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The reasons for the high pressure in men

High blood pressure is a common disease that affects both men and women.For example, US high blood pressure, ie hypertension, affects one in three people, or about 65 million. Man.The risk of developing this disease are subject to so many people, more than half of people over age 60 suffer from hypertension, and during the life of the risk of its occurrence is increased to 90%.

In men, the risk of developing high blood pressure begins to increase from about 45 years, although the disease can occur earlier.African Americans have hypertension starts to develop at a younger age, and for its heavier.Risk factors are also overweight and hereditary predisposition.The main danger of hypertension is that it may not appear for years.Approximately every third patient did not know about the disease.Despite these grim statistics, high blood pressure is not something inevitable.It is possible to prevent and delay the development of hypertension.

main causes of high pressure are stress and constant experience.Partic

ularly susceptible to hypertension people who are genetically disposed to the disease.Also important is the environment.The more man will experience stress, the greater the likelihood that he may develop hypertension.It is necessary to detect the disease in time and begin to treat it, only if you can avoid serious consequences.But in most cases, the stronger sex do not notice symptoms of the disease and, consequently, do not treat it at an early stage.Sometimes even a healthy person there is high blood pressure, but it does not reach a crisis moment, and poses no danger to health.

are two types of high blood pressure - a hypertension and symptomatic hypertension.Hypertensive heart disease is a chronic disease of the cardiovascular system, but still do not know the exact causes of this disease.

cause of high blood pressure in men can also be a high content of dietary saturated fatty acids.In general, they are contained in palm and coconut fats and animal fat (cream, butter, etc.).Yet we should not forget the hidden fats, which are part of cheese, sausages, various snacks, chocolate, biscuits and cakes.These foods are high in calories, although not seem so.

risk factors can be attributed to excessive salt content in food.Together with hidden fats and many foods contain hidden salt, which is why it is desirable to consciously choose foods eaten.It is recommended to eat more fresh food and do not abuse the partially prepared and packaged foods.Absolute rejection of salt would be very beneficial to human health.As a result of the excessive use of salt vessels become brittle and lose their elasticity, and structural changes in the arteries have a heavy load on the physiological system.

Another common cause of high blood pressure in men is alcohol abuse.Many people think that alcohol lowers blood pressure, but it did not affect him in a very moderate doses.A large quantities of alcoholic beverages trigger rapid heartbeat, causing blood pressure depends directly.In addition, in the alcohol includes biologically active substances which may affect the blood pressure.

High blood pressure may be due to a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and stress.In today's world, a man has to do a lot of work every day to overcome various difficulties.Many people are engaged in intellectual work, which leads the emotional experience.

To overcome daily stress without damage to health, it is recommended to choose for themselves an individual way of relaxation, which allowed to return the emotional balance.Do not forget about another unfavorable factors, namely smoking.Due to regular smoking blood vessels are forced to always remain in good shape, so they gradually lose their elasticity, are subject to the restriction on the walls of a precipitate, and blood pressure rises.The causes of hypertension may become overweight, various diseases, the body structure and other factors.

To prevent hypertension in the first place should pay attention to diet.It is recommended to stick to the diet "Diabetic approaches to combat hypertension," that is, it is desirable to choose fruits, vegetables and foods low in fat.Studies show that such a diet very quickly lowers the blood pressure, the results are shown for two weeks.It is also necessary to reduce the use of salt, per day should eat no more than 2.5 mg of sodium, and even better 1.5 mg.The average man consumes 4.2 mg daily, so that such restrictions will require a serious effort for him.If possible, together with a diet recommended to increase physical activity.The more active lifestyle, the lower the risk of developing hypertension.Men who consume alcohol, you can drink no more than two standard drinks per day and smoking is completely abandoned.

At the moment there is a huge number of antihypertensive drugs that are able to contain the increase in blood pressure.This is mainly diuretics or diuretics, beta-blockers, reduce heart rate and force of contraction, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors that block the production of the enzyme, which normally constricts blood vessels.If the disease is at a stage of development where the optimal level of blood pressure can not be maintained without medications, have to do it consistently and for life.This is a major reason to pay special attention to prevention.