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The main symptoms of yeast infection in men

Many believe that the thrush is a purely female disease, but quite often it occurs in men.In any case, the causative agent of the disease is a yeast fungus of the genus Candida, usually Candida Albicans, hence the medical name - candidiasis.Thrush in men mostly localized in the oral cavity in the external genitals, or on the skin.Extremely rare disease becomes severe when the fungus is spread through the bloodstream to all organs.Usually this form of yeast infection in men with lowered immunity, for example, after chemotherapy or in the diagnosis of HIV infection.

Candida fungi are present in the body of most people, but their growth is suppressed beneficial intestinal bacteria.However, these beneficial bacteria are killed because of the antibiotics.But on fungi antibiotics usually do not work, thereby creating favorable conditions for the development of thrush.It is also very important in this case is the state of immunity.Due to malnutrition, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue or illness transferred the b

ody is weakened and is not able to fight the disease.Thrush often provoke diabetes and HIV.The cause of yeast infection in the stronger sex can become frequent and stress, which contribute to a decrease in immunity.

At risk in the first place come the men who take hormones, immunosuppressants, undergoing chemotherapy.Do not forget about personal hygiene, because its deficiency can lead to even worse consequences thrush.The disease will also occur in the case, if your sexual partner vaginal candidiasis, while you are not using condoms.In this case, the treatment will have to pass both partners simultaneously.

Approximately 10-15% of men are asymptomatic candidiasis.As already mentioned, the disease can affect not only the sexual organs, but also the mouth and skin.Common symptoms of candida infection in men include: swelling and redness of the glans and foreskin of the penis, pain or burning during urination, pain during erection, sexual contact, and after it, a dense gray-white coating with a sour odor, burning and itching of the penis canbe both periodic and permanent.The above symptoms may indicate the presence of candidiasis, or thrush, combined with other hidden sexual infections.

The fungus Candida can cause inflammation of the glans penis - balanitis, or damage the inner layer of the foreskin - a post, or a combination thereof - balanoposthitis.They can also be combined with infections that are sexually transmitted - trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, genital herpes, mycoplasmosis, chlamydiosis.Therefore, when the first symptoms of inflammation of the head of the penis is necessary to immediately consult a urologist, dermatologist, skin-venereal diseases to establish an accurate diagnosis.The main features of balanoposthitis with candidiasis are: head swelling and foreskin, the unpleasant smell of sour milk, the appearance on the penis pasty white and gray mass, or flying a white-gray color, the removal of which can cause bleeding erosion, pain, itching, burning and expressed hyperemia(no apparent redness circuits) in the skin of the penis.Due to the constant irritation of the nerve endings in the affected area is observed increase in libido but sexual intercourse with causes discomfort, pain and discomfort.

Candida urethritis is a fungal infection of the mucous membrane of the urethra defeat men.Symptoms of this disease are very similar to symptoms of acute gonorrhea.In addition to these common features, namely redness, swelling, itching, there is still frequent urination, which is accompanied by pain and burning, while urine may be cloudy with blood or mucus abundant.In the morning a man may notice mucus thick whitish discharge with long threads.It is recommended as soon as possible to consult a doctor to prevent forgive vesicles.

complication of thrush candidiasis pielotsistit considered as a fungal infection in this case affects the ascending urinary tract - kidneys, bladder, manifested cystitis and pyelonephritis.The disease is characterized by a deterioration of the general condition, fever, pain not only during intercourse and urination, but also in the kidney and bladder.This disease is rarely caused by a single pathogen, usually a mixed infection, to which are attached the other infectious agents - gonococci, Escherichia coli, chlamydia, proteas.

Treatment of yeast infection in men can be general and local.As a general treatment uses drugs that improve the condition of the whole organism: vitamins and minerals, natural products, beneficial effects on the immune system - tincture of ginseng, Immunal and others.Another desirable to maintain a healthy lifestyle and do hardening.If the cause of thrush was lowered immunity due to an illness, treatment should first be directed to the elimination of this disease.If candidiasis is very slow, and often repeated, then there should be applied antifungal drugs, which are administered by injection.The main danger of thrush is that it can pass on healthy organs and tissues.At the slightest suspicion of the spread of infection the patient is required to be hospitalized, and then assigned intensive therapy with intravenous antifungal drugs.

the topical treatment used special preparations (creams, solutions and ointments), which have a negative effect on the fungus.To do this, it is quite suitable any antifungal cream, which included a substance imidazole.It destroys skin fungus cells.The only side effect of these drugs may be a slight burning sensation at the time of application.But if burning a long time does not pass, and redness appear, you need to stop taking the drug and consult a specialist.

At the moment, the most effective and popular drug for the local treatment of yeast infection in men is clotrimazole.It should be rubbed into the head of the penis and the inner surface of the foreskin twice a day.The course of treatment is 1-2 weeks.After that, it is recommended to get tested again to ensure complete freedom from disease.Before applying any cream or ointment can make special applications using herbal infusions (chamomile, calendula, yarrow).The affected area of ​​genitals before applying the ointment it is desirable to handle with methylene blue.To achieve the best results, it is best to combine with a common local treatment.

Remember that in any case it is not necessary to self-medicate, because to cure a man from thrush is difficult even for a specialist.A wrong treatment can only complicate the course of the underlying disease.Even if you could get rid of the main symptoms of thrush, it does not mean that you are fully recovered.Symptoms of the disease may return at any moment, and then there will be much more difficult to recover.

quickly deal with symptoms of thrush can help correct intimate hygiene and maintenance of constant dryness and cleanliness of the genital organs.During treatment, it is better not to take a hot bath, use the shower without the usual flavored gels.When the first symptoms of thrush is necessary to abandon the synthetic underwear, as this material does not allow the skin to "breathe", causing additional perspiration.As you know, in a sweaty environment, the fungus multiplies very quickly.Also, try to normalize sleep and limit the use of sugar, products containing yeast and mold, as well as fermented products (wine, beer, soy sauce).

If you do not look after their health, thrush may occur again.Remember that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat.

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