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Rehabilitation after the removal of a hernia in men

Modern medicine knows many different techniques that can deal with all sorts of diseases, including those with inguinal hernia.Inguinal hernia in men presently is removed with minimal damage, and very soon after the operation, the patient can walk normally.The recovery period usually takes place very quickly.But to avoid potential complications, it is necessary to adhere to all recommendations, which are given by the doctor.

recovery period after surgery depends on the chosen method of anesthesia.When local anesthesia recovery period of the body will be much smaller.A man in a few hours can leave the hospital.But in any case, be sure to be visiting dressing.If it was necessary to operate general anesthesia, the recovery period may last for a day or two.If there were no complications and the pain does not cause unreasonable inconvenience, the man discharged from the hospital the next day.

Outpatient period after surgery is 7-10 days.At this time, a person should take care of their forces should prevail

bed rest and the patient will be assigned a proper diet.During this period, still be sure to visit the doctor for consultation.Then the doctor, if necessary, be able to quickly change the medication after surgery to remove a hernia, as well as to control the degree of postoperative pain.It is strictly forbidden at this time exercise, but they should not be put off for a longer time, as the strengthening of muscle mass is a part of the recovery period, and helps to avoid the recurrence of the disease in the future.

Any surgical procedure always destroys the integrity of connective tissue.The body of every man is different, some have a recovery period takes very little time, for others it may appear severe pain, a variety of complications, and other circumstances.Complications from surgery can be caused by various factors.For example, after surgery, doctors do not recommend to keep an absolutely passive lifestyle.But along with that excessive exercise can lead to complications, in particular, and to the re-formation of a hernia.To reduce the likelihood of complications, a specialist must find out what illnesses and operations man suffered in the past.If surgery to remove a hernia carries an inexperienced surgeon, he can make a mistake and damage the spermatic cord at the opening of the hernia sac.Also, a variety of disorders of the intestine can occur due to incorrect handling hernia sac.Most of these problems are observed in men with a sliding hernia.In imposing too rough seams may be damaged hip joint, which also causes complications.Sometimes the stronger sex appears dropsy of the ovary, this complication can be determined visually.If the scrotum is increased in size, the operation would have to spend once again.Edema is considered the most common complication after surgery.

Irresponsibility of the patient, that is, non-compliance with the recommendations of doctors, the rejection of the diet, alcohol abuse and other harmful substances, heavy lifting leads to various complications.In some cases there is a hematoma.To avoid this, after the operation to the treated site must be applied ice and fix it with the help of cargo for 2-3 hours.

To avoid complications, the man must be perfectly fulfill all the doctor's recommendations.

As already noted, particularly after the recovery operations depend on the anesthetic.Typically, the man can walk independently after 4-5 hours after surgery.can feel pain of varying intensity near the seam and in the stomach, but they are very fast.The operation is usually carried out in the morning, so that the first change of the dressing is performed in the evening.Sometimes appear allocation, it is quite normal.Dressings should be changed every day.If the pain intensified, and seal began to fester, dressings have to do for a longer time.

Avoid any strenuous exercise for 15-20 days after surgery, as well as prohibited to lift weights more than 5 kg.In some cases, the doctor advised to wear a special bandage.However, in our time, they are very rarely used because modern surgery techniques allow for reliable fastening hernia formation place with special mesh implants.Such a bandage to be worn as long as will not pain, and to resume physical activity.

After surgery to remove a hernia men must adhere to gentle treatment.The diet of the patient should be such as to reduce the risk of intestinal disorders (constipation, diarrhea, increased gas production) and organize the work of the digestive system.

In the recovery period it is desirable to use the liquid food and small portions.There need to slowly, carefully chewing food.Well considered four meals.Try to include in their diet more protein products, as they are essential for the rapid restoration of the muscle tissue.This chicken breast, fish, meat, turkey, cottage cheese (preferably low-fat), eggs and milk.Milk is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, because in this case it can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract and flatulence.It is necessary to exclude products that cause flatulence: beans, chocolate, yeast products, cakes, sweets, fruit, dairy products, yogurt is also better to give up coffee.Strongly contraindicated sharp, spicy and acidic foods (such as fruits and vegetables, which have a sour taste), soda and alcohol.Particular attention should be given to compatibility while used products.Unsuccessful combination can lead to intestinal disorders and accumulation of gases, resulting in an increased pressure within the abdominal cavity.

A few weeks after surgery, you can gradually move to exercise.In the initial period, you can only perform light exercises aimed at strengthening the muscle fibers in the abdomen and groin.Be sure about this need to consult a doctor.

So, you need to lie on the floor and pull your hands along the body, then lift the straight leg at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor and do their mating.We must start with 3-4 replicates for each leg, and then add one at a subsequent time.Then lying on your back, raise your legs and can begin to simulate cycling.Then get up on all fours, leaning on knees and elbows.Slowly lift the right leg bent up, then do the same movement with the left leg.Recommended else to do partial squats (feet shoulder width apart).The depth squats determined well-being, but it is always necessary to observe moderation.

This set of exercises for daily execution.Remember that when a discomfort or pain should immediately stop charging.Loads gradually increase, but the appearance of weakness from employment should be abandoned in time.Before performing any complex therapeutic exercises you should consult with your doctor.

In the normal course of the rehabilitation period, the absence of pain, discomfort and swelling intimate relations can be restored as early as 2 weeks after hernia surgery, while trying to avoid excessive stress.