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How do the analysis for HPV in men ?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) can occur not only female but also male population.This concept combines more than 130 different types of viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, each of which provokes different manifestations of the disease.For example, it may be pointed at mucosal warts genital warts on the skin of the legs, hands and other body parts.The main route of transmission of the virus is unprotected sexual contact in any form.But in some cases, infection occurred in close contact with a carrier of the virus in the home, for example, using the general sanitary products.The virus can still be transmitted from mother to child during childbirth.

Papillomavirus can be in the human body for years and does not manifest itself until a malfunction of the immune system.HPV sometimes have oncogenic character, so you need to pay attention to any new growths that appear on the body.If there were growths should immediately see a specialist, to be tested for HPV and receive treatment if necessary.

At the moment are two types of HPV: nizkoonkogenny (characteristic of dysplasia and genital Kandil) and High risk (may cause malignant tumors).The most dangerous men are considered to HPV 16 and 18, which are most often found on the head of the penis.In this case, they significantly increase the risk of cancer.If papillomavirus observed in other places, it is only a cosmetic defect.

HPV Representatives of the stronger sex often does not manifest itself until it does not happen over-activation.Usually, we pay attention to the symptoms only when there are failures in the immune system.In this case the virus is localized in any part of the body where there is damage to the skin.cell function under the influence of its slightly altered, they begin to actively divide, resulting in skin tumors arise, which indicate infection.Human papillomavirus in men can cause cancer of the penis, perineum, or cause genital warts.Usually they occur inside or outside of the genital organs.In places of their growth the patient may feel itching, pain and discomfort during sex, and sometimes even bleeding occurs.Education of the male part of the population most likely to occur on the lips of the urethra, on the head, bridle or coronal sulcus of the penis.But it is worth noting that the papillomavirus does not affect male potency.

When a latent state and subclinical HPV, not all tests can detect papillomavirus infection (PVI).When you have "the naked eye" can be seen form the clinical symptoms of the disease.Under the influence of HPV occurs abnormal division of epithelial cells as a result of having warts - the formation of flesh-colored.Most often diagnosed in men the presence of the 6 th and 53 th of HPV types.

So, to detect papillomavirus infection in men, will need to undergo urological and dermatovenerologic visual inspections to detect genital warts.This can be both single and multiple lesions in the perineum and anus, as well as on the surface of the external genitalia.With the cytological and histological tests can detect the presence of HPV infection specific to the epithelial tissue changes.For confirmation of the infection will be necessary to make molecular-biological research, carried out at the same HPV genotyping.

PCR analysis on papillomaviruses in men to determine the presence in cells of high and sredneonkogennyh pathogen types.To test this case take samples of the head of the penis skin and mucosal surfaces of the urethra.A more accurate picture can be obtained by analyzing the DNA of HPV.The infection can be detected even in the beginning of the process, which makes it possible to assign time treatment.To carry out the tests necessary clinical material taken from the genital tract, lesions of PVI.Analyses of the stronger sex representatives must pass before they pass inspection.It is possible that it will take another 1-2 repeated studies on HPV.

Thanks to the advances of modern medicine, a type of virus can be installed even if latent PVI.Timely treatment prevents proliferation of warts, prevents the risk of penile cancer and tumor prianalnoy area.Therapy need and malignancy in the oral cavity.

According to statistics, men and women are equally susceptible to PVI.But for the stronger sex, HPV is not a danger of cancer, for women.Features of the structure of the urogenital tract in men are the cause of the lack of symptoms, sometimes even self-healing.Therefore, cytologic screening (medical examination) can not hold, men only pass tests that are needed for the differential diagnosis of papillomaviruses.

But what is to be tested for HPV, identifies the attending physician, depending on the individual characteristics of each man.

Some strains of men can not treat.External symptoms (warts, papillomas) are usually removed by surgery, then the patient is prescribed immunotherapy, improves the functioning of the immune system.To prevent infection with an oncogenic virus type, it is desirable to vaccinate.For the representatives of the stronger sex, there is only one vaccine - Gardasil, which is administered by intramuscular injection in the shoulder 3 times for 6 months.

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