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Causes of early graying of hair in men

Sedin we associate with old age person.However, according to a rigid and impartial statistics, about 40% of young people faced with premature graying of up to 30 years.Experts today are actively trying to find out why this happens, conduct laboratory research and write scientific treatises.But, despite this, there is still no definite answer to the question why hair turns gray in young people.Not determine the cause, you can not stop the graying process, so you should review your life and look at it the factors that could trigger this unpleasant phenomenon.

Sedin immediately adds to age for several years.The reason for this may be a different internal organ systems and diseases, which affect the metabolism, resulting in intense hair beginning to turn gray.It may be a violation of the nervous system, malfunction of the endocrine glands, heart disease, anemia, vitamin deficiency, viral diseases carried over into adulthood, as well as irregularities in the digestive tract activity.

Not every man would go

to the hospital to be checked for the presence of a disease.But it is worth noting that without proper treatment the hair will turn gray very quickly, and then they have to paint different colors.If there are no health problems, you should analyze your lifestyle.

Perhaps everyone knows from childhood that have to observe the regime of the day, eat right, do not smoke and less nervous.However, men are rarely listened to the advice, especially the young, because they want to try everything, they have no time to sleep and prepare their normal food.As a result of 25 years' hair begins to turn gray and fall, and skin wrinkling, as in adults.

reason for this problem is also the lack of food, which is why the body begins to lack the vitamins and minerals which are responsible for health and beauty curls.Typically, this is due to insufficient in the diet of vegetables and fruits.The most common reason for early graying of hair is considered chronic fatigue, neurosis regular and ongoing experiences.Stress is not the best way affects the production of melatonin which is responsible for hair pigmentation, and men grow gray.The modern pace of life and the need to survive morally in the most difficult conditions makes the younger generation in the elderly.But the love of rest can also cause early graying.Gray hair can be an active holiday in the sun under the influence of ultraviolet light.That men are most affected by this problem because they rarely think about the relationship of their lifestyle and the state of their hair.

There are several causes of hair graying.Do not be surprised if the hair starts to turn gray after 40 years, because in this period there is a change in the body, which limit the access of blood and oxygen to the scalp, which is why suffering hair structure and melatonin.Some scientists believe that due to the lack of a hat in cold weather disrupted microcirculation of the scalp, which also causes premature graying.It is worth noting that blondes turn gray much earlier than brunettes, but over time, this is offset by the fact that the dark-haired guys with gray is much more noticeable.Do not rule out the hereditary factor.If parents hair turned gray early, and children, most likely, it's waiting.

In folk medicine, it is known a lot of recipes that are designed to stop the early gray hair.Many of them contain nettle, which is prepared from decoctions for oral administration or for rinsing hair.It is recommended to further revise your diet and include foods that have high content of copper, manganese, iron and zinc.It is products such as seaweed, cocoa, apples, citrus fruit, bran, and rosehips.Sesame seeds, sunflower, pumpkin, corn, nuts, dairy products, sweet peppers, hard cheese, a variety of beans, mussels and oysters are an excellent source of vitamins and trace elements that speed up and improve the treatment of prevention of gray hair.It is very effective to combat gray hair at an early age pine.Fragrant needles used for the preparation of baths and infusions that are rubbed into the scalp.Also very good to take a decoction of pine needles inside.

Mainly treatment of gray hair in men is dependent on melatonin.Measures to stimulate production of the hormone, relieve the stronger sex on the silver hair and prevent their occurrence in the future.Melatonin is produced in the male body at night, so special attention should be paid to ensuring proper rest and sleep.The reason for the low level of melatonin may be a lack of serotonin - a hormone that is produced by the action of sunlight.That is why it is desirable to have more rest in the fresh air.Every day you need to walk at least 1.5 hours.

beauty industry today is actively addressing the issue of early graying of hair of the male population.The most efficient currently considered mesotherapy treatments.Their action is the introduction of special fluids into the scalp.Such procedures are treated by the use of the nutrients vitamins B and nicotinic acid.The main disadvantage of this method is that the injections are only growing hair.Gray hair can only be painted.Mesotherapy positively affects both the color of hair and their quality.Thanks to her male curls become more dense, healthy and shiny, moreover, it prevents thinning and loss.

An integrated approach can provide through the use of special ointments that are applied to the scalp.They are especially effective in violation of metabolic processes and the impact of adverse external factors, as contained in its composition zinc and iron.

To obtain a stable result, require 8-10 sessions, which are held once a week and does not take more than an hour.Contraindications to this procedure can only be individual intolerance of components.

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