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How to choose a multivitamin for men

believed that men are more prone to stress than women.In part, this is true, because of the nature of the man charged with the role of provider, supports family well-being and the guarantor.Therefore, the stronger sex is always concerned about the financial situation, which is his family.In an effort to make them spend a lot of time and effort to work that over time it can cause a nervous breakdown.And it's not just fatigue, and chronic lack of vitamins, which one simply forgets.And yet, for a normal state of health just need to monitor the condition of the body and support the vitamin balance.For this purpose various vitamin complexes designed for men that are needed for metabolism.For the body of either sex needs a certain balance of essential substances, and its change provokes health problems.

In most cases, people resort to vitamins help only in case of their lack.Few people accept them as a prophylactic measure.With this in mind, manufacturers are producing vitamin complexes targeted to a specific

scope.That is why the multivitamins for men should be chosen according to the existing problems.A classic multivitamin complexes can be used for prevention.Among the narrowly focused systems emit are: to strengthen bones, increase potency, enhance immunity, build muscle, strengthen the overall tone of the body, as well as to improve the circulatory system.

Nowadays, many men have problems with potency of different severity.To select a complex, you should first carefully study its composition and possible review.Vitamins for improving male potency in the first place should contain vitamin A and zinc.Very important is the ginseng extract, which has a positive effect on men's health.Before taking vitamins necessarily need to see a doctor and get tested, because the violation of potency - is often said about the problems in the circulatory system.In this case it is very effective for men with complexes containing vitamins of group B. Also look for the presence of zinc in the composition.It should be noted that the normalization of the balance of vitamins and minerals needed not only in case of problems with potency, but also athletes, office workers and active people.Extremely important are vitamins for men aged or undergone inflammatory or infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

As a woman, a man in the planning period of pregnancy is advisable to take folic acid, which improves the quality of sperm, and thus a beneficial effect on the birth of a healthy child.Among other things, the young men need more vitamins A and E, as they improve the production of testosterone, respectively, support the potency of a good standard and give confidence.If the representatives of the stronger sex occasionally addicted to alcohol or cigarettes, it is simply necessary lipoic acid (vitamin N) for the maintenance of the liver.

Sometimes young guys because of their age is difficult to build muscle.To do this, buy some harmful chemical additives and injected, but more literate watching their diet and take appropriate vitamin complexes.In that case selenium is considered most important.

Vitamins for men older

For men aged 40 to 55 years old need vitamins A, E, C, H, B and folic acid.The longer the preserve youth and vitality help antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E), which slow down the aging process.Also, they are a good prevention of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.In addition, vitamin C improves the immune system, and vitamins A, E and folic acid are essential for the 40 men, as they are involved in the development of sex hormones and sperm, respectively, maintain potency and ability to conceive a child.B vitamins ensure the maintenance of protein synthesis and metabolism at the optimum level, causing the tissue does not grow old.A vitamin H is considered a "vitamin male beauty", because it is responsible for maintaining the hair on your head man, nail and skin health.

Men older than 55 years, first of all, you need vitamin D, since the ability to synthesize it in the skin by exposure to sunlight significantly reduced.As a result, this may develop osteoporosis, break nails and teeth.Among other things, a lack of vitamin D can lead to interruptions in the work of the heart and nervous system, which manifests itself arrhythmias, periodic heartbeat, noise, nervousness, irregular pressure, lethargy or apathy.Another very necessary to men at the age of vitamin B12, as over time the ability to assimilate it from the intestine is greatly reduced.

also men between the ages should take antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, which reduce the rate of aging and are the prevention of chronic infectious and inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart attack, infarction, and prostatitis.These vitamins are still necessary for maintaining sexual function and physical activity.

Before taking any vitamins necessarily need to read the instructions, which is painted in detail the beneficial effect of the administration, as well as dosage, contraindications and rules of admission.Most often indicate idiosyncrasy, but can also be found such contraindications as post-infarction state cardio, predisposition to thromboembolism.Especially should pay attention to the combination of a vitamin complex with drugs, if there is a need for their reception.

For better absorption of vitamins is recommended to take during or after a meal.Be sure to receive between courses you need to take a break.In summer it is desirable to replace the complex natural products, rich in natural vitamins.To the food was really useful, first of all it must be fresh.And the most useful are considered raw vegetables that can be steamed.Thus, keep the maximum amount of useful items.You can also use roasted vegetables.But from fried foods, synthetic dressings, canned and smoked meats should be abandoned.After this treatment, all the products lose their useful properties.

Remember that taking any medication, including vitamins and dietary supplements, you should always negotiate with your doctor.Some vitamins have contraindications, so their admission should be very careful.

Thus, vitamins are one of the main factors that allow to maintain health for as long as possible.It is advisable to consult a doctor, he will select the most suitable for you vitamin complex.