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Do I need men to shave their legs

As it is surprising, but in our time a lot of men want to go through a professional hair removal from the body of the procedure.And in this case it is a question of heterosexual representatives of the stronger sex, which consist in a long and happy marriage, and even have children.They believe that if you remove hair from the chest, abdomen or legs, become more attractive.

way, men shave their legs have begun long ago.This is a fairly common practice in the world of sports, because it is considered: the less body hair athlete, so it is faster.But now such procedures are increasingly hesitant to people who are not related to swimming or cycling.They are willing to pay good money for laser hair removal, or wax, or just shave vegetation by conventional razors.

Fashion set models on the catwalks, among which almost no hairy.And if until recently shaving the hair under the armpits or in the groin area was considered something very hygienic, in our time, the representatives of the stronger sex to leave the h

air only on the head, to walk in short shorts and feel free beach.Unfortunately, women's views on this issue is not very interested in men.

First of all it should be noted that this procedure is not the most pleasant.And if you shave correctly, and the consequences will be unpleasant: ingrown hairs, cuts and irritation.Before the first time it is recommended to walk trimmer to shave less needed.The trimmer is not cut away all the hair, but it can be used to facilitate the shaving process itself and by 80% to reduce the negative effects.

So, you need a hot bath, a sharp razor, gel or shaving foam, sponge, body scrub and body butter.In no case do not shave while sitting in the water, since the probability of cut himself with a razor under water is much higher.The procedure will have to be repeated for each leg separately, with each leg should have no more than 15 minutes since then it has cooled down and the leg would have to warm up first.

first leg you need to steam in the hot water, then skin will be much softer.Next, rub the sponge scrub on the body to cleanse the skin from chronic skin particles.If this is not done, the particles will prevent us from shaving.In addition, in the future, this procedure will reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs.Then wash off the scrub and apply the gel to shave, but not too much.Razor should be carried out against the direction of hair growth.Under no circumstances should you exert pressure on the razor, otherwise avoid cuts and irritations.Also not spend a razor twice on one and the same site as the first pass shave off the hair, and the second - skin.The most difficult to shave the hair on their knees because of the surface roughness.To tighten the skin, the leg should be bent at the knees, and the feet back upper part of the best shave standing.Wash off the remnants of the foam and repeat the above points for the second leg.After that both feet be treated with oil for the body.Because this procedure is not very useful for the skin, we need to somehow compensate for the harm caused.The oil will soothe the skin and help it recover faster.

For the first time, you will feel some awkwardness because of the feeling of shaved legs, it is quite normal and will soon pass.It is likely that the legs will be scratched, especially after the first shave.If you cut yourself, it is desirable to seal the cuts medical glue BF-6.It can be purchased at any pharmacy, it is quite cheap and transparent, so it is not so throw in the eye, like a normal plaster.