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Why are there dark circles under the eyes of a man

Unlike women, many men are quite indifferent to their appearance and health of the whole organism.That is why they often do not attach importance arose dark circles under the eyes.And that's too bad, because suddenly appeared bruising under the eyes can be the result, not only spent sleepless nights, but also evidence of some health problems.Therefore, we must take care of their body in order to timely prevent any disease.

If you notice bruising around the eyes, you first need to pay attention to the color of their browning.Purple tint tend to have people who have elevated pressure.Such men acquire the disease as a result of excessive load on the job, increased interest in spirits.Also here include smoking and high stress situations.But the disease can be controlled with the help of experts, we just need time to seek help.Also, this shade can occur if there is a problem with your kidneys.Independently determine the cause can not be, it can make only an experienced doctor.

small yellowness under the eye

s is a clear indication that special attention should be given organs such as the gall bladder or kidneys.If you notice brown shade under the eyes, you should immediately consult a doctor-cardiologist.This color says about violations of the cardiovascular system.Do not ignore this signal, because later on it can lead to a rather disastrous results - a heart attack.Very dangerous is the pink hue around the eyes.Beneath it lies the risk of prostate disease.Ignoring this problem can lead to difficulty urinating, as well as serious problems with the organs of the urogenital system.

But in any case, no matter what shade under the eyes was not, you should immediately seek help from a doctor.Remember that the sooner you learn about the problem, the easier it will be to get rid of it.

If you find yourself in the dark circles under the eyes, you should think about the reasons for their occurrence and to try to eliminate the nuisance.First of all think about whether you are getting enough sleep.Regular sleep deprivation can cause depression and deterioration of appearance.Try to sleep at least eight hours per day.Next, try to eliminate from your life bad habits.Of course, as soon as it is practically impossible to quit smoking or to drink alcohol, but try to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day and alcohol consumption.In extreme cases, you can consult a psychotherapist.

Extremely important is proper nutrition.It is advisable to include in your diet more salads, fresh fruits and vegetables.It is necessary to increase the number of products with the protein, because it is the lack of it causes metabolic disorders.

But it's best to consult a doctor, he will help you to get rid of the blue circles under the eyes.Blue color usually indicates circulatory disorders or heart problems, and fix them without medical assistance impossible.You may need to pass additional tests, but it is better to spend time on it, then the rest of his life than to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

If dark circles under the eyes caused by hereditary factors, then remove them all you can from an experienced beautician.In modern cosmetology for this there are many different procedures, such as removal of pigmentation laser whitening or circles.This is a fairly expensive procedure, but very effective.Unfortunately, not every man agrees to such drastic measures to get rid of dark circles and bags.

Many people prefer home folk remedies by which you can reduce pigmentation, improve skin color around the eyes and restore normal blood flow.This homemade mask against a blue, black and yellow circles under the eyes.

So, you need to grate the cucumber and mix with sour cream, and then the resulting mixture is applied to the eye.Cucumber has a bleaching effect and nourishes the skin with nutrients.You can also cut a raw potato rings, and put it on the desired area for 10-20 minutes.Potatoes perfectly whitens circles and tightens the skin around the eyes.Another very effective mask of crumb of white bread and milk.All masks should be applied on the face 2-3 times a week.To solve the problem with dark circles at any time you can use the tea.To do this, take a few tea bags and brew.After that, the cooled tea bags imposes on the formed bags under the eyes.In this procedure you will take no more than 10 minutes.If possible, a few minutes can support the tea bags in the freezer.Complete any procedure can be an ordinary washing.Recommended even then apply a nourishing cream.

Another very effective remedy for dark circles under the eyes - point massage the eye area.You just need to wash with cool water, then point moves tingling fingertips go from temple to the nose.On the massage need only 1-2 minutes, then it is recommended to put the cream, designed for the eye area.

get rid of unpleasant "guests" under the eyes, you will ensure yourself a beautiful appearance, and it is possible to open a new, previously unexplored horizons in front of you.

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