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Do I need a man to shave armpits

More recently, representatives of the stronger sex wore a mustache, long hair and beard, but today it has become fashionable to shave off all unnecessary.However, not every man agrees with the assertion that the hair should be shaved armpits.They believe that a man must be hairy.This topic has become a subject of the present dispute: shave or not to shave?For women who play an important role in the occurrence of these disputes, this sensitive issue has long been resolved in a positive way.Nowadays, the most popular treatments in beauty salons is waxing underarm hair on the legs and in the bikini area.Regarding the men, that they should not go to extremes - shaving her legs and breasts are clearly not a sign of masculine sexuality.But armpits - is quite another matter.Reflecting on this question, it should be understood that the man, first of all, is a man, not an animal.To answer the question, shaving underarms or not, it is best to make a list of pros and cons.

First of all it is necessary to pay atten

tion to the aesthetics, because the beautiful male body is very nice to look at (do not doubt that the fair sex is not a smaller pleasure behold the beautiful male body than men - women).Some people believe that it is the most sexy is hairless male body.And if the presence of hair on his chest, hands and feet perfectly acceptable and sometimes necessary, the presence of hair in the armpits does not fit into the framework of sexuality.Do not doubt that a well-shaved armpits in the gym or on the beach look very sexy.

Also, do not forget about hygiene.In humans, increased sweating, unshaven armpits so on will come a much stronger and more unpleasant smell in the hot season than shaving.After all the sweat accumulates mostly on the hair, resulting in there start to breed bacteria that causes bad breath.

As it is surprising, but the men who regularly shave this part of the body can be good save.The fact that hairy underarm deodorant must be much more to prevent the stench of sweat.Among other things, it requires still much more soaps and gels.You also need to consider the fact that most modern deodorants are designed for application to the skin, only if they give the expected result.And if they are mostly focused on the hair, then we can talk about what effect?

Some men are categorically against shaving the armpits, in which case it may be advisable to carefully trim your hair or shorten them with machines.But sometimes the stronger sex is not satisfied even that option.These young people believe that the increased hairiness of the body is one of the secondary sexual characteristics of the stronger sex, as a result of the hormone testosterone.This means that in the subconscious of women, how they think, this man should be hairy.

often strong floor is just too lazy to shave occasionally.It is one thing to shave the face, and quite another - the other part of the body to the same often is not enough time.Most often, the hair on the left armpit boys, so they are trying to show that they have become men.According to them, so in the eyes of the girls they look more attractive.

In any case, the choice is a strong half of mankind.But nevertheless, it is desirable to consult with their loved ones and together to resolve this issue.By the way, many women do not mind moderate hairiness.

If you decide on this procedure, you must know how to do it.First of all it is necessary to shower thoroughly.The skin in this place must be absolutely clear, so get rid of dirt, not sparing the soap.After that, the armpit should be well spread shaving cream (men often for this purpose use shaving foam, which is quite acceptable, but it is a little worse than absorbed into the skin, resulting in shaving is necessary to carry out more often).Before the actual process of armpit shaving should carefully massage.For maximum shave cream should be rubbed, lightly mash with skin.Doing this procedure is best not the usual machine male shaving and female, which is designed for hair removal.All the men who have tried to imagine this is the tool mark is incredibly high performance, softness and comfort of the shaving process.Shaving armpits should be from top to bottom (not vice versa), from the hand to the ribs, lightly pressing on the skin.Hair shaved off for a bit after each movement is desirable to wash the machine in the water (this is especially true for those who have not shaved in a given location, and the amount of hair growing there).Usually part of the hair remains in the dent where converges with a body shoulder.This is the most difficult area.Just inhale a deep breath, raise your hand until it stops, and then gently lower it.At the same time the chest will rise to the maximum, which will shave off his hair in a remote place.If the underarms are red or irritated, you should apply a moisturizer.It is recommended to shave every three days, as a regular shave prevents hair breakage and difficulty in shaving.

Remember that old or dull razor will cut your skin or shave your hair properly, so always try to use a new or sharp razor.

Statistics show that approximately 67% of women are willing to endure the shortcomings of his men.But hardly thickets or thin arms and sparse hair red color armpit will cause the admiration of women.It will be more indicative of your immorality and impropriety.Fashion for smooth skin came to us recently, and men hiding behind the right to be a real man, often hide the sheer laziness and inability to care for themselves.But even if you do not want to shave their armpit hair, keep them clean and tidy you simply must.