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Symptoms of diabetes in men

Diabetes mellitus is a disease that is characterized by impaired glucose metabolism, namely, elevated blood glucose levels.The main reason for its development can be called an absolute insulin deficiency, that is, it is practically not synthesized by the pancreas (diabetes of the first type) or relative insulin deficiency (diabetes of the second type).The relative insufficiency of insulin means that this hormone in normal amounts, but its perception broken at the receptor level.Regardless of the causes of diabetes symptoms in men quite specific.All clinical manifestations into two groups.The first group of symptoms associated with the immediate increase in blood glucose levels, and the second - with the appearance of complications that develop in this disease.When diabetes affects the small (microangiopathy) and large (macrovascular) vessels, nerve trunks and ending (polyneuropathy).The most common in this disease affects the eyes, kidneys, feet and heart.It should be noted that the signs of macroangiopa

thy similar to the symptoms of atherosclerosis, ie vessels are formed plaques that violate the blood supply to an organ.The most characteristic feature of diabetes in men is considered sexual infertility (impotence), which is the result of atherosclerosis.

Unlike women, by men with little feel unwell, rarely go to the doctor, they connect their malaise fatigue from work, the costs of food, lack of proper rest or chronic stress.In most cases, men ignore these recurring symptoms such as hair loss, severe hair loss, blood pressure jumps, night urination, increased amounts of fluid intake and daily amount of water, increased thirst and dry mouth.Also, symptoms of diabetes are: fatigue, decreased performance and fatigue, blurred vision, weight gain or, conversely, lack of appetite, disorders of the reproductive function, unpleasant itching, especially in the groin, itching in the anus, as well as long-term healing of wounds, scratches and abrasions.When any of these symptoms should be wary, because they can indicate the presence of diabetes in men, so you need to donate blood.Even a slight increase in the blood sugar level indicates the irreversible changes in the body, which in future will only progress and disrupt metabolism, resulting in serious consequences.

About 30% of men know that they have diabetes only when in addition to the above symptoms are observed profound cardiovascular changes.But with early diagnosis, proper nutrition and the treatment for this disease in our time, you can maintain a fulfilling life, and the statistics show that many people with diabetes live long enough.

There are some methods that help determine whether a person has diabetes.If you can not lift the big toe at 50-60 degrees from the floor, it is a sign of diabetes.In severe metabolic disorders man will be hard to tear your finger even slightly off the floor.To test the flexibility of fingers to join hands so that the fingers touch the entire finger of the opposite hand throughout.In people with diabetes, the fingers are always in a bent position, and connect the pads can only fingertips.

is worth noting that in diabetes accelerates the development of cerebral arteriosclerosis (high cholesterol), the progression of which can lead to heart attack, stroke, coronary heart disease, kidney sclerosis, narrowing of vessels of the brain and other diseases.Diabetes adversely affects sexual function of the stronger sex, leading to a decrease in erection, ejaculation dysfunction, decreased sexual desire and lack of orgasm.The fact that in this disease decreased testosterone formation in the body and stops blood flow to the genitals, and that causes a reduction in potency.It is not recommended to take drugs to stimulate the potency, as they only worsen the condition.Also, in a male suffering from diabetes, impaired metabolism, and this contributes to reduction in the number of sperm and DNA damage that leads to infertility.

Remember that knowledge of the symptoms of this disease will allow time to seek medical help, as a result prevent the development of severe consequences that can lead to death and disability rights.When the manifestation of the first symptoms should immediately see a specialist.

hearing the diagnosis "diabetes", do not panic.In most cases, lifestyle changes can completely control the entire process of the disease.

People who suffer from diabetes have to take medicines to lower blood glucose levels.If this is not enough, the doctor prescribes insulin injections.Sometimes injections are used in conjunction with medication.Nowadays, there are many new types of drugs that are used together with insulin injections to control glucose.

methods of treatment of this disease is constantly being improved, but the control of the disease still remains an unresolved issue that requires hard work by the patient.That is why it is desirable to prevent the disease, rather than treat it.

Presently known a great number of drugs and methods aimed at treating erectile dysfunction: drug for oral administration (capsules and tablets), injections, preparations, prostaglandins, presented in rectal suppositories, as well as various other medications (vacuum pump,compression bandages, various cuff).

In any case, remember that the disease is not fatal, and it can be rich and active life.We just need to follow certain rules and protect your body from stress.It is always necessary to balance blood sugar.

Every man should be understood that due to diabetes can occur very serious consequences, if the disease is diagnosed very late and did not begin treatment.Irreversible changes in the body can affect all vital systems and organs of the human body.It is necessary to follow a diet, taking medications on time and conduct a correct way of life, but in this case diabetes does not cause dangerous consequences for your life and you can live a long and successful life.