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Causes of cold sweat at night in men

All the organs of the human body are closely interact with each other, and the disruption of one of them, the body reacts failures of various kinds.In particular, everyone is familiar phenomenon of cold sweat, most often it occurs during sleep.Of course, by itself sweat is useful, and without it the body can not do.He carries the body thermoregulation, cools the skin in the heat, prevents overheating during exercise.Sweat also often occurs when emotional and mental disorders, and in the dream may indicate a cold sweat on the alarming state of the organism.

cause of night sweats in men may be a viral disease or other infections, such as influenza, HIV, mononucleosis or tuberculosis.During severe migraine in the blood is thrown great amount of adrenaline, which causes cold sweats during sleep or upon waking.Also, this condition can be a companion of withdrawal symptoms, which can occur in both men and women, most often during sleep.In medicine, there is such a definition, as idiopathic hyperhidrosis.In th

is case sweating occurs without any apparent reason, that is not associated with the disease.Some say such a thing after the stress, others cold sweat appears upon waking.Constantly sweaty palms cold interfere with normal life and work, they can cause complexes, because of which suffered a personal relationship and psyche man.Another cause of cold sweat can be called male and cardiac vascular disorders, reduced blood pressure and blood loss.

Of course, it's pretty good reasons, but it is still desirable to calm down, because of stress at work and problems at home is not the best effect on the body.

So, these are the main causes of a cold sweat at night.However, it is important to know when to seek medical attention.First of all, if you throw in a chilling sweat every night, if you are experiencing stress for a long time and in the presence of sickle cell anemia or immune diseases.Emergency medical assistance is needed in the event that has become a cold sweat from a long stay in the sun or under conditions of high temperature.

First and foremost it is worth noting that self to anything good will not, on the contrary, will only aggravate the condition.Many do not even know, but sweating is treated simply.there are many ways this cure in modern medicine.Men can use special medication, antiperspirants, surgical techniques, and even Botox injections.It all depends on the causes of the disease and its extent.

If night sweats should be referred to a dermatologist.You will need to pass the inspection of the skin, pass tests and undergo X-rays when necessary.The doctor then prescribe the most appropriate treatment, prescribe medication and external agents.If problems with the skin there, the specialist will redirect to the doctor who will be able to solve this problem.In most cases, directed to the endocrinologist, but may also need psychological counseling or even a psychiatrist at the abuse of alcohol.If sweating problem in boys or teens, you should contact a pediatrician.Usually in this case, prescribed treatment of skin diseases.

Very rarely prescribed serious medication.The problem is quite possible to manage with the help of the normalization of diet and sleep, as well as the increase in the number of regular physical activity.In boys, this problem is likely associated with excessive irritability, stress, if not all is well in the family or with their studies.

extremely rare for this issue prescribe Botox injections.They perform in professional beauty salons, with constant medical supervision is necessary.

Physiotherapy is used in the event that there is a cold sweat in the palms and soles.electrophoresis procedures can be carried out at the hospital and at home, but in any case need to undergo periodic medical examination.

To reduce the likelihood of sweating during sleep, should follow some preventive measures that will help to forget about that pesky problem forever.So, we must first determine the cause of a cold sweat in my sleep.It can occur as a result of certain medications.In this case, you need to consult with your doctor about the possible replacement of the drug to another.The cause of cold sweat, which does not go quite a long time, can be a variety of beauty treatments, and this applies both to women and to the representatives of the stronger sex.All are shampoos, deodorants, visit the hairdresser.Some cosmetic products may have an allergic reaction, which causes sweating men.If you noticed that the perspiration came after a visit to the salon, antidepressant change, be sure to consult with your doctor about the treatment, and avoid contact with the substance that caused such a reaction before this time.

Sweating may occur due to insufficient amount of cool air during sleep.Therefore, it is desirable to sleep in a well ventilated room, as far as possible to open the windows at night.This is not only a positive effect on overall health, but also makes the dream complete, and eliminates the many allergic reactions.At night, drink a glass of fruit juice, and after dinner include in your diet fresh milk, and try to drink more water.Spices and alcohol is recommended to eliminate the time.To feel better at night, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and dairy products.Before going to sleep, try not to worry, you can follow the various meditation techniques that relax.This is especially important for men who are more exposed to stress, intense physical and mental stress.

Cold sweats in men during the night can be caused by many reasons: some medications, surgery, and more.Sometimes, to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon is insufficient preventive measures have to be examined and treated, which will appoint a physician.

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