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Cellulite in men

Cellulite in men is much rarer than in women, but it is the place to be.The Chinese in the Middle Ages believed that the beer belly symbolizes strength and wealth.Among the Romans it was considered a sign of beauty inspired face, and the nomads - crooked legs, but the man had to be able to protect themselves and their families, and, therefore, be stronger and stronger.Men's fullness greatly reduces the appeal.In the era of globalization is considered to be pumped up beautiful brutal man who regularly visits the gym.But as soon as he ceases to take care of yourself, man inevitably begins to gain weight.

Cellulite is formed as modified by fat cells between the skin and muscles.Human skin is attached to the muscles particularly connective tissue.The fibers of this tissue in women are perpendicular to the skin, and men diagonally or crosswise.That's why the ladies cellulite is more common.Subcutaneous adipose tissue is increased in volume and starts to put pressure on the skin from the inside, and the skin

itself is held in place connective tissue fibers.Cellulite at fixing the connecting fibers to the skin formed hollow, and in places of bulging fat - bumps.In men's different skin structure, fat and connective tissue.Furthermore, a strong sex thicker skin and fat cells located deeper, so cellulite in men is not easily noticed.

main affected area in women - the buttocks, thighs, legs, arms and belly.But in men cellulite often appears on the abdomen and the neck.The fact that men and women, fat is deposited in different parts of the body, so the representatives of the strong half of humanity cellulite occurs is not as easy as in women.fat index at the fair sex is 25%, while men only 15%.

To prevent this problem, you need to drink more fluids, eat right, exercise, avoid alcohol and nicotine.

Perhaps the most important reason for the appearance of cellulite in men - is an inactive and sedentary lifestyle.Try to devote more time to the sport and to carry out exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles, with less time to sit at a computer or driving a car, or cellulite in men will make itself felt in a rather early age - 35-40 years.Another cause of this problem is the regular stress.Being in constant tension, the body does not rest properly and exhausted.This can lead to metabolic disorders, followed by subcutaneous dystrophy.

next factor - a poor diet.As is known, the main enemy of beauty and health is fat, very high-calorie foods and fast food.In addition, we should not forget that poor diet affects not only the subcutaneous tissue, but also leads to serious disease such as obesity.

Cellulite can occur in both men and failures due to hormonal, because of which reduced the level of adrenaline male hormone responsible for the breakdown of fats, and the level of noradrenaline, blocking cleavage, conversely, increases.Therefore, the fat begins to be assimilated in the body at an accelerated pace.It should be understood that the male cellulite on a hormonal level - this is a serious imbalance that requires treatment by a doctor and a medical examination.And finally, another reason - it is cramped, uncomfortable clothes and bad posture, which prevent the normal circulation of the internal organs.

At home reveal cellulite in men is almost impossible.In the defeat of the skin remains smooth and even that difference is due to the morphological structure of the connecting frame for men.In the male, the collagen significantly larger (they provide strength and elasticity of tissues) fibers than elastin, so slight changes in the structure of fat cells is practically not affect the appearance of the skin condition.

In cosmetology cellulite detected using special imaging film that reacts to temperature changes in the skin.If cellulite individual struck areas of the skin, the internal circulation is disturbed, and accordingly, the body temperature in such areas is significantly lower than normal.It is necessary to put the film on the estimated affected area, colorful spots on its surface will indicate the areas of skin with abnormal temperature.

the stronger sex are much easier to deal with cellulite than women.The fact that the men's blood contains a large concentration of testosterone, a fat burner, so that the most effective way in this case - is regular exercise and an active lifestyle.Particular attention should be given to the waist, constantly doing the exercises for the press.In some cases, physical activity helps so well that the stronger sex does not even have to change your diet.But for the greater effect it is still desirable to adhere to the diet.The diet should include fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, fish, poultry, lean meats and cereals.The body needs vitamins, minerals and fiber, and does not need synthetic food additives and carcinogens.

addition to exercise good even help cosmetics (oils and creams, which improve blood circulation) and procedures, including self-massage, anti-cellulite massage in professional spas and health clinics.It is only necessary to turn to the beautician, who will select the most efficient and effective treatment option for you.In advanced forms, you can resort to surgery.The main advantage of this method is fast, uncomplicated and almost completely safe to get rid of the fat folds.

At the moment we know the three main surgical method.With liposuction, excess fat removed by vacuum.However, when large volumes of excess fat can only partial removal.Also, do not forget about some contraindications: heart disease, diabetes and other somatic illnesses.

following method - elektropoliz in which fat deposits are destroyed by electrical impulses.Contraindications method thrombophlebitis, epilepsy, cancer, as well as those who use a pacemaker.It is also often used lipoplening - ultrasonic processing adipose tissue and their subsequent removal.The main advantage of this method is that further re-formation of cellulite unlikely.

As you can see, the cellulite is an issue that affects all people, regardless of gender.But we must understand that this is a disease - not a sentence, but certainly not terrible incurable disease.Get rid of it and once again become slim is much easier than it might seem at first glance.To do this, just watch your diet, exercise and avoid nervous strain.

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