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What is HPV 16 men ?

human papilloma virus, especially type 16, is one of the most dangerous non-malignant diseases affecting the weakened immune system of people of all ages and both sexes.Risk of disease is that her first symptoms appear only after a few months after infection.First of all at-risk group includes those men who are not really watching their health.

virus during infection gets into the human body and is beginning to spread in the basal cells of the epithelium and mucosa.Human papillomavirus type 16 is in the male body, and under favorable conditions for it begins the process of tumor development.Once the virus enters the body, it also spreads to the bloodstream, causing a malfunction in the cellular structure of the work.Infected cells begin to grow and divide more rapidly, therefore grow on the mucosa, or human skin.Most often 16 papilloma virus causes tumors such as warts and warts terrific.Papilloma can cause both benign and malignant tumors, but sometimes during the infection of the virus can not be show

n.In this case, only the survey will help to identify the disease.The virus is very unpredictable, largely depends on the individual characteristics of the body of each person.

with this disease can face everyone, but only by direct contact with the skin or mucous membranes.16 Papilloma often penetrates into the male body during sexual contact with an infected particular or those who have clinical manifestations of HPV, or short-term.You can become infected during contact via the hands or objects of personal hygiene, as well as to pick up the disease can be while swimming in the pool, sauna or in the event of microtrauma during shaving.A person can still catch the virus in the womb during pregnancy if she was a carrier of the virus.Extremely rare cases where HPV 16 was transmitted by airborne droplets while operating doctors ill patients.Also at risk of being a carrier of HPV are people who are engaged in butchering meat and fish products.HPV 16 is shown in a different form of education warts on the genital organs of men.

So, as you have already understood, the first few months 16 papilloma virus can not be shown, but later on the body begin to arise warts or warts.Benign primary stage is usually circular in shape and have a diameter of about 10 mm.They may be light yellow or almost black.Most often, they are on their knees, fingers and elbows.But the most common manifestation of the disease is warts, which have a short form.They appear as on the skin and on the mucous membranes and genitals.Learn about the disease can be the appearance of the rash of beige on the genitals, and then on the hips.The rate of development of symptoms depends primarily on the human immune system.To avoid becoming a victim of human papillomavirus 16, you need to see your doctor regularly, and still be vaccinated, able to protect from disease.

First of all, you must be confident in your partner.Papilloma viruses are spread mainly through sexual contact, so having a partner who has no connection on the side, your risks of contracting papilloma reduced several times.Also another very important time to heal all diseases and strengthen the body's immune system.Any untreated disease weakens the immune system.Good strengthens the body proper nutrition, exercise, healthy and restful sleep.Organism people often weakened by overwork, lack of sleep and rest, poor nutrition.Therefore, for every person it is important a healthy lifestyle.

But with the appearance of any symptoms, you should immediately going to the doctor.The sooner you find the symptoms, the easier treatment will be.The cause for concern may be any pimples in the genital area, pain, burning or itching in the genital, perineal, or eggs, in the anus area.In case of any suspicion, consult a specialist.

this problem can be addressed to the urologist (a doctor who specializes in diseases of the male urogenital system), andrology (for male disease specialist), venereal diseases (venereal disease specialist) or a dermatologist (a specialist in skin diseases).Any of these specialists can diagnose papilloma virus.From the moment of infection to the appearance of tumors in the body can take from 3 months to several years, so it must be regularly examined by a specialist, especially if there are any complaints.If you have any warts on the genitals, it is desirable to be checked, as it may cause cancer.

At risk are men come who have experienced or have other sexually transmitted diseases, because their body is weakened, and the 16 papilloma may cause profuse manifestations.To detect the virus in the male body is possible in laboratory studies.In our time, we used a thermal imager - a device that monitors the temperature in the area of ​​infection and to determine the stage of infection.

treatment of disease primarily depend on the individual characteristics of males.It depends on what stage of the disease, the condition of the human immune system and other factors.If the body were discovered the warts, and a survey has shown that they are not oncogenic, they can leave if the patient does not want to remove them.But genital warts are always removed in the genitals.Removal can be done by several methods.cryotherapy are most often used (liquid nitrogen), radio frequency therapy, electrocoagulation, surgery and other methods.A method for removing always picks the doctor individually.Treatment also is to strengthen the immune system, diagnosing and dealing with other diseases.

It is worth noting that in our time the treatment of papilloma 16 became a reality, so this diagnosis in any case, not a sentence.The main thing is not to self-medicate, and seek to a specialist in time.