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The symptoms of appendicitis in men

Currently appendicitis is one of the most common diseases of the abdominal cavity.This pathology can occur regardless of lifestyle, so it can not be prevented.Appendicitis can occur at any age, so you must know the main symptoms, time to call an ambulance.

In fact, appendicitis does not play any role for the body, but some doctors say that in childhood he is a full-body immune system.

Some believe that if we remove the appendix at a young age, it will affect the mental development in the future.However, this hypothesis at the moment is not confirmed, but not refuted.Most often the disease develops between the ages of 10 to 30 years.Statistics show that in 15 years of appendicitis occur in 15% of people 20 years - 24%, to 30 years - 45%.This negative experience may overtake each.

person for full recovery should be 7 days.This is a very insignificant period for the disease, which is removed surgically.But this is true, if timely diagnosis, to perform the surgery without complications, a man in a few day

s will be on their feet.In this disease can die, which will provoke a blood infection, or other complications.That is why it is so important to timely detect appendicitis.

To date offered several theories of the causes of appendicitis.The main cause of an infectious factor.In acute appendicitis isolated pathogenic strains of E. coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and other pyogenic bacteria.Under normal circumstances, they are normal inhabitants of the intestines, but as a result of concomitant external or internal reasons become pathogenic.

So microflora development of appendicitis provoke such factors.This may be a blockage (narrowing) of the lumen of the appendix (congenital malformations, tumors, fecal stones, foreign bodies).Stagnation of blood and subsequently causing vascular necrosis of the appendix of the reaction, the defects of the blood vessels supplying the gut wall, reducing blood supply to the walls.Another factor is the neurogenic response, slowing peristalsis of the intestinal wall, which is accompanied by abundant slizeobrazovaniem and sharp expansion of the intestinal lumen.

appendicitis occurs most often in people who suffer from constipation, diseases of the cardiovascular system, some infectious diseases (amoebiasis, intestinal tuberculosis and other infections).The representatives of the stronger sex, this pathology may be an indication of bad habits and hidden pelvic infections.

There are acute and chronic forms of appendicitis.The most common form is acute inflammation of the appendix, it manifests pronounced symptoms.Less common chronic form, its symptoms are erased.

signs of appendicitis in men are slightly different from women's.Women suspected inflammation of the appendix may be due to the presence of female diseases.

The first symptoms of this disease in the stronger sex is pain.Because of the structure of each organism appendix in humans occurs with a different localization.In the classical process of pain location will be localized in the right iliac region.If it is a little higher, then the pain will be felt in the right upper quadrant.The position behind the cecum will cause pain in the lower back, abdominal pain and possible side.Pain in the pubic area will be felt at the breech position.

first person will be difficult to determine where it hurts.Localization pain typically occurs at 7 hour course of the disease.Most often, the pain is concentrated in the right iliac abdomen.Pain accompanies the patient throughout the illness.Severe pain causes hiccups, sneezing and laughing, so the patient has to eliminate them from your life.Remember, you should not spend their own feeling, flexion and extension legs of the patient, as it can cause perforation (breaking) of the appendix.

appendicitis in men observed vomiting and nausea.Vomiting generally is not debilitating type of three urges per hour.Urging saved, even if the person does not eat.As a result, fluid accumulation in the intestine occurs diarrhea.One symptom of this disease is a dry tongue with a white coating.Language will first be wet, but after some time will be dry.On the course of the disease shows "forced" the human condition.That is, a man takes a certain posture in which he feels the least pain.Any change in the position of the body causing severe pain that causes a person to return to the previous position.In addition, throughout the patient's disease will be accompanied by a high fever.

very effective method of diagnosis is a blood test.The doctor drew attention to the presence of leukocytes and erythrocyte sedimentation rate.Urine will help determine the presence of protein in the urine of the patient, it should not be there.the presence of fecal stones can be determined using X-ray diffraction.The most optimal method of investigation in this case is ultrasound.It is likely to help determine the signs of appendicitis in men, namely an increase in the appendix to 5 mm.The most productive way is considered to be diagnostic computed tomography.It allows you to see the inflammation of the appendix in men, and also shows the inflamed tissue near appendicitis.The only drawback of this method - its high cost.Not every hospital has the means to buy such a device.

in the most difficult situations resort to the method of laparoscopy, the doctor when it is not clear that the sick and the way things are.In this case, the man is administered anesthesia, make a small incision through which the probe is introduced with the camera.Then the surgeon will be able to see the signs of appendicitis and appropriate treatment.

Appendicitis is treated only through surgery.When the first symptoms of acute appendicitis patient must be immediately hospitalized in the surgical department of the hospital soon.And already there is carried out additional inspections, which resulted in a diagnosis or confirmed or refuted.In case of confirmation should hold an emergency operation, called an appendectomy.During this operation, the appendix, that is the appendix, just removed from the body.To start

held catharsis to better anesthesia effect upon the body.To do this, use a special probe, but if at the man before admission had already been repeated vomiting, stomach cleansing procedure is not necessary.Further purified by conventional bowel enema with cleaning solution.After that the preparation for anesthesia, implying the need to talk with the anesthesiologist and the surgeon.

Health men after the removal of the appendix defines the term postoperative period.After surgery the doctor gives the patient advice to be sure of their performance.From their correct implementation will depend on the patient's recovery.In most cases, it is necessary to strictly observe the daily regime, some exercise and strict diet with a strict diet diet.After removal of the appendix of the patient may experience fever.In this case, should immediately seek medical attention.In most cases it is the norm in the postoperative period, but it may be a signal of trouble inside the body.

Nowadays appendicitis is no longer so dangerous and serious illness.Keeping all care, and promptly applying for skilled care, your health and life will be nothing threatening.Therefore, when the first symptoms should immediately call the hospital.So you will help not only themselves, but also to your doctor, because the sooner identify the disease, the easier it is to get rid of it.