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The main reasons for weight loss in men

weight loss in most cases it is desirable to process in the presence of excess body weight.As a rule, leave kilograms while increasing exercise or dieting.Having access to the pool or the gym, the stronger sex are beginning to rapidly lose weight because of the hormone testosterone, which is produced in the body during exercise.It was he who helps to burn body fat.But if the weight steadily decreases as good appetite and abundant food, you should think about your health.Sudden weight loss may indicate the progression of any disease in the body.

most common cause of sudden weight loss people is the emotional stress and related stressful situations.In our time, the lives of men can hardly be called quiet, they lie in wait everywhere different excitement and stress: at home, at work, while traveling or on vacation.As a representative of the stronger sex much too nervous, it is immediately displayed on the scales.Moreover, in times of stress men also complain of sleep disturbances, headaches, upset stomach,

fatigue, depression, irritability and distraction.Most often, we independently cope with a difficult situation.But if the stress persists for a long time and continue accompanied by weight loss, you should immediately seek help from a specialist.

Drastic weight loss is commonly said that our body is suffering from the hidden disease, is trying to fight this disease, the missing drawing for this energy from fat and muscle tissue.This man continues to eat well.Weight loss without any apparent reason, in any case, is a cause for treatment to the doctor.Remember, the sooner you will find the disease that caused the weight loss, the more chances you have to get well.

Weight problems often indicate a problem with the thyroid gland.The fact that there is accelerated the endocrine system, the formation of compounds, resulting in significantly faster metabolism.Therefore, the calories that come with food, burn much faster, and the man grows thin, with tight eating and leading a sedentary lifestyle.Against the background of hyperthyroidism hyperthyroidism may occur, which in addition to weight loss is accompanied by even insomnia, shortness of breath, sweating, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, as well as a decrease in the male gonads.Hyperthyroidism can be avoided only if the cure it at the initial stage, i.e. when the pathological changes in the body is not so serious.To the endocrinologist should apply as soon as you notice a sudden and unwarranted weight loss.The doctor on the basis of the survey will deliver an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Fast weight loss in men can be caused by diseases such as diabetes.At the initial stage of the disease usually manifests emergence insatiable appetite, while the patient is rapidly losing weight.Another symptom of diabetes is unquenchable thirst, which is almost impossible to satisfy with plenty of water.Also, there is irritability and a peculiar smell of acetone breath.In this disease a person may experience momentary fainting.But mostly, except for a sharp weight loss with increased appetite, a man in the early stages of the disease do not bother.If you notice in yourself or your loved ones have the characteristic symptoms of diabetes, you need to immediately take a blood test for sugar, in the direction which can give your doctor.

Cancer can also cause weight loss in men.Particularly strong lose weight people suffering from cancer of any organ of the digestive system.However, for the initial phase of this symptom is not typical.It usually manifests itself already from the third stage, so it can not be used in the diagnosis of disease.

worm infestation is common not only among children but also among adult men and women.The presence of worms can only speak of the fact, if coupled with a sharp reduction in the weight you have lost your appetite, there are unpleasant sensations in the anal area, there are indigestion, constipation or diarrhea.In addition, people still complain of fatigue, weakness, and sometimes his body temperature rises.Worms can also cause early baldness in men.To rule out the presence in the organism of parasites, it is necessary to hand over a smear from the anus and feces analysis on helminth eggs.If so, it will have to undergo a course of anthelmintic treatment, appointed by the attending physician.

reasons for the rapid weight loss in men may be a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, tuberculosis, drug addiction, poor nutrition.It should be noted that even if a man against a background of significant weight loss feels good and continues to lead normal life for himself, he will still need to contact your doctor and, if necessary, to other specialists.These precautions will help to identify the presence of the man in time of disease and successfully cure them.

If the diagnosis does not have any health problems has been found, should take advantage of some of the physiological nature of the procedures to normalize the metabolism and systematize diet.Get regular physical activity an average, it is best in the open air.On a sunny day, try to walk more, "fatten" your appetite.You also need to increase calorie breakfast, lunch and dinner.Include in your diet more varied pastries, pasta, fish and vegetable oil.It is recommended to drink herbal teas that increase appetite.If a sharp weight loss was caused by stress or emotional tension, first you learn to fully relax (you can see this for meditation and yoga courses).To normalize the emotional background well to aromatherapy.It is advisable to drink concoctions that elevate mood and relieve stress, as well as sign up for relaxing massages.

If weight loss is still associated with the disease, be sure to consult your doctor, especially when the weight drops sharply for more than a month, in addition, there are other ailments, and the total weight of your body is less than the average on the 15-20%.Diagnosis will help determine the exact cause of the problem.In addition to visual inspection, the doctor appoints another ultrasound of the digestive tract and thyroid, gastroscopy, chest x-rays, to pass urine, feces and blood on hormones, white blood cells, parasites and other risk factors.Only then you will be assigned a correct and efficient treatment.