricots, sea buckthorn and marinated olives.If a day to eat even if one of these products, the vitamin E content is always normal.But keep in mind that the heat-treated products lose more than half of tocopherol.

If tocopherol deficiency in the body there is a sufficiently long time, the man appointed reception encapsulated vitamin.It is based on drugs are synthetic and natural.As a rule, they are prescribed for hearing disorders with nervous tension and muscular dystrophy, degenerative vertebral and joint processes for the treatment of male infertility and liver abnormalities, nutritional anemia and atrophic processes in the mucous membranes of the digestive and respiratory.Also taking medication tocopherol is indicated for inflammatory diseases of the head of the penis, and some decrease in sexual desire.

Research has shown that tocopherol is best taken in conjunction with the retinol and ascorbic acid, which are part of the cabbage and potatoes, green vegetables and eggs.In some cases, the need for vitamin E is increasing dramatically.For example, additional sources of vitamin E needed men with excessive physical stress (heavy work or sports training) and frequent emotional stress overload, when environmental pollution by radioactive wastes or place of residence in the highlands.

As you can see, vitamin E is very helpful for the male body.It improves blood circulation, the state of the pelvic vessels, increases spermatozoal secretion, reduces the risk of thrombosis and increases male attraction.But in any case, remember that even a useful tocopherol can hurt if it is an overdose, so you need to take it without fanaticism and only your doctor's advice.

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