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Signs of stroke in men

As you know, a stroke is very dangerous, and often fatal, but not all will be able to recognize the main symptoms of the disease.Meanwhile, the ability to recognize the warning signs will not only save lives but also prevent disability.As doctors say, if medical assistance within 3-5 hours after the first symptoms, the consequences for the patient will be minimal.

According to statistics, men are more likely to die from a stroke than women.This is one of the most common causes of death of the stronger sex.Besides disease susceptible not only elderly people, it can become victims of men of any age.

Stroke - an acute circulatory disorders of brain cells as a result of blockage associated with embolism, thrombosis and prolonged spasm or sudden rupture of cerebral vessels.A characteristic feature of the disease is the formation of neurological defects, which are caused by mechanical damage to the brain tissue or acute circulatory disturbance of a certain area of ​​the brain.The main factor for stroke in me

n are hitting the cerebral vessels, which are associated with progressive pathology of the heart and major blood vessels (atherosclerosis, rhythm disorders, hypertension, myocardial infarction), endocrine disorders (diabetes) and other somatic diseases and infectious processes.In most cases, this problem faced by men from 40 to 60 years.

Strokes can develop as a result of smoking, alcohol, stress, obesity, metabolic disorders and malnutrition.Many men and motivated impulsive, striving to be first in everything, for this reason constantly in emotional stress.In addition, many smokers, because nicotine is a long spasm of blood vessels, which can lead to the progression of heart disease and the development of degenerative processes in the cerebral vessels.The risk of stroke increases several times if you have multiple risk factors.

main signs of stroke in men are: sudden severe headache, dizziness, numbness in any part of the body, unexplained weakness, sudden loss of vision and speech disorder.These symptoms can sometimes be the harbingers of disease, they disappear after a while.It should be borne in mind that approximately 30% of people with the short-term symptoms after some time developing a stroke of varying severity.

There are left-sided and right-sided stroke.In the first case, a man may feel pain in the organs that are in the right side of the body as the lesion was there, and in the second case - the pain, being left to bodies.Strokes are also sometimes accompanied by seizures, vomiting, headaches, loss of consciousness, fever and coma.

to recognize the signs of stroke, use the following test.To get started, ask the patient to smile and show their teeth (at stroke smile is strained or curve), offer to raise their hands up and support them as 10 seconds, close your eyes (the muscles in stroke weakened), even ask to repeat any phrase (a disease characterized by speech impairments).

severity distinguish between mild, moderate and severe strokes.The light level can be cured of stroke in men with the help of intensive care for 20 days.As a rule, it all ends happily, to restore the broken functions.

cure a severe stroke, unfortunately, modern medicine can not afford.According to statistics, about 80% of patients are disabled and 20% die.There are two types of strokes - ischemic and hemorrhagic.The reason for the first type of vessel is most often break due to increased permeability of the vessel walls.Hemorrhagic stroke usually occurs suddenly, after disturbances or stress and can lead to death.Signs of this disease are: heaviness in the head, headaches and dizziness.Man in this state falls may develop coma.The man increased pressure, breathing hoarse and loud, his face crimson, pulse strained, possible vomiting.It is also possible random selection of feces and urine.limb paralysis often observed and the asymmetry by the person, which is opposite to defeat.

Ischemic stroke occurs as a result of acute circulatory disorders, a change in the nervous system.A few days later the patient's condition deteriorates.

If you see a patient in any of the above symptoms, immediately call "ambulance."At the same time, try to describe as accurately as possible what is happening.The man, who suffered from a stroke, need assistance of a neurologist, so describe the situation to the dispatcher so that it will understand you correctly and directed the team that really helps.The patient should be put so that his head was 30 degrees above the level of the surface on which it lies.You can apply for this quilt, pillows or clothes.Men also need to ensure freedom of breathing, that is, to take off his clothes and tight narrow waist.In addition, provide fresh air in the room where the patient is located.

If the patient is vomiting or nausea, his head should be carefully flip side, that will protect the respiratory tract from the vomit.Near patient also need to substitute a plastic bag or bowl.As soon as an attack of vomiting stops, try as much as possible to clean the patient's mouth.

stroke still need to measure blood pressure in a person and record evidence to inform health care provider.At very high pressures to help the patient some medication, but if they are absent, put the affected heating pad or hot water bottle on the feet.To avoid burns, control the temperature of the water.In no case should not make a fuss, and even more to show your concern to the patient.Speak calmly and in various ways morally support the victim.As soon as an ambulance arrives, you need to tell doctors a full picture of events.Try to speak as soon as possible, but clearly.The words should be short, but the maximum informative.

Now, remember, the first few minutes predinsultnogo states determine the further course of the disease.Therefore, your first aid is very important for the patient.Early recognition of stroke symptoms, along with high-quality first aid can help save the life of the patient and provide him full further rehabilitation.

stroke should be treated in a hospital.Treatment includes a course of vascular therapy, which consists of products that will improve the metabolism of the brain.Also, the patient is prescribed oxygen therapy, rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation with physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy.

To prevent the development of stroke, it is recommended to completely change their old way of life, that is, increase physical activity and to completely eliminate bad habits.It is desirable to even pass a comprehensive examination, which will help determine the root cause of a violation of cerebral circulation, and eliminate the disease, which leads to a stroke.

Doctors recommend for prevention of the disease to practice meditation, psycho-regulation and self-suggestion to help prevent stress and depression, as well as to reduce the psychological pressure.Desirable evening walks in the fresh air, proper rest, and receive special products rich in magnesium, potassium and folate.Extremely important is diet.It is necessary to limit the consumption of fatty foods, sweets, jams, sugar, potatoes and bread.An excellent load for the body would be cycling, swimming and skiing.But first, you need to consult a doctor who will take into account your health records and prescribe an appropriate level of physical activity.