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Diagnosis and treatment of HPV infection in men

Nowadays we know a great number of diseases that can affect a person, and each of us is trying to avoid that a different infection.However, some diseases take root very quickly in the body, even through a simple touch to the patient, in addition, they appear very rarely.One such disease can be called human papillomavirus in men - a viral disease which can sufficiently long dwell time in the body without any symptoms.This viral disease is equally common in both men and women, at the same time it is a long time in the body and slowly affects him, not appearing outwardly.It is very sad, because, as you know, every disease is much easier to cure in the early stages.

disease manifests externally to the body surface formation of various tumors, it may be skin and mucosal papillomas.This process is only activated under certain conditions.Sometimes viruses are characterized by the type and oncogenic activity, so you should be very careful to treat tumors in the body.Upon detection of such growths should immedia

tely consult a specialist who prescribed laboratory tests and analyzes, the results of which will diagnose and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

The men skin papilloma virus can get through an ordinary touch to a sick or infected with HIV.The virus can penetrate and in violation of the integrity of the epidermis, ie scratches, cracks, scratches and more.This means that the virus can enter the male body not only through sexual contact, but also with a standard handshake.Humans can be infected and in public places, such as saunas, swimming pools, sports halls, and even in the subway or other public transportation.In some cases, the infection occurs in the womb during pregnancy.

According to statistics, the disease according to encounters more than 70% of the population, sexually active, and it is about 13% of people on the planet.In addition, this viral disease most infected men because their sex life is more active.But in most cases they are simply carriers of the disease, which they have not seen.

Human papillomavirus in men usually occurs only when there is excessive activation.Symptoms begin to appear in the event of problems with the immune system.For example, the immune system is reduced by smoking, alcohol and drug use during severe stress, with promiscuity, low socio-economic status, and the presence of genital warts and other diseases.The virus in this case is activated at a specific tissue site, and by varying it affects the functions of epithelial cells.At this stage, they begin to actively divide, causing tumors and appear on the skin surface.So they are the first symptoms of the viral disease.

To make an accurate diagnosis, the doctor must perform a survey of the patient, forms an overall picture of complaints and history of the disease, and also carries out inspection, during which diagnose the pathogen, its main features and the degree of tissue damage.In the male body can detect papilloma using cytological smears survey taken from the urinary canal.Another doctor conducts histology tissue for biopsy, laboratory testing and genetic diagnostics.The most accurate method of diagnosis of papillomavirus is a PCR study.With this method it is possible to detect the genetic material (DNA) of the virus in the capture of the material and thereby deliver a definitive diagnosis.The representatives of the stronger sex papilloma virus in the channel urinating more often detected by ureteroscopy.Diagnosis of human papillomavirus in men carries a urologist, andrologist.

To eliminate the virus in virtually all cases, used methods, which involve the removal of new growths.It should be noted that the removal of growths is not full of the treatment of viral diseases.Papillomas laser can be removed by cauterization of the affected area with chemical compounds, by performing cryosurgery, diathermocoagulation or scalpel.The most efficient and modern method of treatment is considered to radiowave surgery, by which quickly removes any growths, without severe pain and the risk of scarring on the affected area or scars.

also in the treatment of human papillomavirus necessarily used antiviral therapy, which involves the reduction of virus in the blood.It is also commonly prescribed medications that increase the quality of the work of immunity.A man can become infected pathology, even if his sexual partner do not have any clinical signs, as a carrier of the virus while it still remains.In any case it is necessary to organize a preventive treatment and strengthen the body's immune.

First of all, the prevention of occurrence of HPV in men is the use of contraceptives during sexual intercourse.In addition, currently available vaccine against HPV, vaccination course consists of three injections into the shoulder muscle, which are conducted every 3-6 months.Thanks to vaccination produces immunity to certain types of HPV.Try to exclude casual sex, personal hygiene, give up bad habits, as well as regular visits to the urologist (1 time per year).

Remember that self and unsystematic treatment may not only lead to the recurrence of HPV, but also to the development of complications.

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