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Use basil for men

Basil is an annual herb bush, which many housewives used as aromatic seasoning.Sometimes called Raihan.In ancient times believed that basil helps to boost the immune system, to get rid of migraines and melancholy, clear the air and prepare really tasty and healthy lunch.

At all times, this fragrant herb prized as a savory spice for fatty foods, improves digestion.In India, for example, basil is considered a sacred plant because it has extraordinary healing properties.There is a tradition, according to which the grass watered every day, morning and evening, and lit the lamp beside it that brings happiness and protects the family from harm.In some legends basil upominaeetsya as a symbol of happiness and love.In Romania, there are still a custom, when the girl, taking predlolzhenie marriage, presents his handpicked green sprig of basil.

At the moment we know 13 varieties of plants, each of which has a unique shade of flavor: peppery, bitter, anise, camphor.The leaves of one species have a distinct smell o

f cloves, and the smell of another species resembles a lemon.There is even a caramel-vanilla variety.That is why basil is so popular in cooking.Perhaps no other cuisine in the world can not do without this spice and variety of flavors you can use it in a variety of dishes - soups, salads and even desserts.

Useful properties of basil for the human body lie in its unique composition.The composition of the leaves of this plant contains many tannins and minerals, essential oils, saponins and glycosides.They also contain vitamins A, R, B2, C, carotene, rutin, simple sugars and vegetable fats.Spicy flavor is provided by the presence in the Basilica of the essential oil (up 1.5%).It is full of fragrant volatile substances such as linolooll, eugenol and camphor stimulate cardiac activity.

Basil has excellent tonic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties.Vitamins C and E strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and vitamin A affects the beauty and health of hair, skin and nails.

100 g of fresh greens contains only 27 calories, so the plant is recommended to use for those who wish izzbavitsya from overweight.Deep taste of basil perfectly satisfies hunger, and vitamin-minaralny composition fills the damage that causes the body to diet.

believed that herbs basil has a positive effect on male potency and enhances sexual desire.On the huge benefits of this plant are known to men in ancient India, and modern medicine has confirmed this.Basil contains a large number of acids, povyshayuschschih circulation and stabilizing blood sugar levels and promotes the improvement of all internal organs deyatelnostti men.Therefore, the stronger sex is recommended daily to eat basil and other herbs.

In addition, the aromatic grass copes with the problems of the digestive tract, namely, removes flatulence, helps with constipation, and various gastric disorders.The structure of the plant consists of enzymes that break down fats, able to burn fat cells and help get rid of the extra kilos.Fresh basil juice or a decoction of its leaves to effectively cope with skin diseases, relieves itching and soothes the skin.Of course, for every man it is important a strong nervous system, without which man would not be man.Basil perfectly strengthens the nervous system, returns strong and healthy sleep and relieves headaches and toothaches.Among other things, he also increases the concentration of attention (which is especially important for drivers), tones the entire body and returns a taste for life.Due to the high content of beta-caryophyllene, green plant is widely used as an alternative to medical Narcotic Drugs.Basil also has another anti-inflammatory action but without the side effects of psychiatric and neurological.

Basil leaves can be used fresh and dry.But in order to dried basil retains all its beneficial properties, it is necessary to dry properly.If you grow crops specifically for drying, it is desirable to collect it before flowering, without waiting for the fall.The shrub should be cut so that the root was about 12 cm. Keep in mind that basil enough not tolerate high temperatures and exposure to sunlight, because then lost all its nutrients, so dry it can be only in the shade and the best in a well-ventilated place.By the way, in the form of dried basil has a more intense flavor.It is necessary to store it in a glass jar in a dark place, since in contact with moisture or it loses light basil bright scent.

Seeds of the plant can also be used as a flavoring for the treatment of various respiratory diseases.At fire they are perfectly clean and disinfect the air in the room.Also, if regularly breathe that air can clear the lungs of mucus.

Fried basil seeds is good to take if you have diarrhea.It is necessary in this case to eat for 1-2 teaspoon for 20 minutes before a meal three times a day.Seeds are well removed from the body cholesterol, harmful substances and excess water.To do this, a teaspoon of seeds pour a glass teplloy water, stir well and infuse for 5 minutes.You can take a vehicle with juice, yogurt or tea if you wish.In some cases, the seeds of basil are used to treat cuts and scrapes.To make the miracle broth, it is necessary to fill tablespoon of raw material in two cups of boiling water and infuse for half an hour.You can then wash the wound infusion, can also make lotions.

It must be remembered that in addition to the use of basil and can cause harm to the body, which is caused by a low content of mercury in the plant.Due to this it has antibacterial properties and may even harm the body.It is not recommended to use products based on this herb for longer than 20 days, you need to take a break, and then you can continue.Contraindicated use of spices after a stroke and heart attack.Also, you do not have basil for people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, and some other diseases.Also, it must be remembered also that in some cases, essential oils consisting of basil may adversely affect the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.Contraindications to eat is another idiosyncrasy of the product.It is undesirable to use of basil and diabetics.

Use basil for the male body is its wonderful healing properties.But be very careful to use this plant, not to harm your body.