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Forms and underlying causes heavy sweating men

As you know, men perspire much more than women.The reasons for this lie in the natural role of men, as they were forced to lead a more active lifestyle - hunt, compete, work hard physically, and therefore "need" in a more powerful body cooling system.In addition, the stronger sex pot has a strong odor, which is necessary to attract individuals of the opposite sex.But at the same time, sweating should not cause much discomfort, especially if the man does not engage in any vigorous activity.If sweating appeared on any particular stage of life, it is advisable to consult a specialist, because the reasons for this phenomenon may lie in a state of health.

are two types of excessive sweating in men: primary and secondary sweating.The first occurs in adolescence and accompanies man throughout his life, the reason it is almost impossible to establish.The cause of secondary hyperhidrosis are generally any disease.There are still local sweating when sweating is not observed in some parts, but the whole body at on

ce.In most cases, it has a genetic nature, that is passed "inherited".

course, every healthy man sweats.But it usually happens in the presence of certain factors: heavy exercise, hot weather or during stressful situations.This phenomenon is considered to be quite normal and has a protective function of the body.If the objective reasons for the sweating is not, then the problem may be caused by such factors: metabolic disorders, obesity, heredity, hormonal disruptions, infectious diseases, cancers, diseases of internal organs (kidney, liver, heart), nervous disorders, abuse of harmfulproducts, as well as wrong, too tight clothing.Men are also often observed overnight profuse sweating.The reason for this probably lies in the mental state.Representatives of the stronger sex are used to keep all of their experience in itself, as a result of emotions find an outlet in a dream.Therefore, men more often than women suffer from nightmares after they wake up in the "cold sweat".In this case it is best to undergo treatment sedatives, then with nervous system disorders disappear and increased sweating.

should be noted that when perspiration should not be abrupt and repellent smell, it occurs when in the moist environment of the bacteria multiply.With this problem usually helps to cope shower twice a day.But if the pot has a distinct smell, it may indicate not only a high level of testosterone or individual characteristics of the organism, but the presence of certain diseases.For example, the smell of urine indicate kidney problems.When the disease diabetes sweat smell can remind acetone.Violations of the liver demonstrates the smell of vinegar or chlorine, and reminiscent of stale seafood.If an unpleasant smell began to emanate from the feet, it can be a consequence of the development of fungal infections.

Perhaps the most important "problem area" in men are the legs.They are very sweaty, but besides from the feet, socks and eyebolts often comes quite unpleasant smell, which gives discomfort to their owner and people around them.The main cause of this problem are the individual characteristics of each man - namely, the level of hormones.Completely get rid of the problem is impossible, but it is possible to significantly reduce the symptoms.

So, first of all, you need to wash your feet at least twice a day.It is also recommended to choose shoes made of genuine leather, special "breathing" insoles.Socks should be of cotton fabric.Try every day to dry shoes and socks do not wear more than one day.Remember that lack of foot care can lead to skin problems or infections that are not so easy to get rid of.

If you have problems with sweating is recommended consult a specialist.It will help to identify the causes of such troubles.It is important at this stage to ascertain whether heavy sweating patient pathology.If a man works for a long time, or is in a high temperature and humidity, such a phenomenon is considered normal.If sweating is accompanied by another cough, headaches, or other symptoms, it is advisable in this case to visit the doctor.This phenomenon may indicate the presence of any disease.

Men suffering from excessive sweating, can try to cope with this problem or reduce its expression.To do this, just need to regularly observe good personal hygiene.Shower, try to take at least 2 times a day, with the use of special antibacterial and deodorant soaps, including body scrubs.Especially recommended to apply at the local hyperhidrosis.It is worth noting that they can be used only on healthy skin, to problem skin suitable tar soap.

Remember that antidepressants prevent the release of sweat and deodorant, to quickly get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat, it can be applied only on clean skin.Therefore, experts advise every morning to take a contrast shower.Recommended a shower and those who have a lot of sweat stands out because of increased nervous excitability.

Men with this problem it is best to abandon synthetic underwear and clothes to choose from natural materials.Also it is necessary to exclude from your diet spicy dishes and condiments.As has been proved, because of the use of certain products, such as fish, garlic or hot spices, the smell of sweat is only strengthened.Do not forget that medications from excessive sweating may appoint only doctor.With increased nervous irritability appointed sedatives.Iontophoresis helps get rid of excessive sweating for a few weeks.With the help of Botox injections can reduce sweating to 6-7 months.When underarm sweating in some cases a local liposuction.Excessive sweating of the palms and the face can be treated by surgery - endoscopic sympathectomy.

very effective for this problem, traditional medicine.Use a variety of wraps, lotions and bath which are carried out with the help of herbs, having astringent and tannic action (bark of willow or oak).If sweat limb, in this case will help the bath with a decoction of birch bark and a little bit of apple cider vinegar.Remember that in any case it is impossible to self-medicate.