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The incubation period of the development of yeast infection in men

Thrush in men, or candidiasis, is much rarer than in women.Typical symptoms of the disease most often appear on the surface of the penis.In mild slight swelling may occur infection, slight redness and focal accumulation of cheesy white mass at the inner fold of the foreskin.In more advanced cases appear erosion plenochki, red spots and even small bubbles.Inflammation can go to the skin of the scrotum and groin.Against the background of yeast infection in the stronger sex can occur related diseases - Candida urethritis and prostatitis.

The main causes of this unpleasant disease are diabetes, anemia, severe climate change, long-term treatment with antibiotics without receiving concomitant anti-fungal drugs, decreased immunity, HIV infection, as well as the psychological burden and stress.Candidiasis urinary organs in men develops a little differently than women.At the fair sex a significant role in the disease play such internal factors such as stress, pregnancy, hormonal failure, disruptions of the endoc

rine system.Fungi which are in the body, thus becoming pathogenic properties.Men are much less women suffer from thrush, as the fungus simply washed out of the urethra urine.Mushrooms Candida really bad "coexist" on the male genitals.Therefore, the sudden appearance of yeast infection in men may indicate the presence of any other sexually transmitted infections, or a decrease in immunity.Therefore it is necessary as soon as possible to make an appointment to profile the doctor.Remember that yeast does not pass by itself, it needs to be treated.

Candidiasis in men appears after sexual contact with an infected partner.Unlike women, especially diseases of the representatives of the stronger sex does not depend on the state of immunity or the presence of dysbiosis.The first symptoms of thrush occur after sexual contact with a woman and quickly tested without the use of drugs.

incubation period for men lasts 5 days.On the occurrence of yeast infection is evidenced by such symptoms as burning, itching, redness of the head and white fur.After contact with an infected partner and pain occurs.Sometimes discomfort is felt only at the time of contact, and in the rest of the time nothing disturbs.The head of the penis and the foreskin is inflamed, formed a light touch in the form of a film.This is the accumulation of the fungus Candida on mucosal surfaces.When contacting the plaque is removed, leaving the head unprotected, as a result begin to develop pustular infection.Besides white plaque, typical signs of the disease in men are: redness, irritation, filamentary discharge, discomfort during urination.The risk of developing thrush is increased in the case of pregnant partner.The fact is that during this period are prerequisites for the active fungus reproduction.Therefore, at the time of contact with the woman to the man passed much more bacteria.Inflames the head of the penis and the foreskin, there is swelling.Over time, cracks occur and erosion.

Inflammation is a result of improper care, the presence of phimosis, or contact with an infected partner.Sometimes, candidiasis occurs in men after a course of antibiotics as disturbed microbial balance, which leads to reproduction of the fungus.Most often, this problem faced by young people, as are promiscuous.It is very important in this period, do not miss the first symptoms and the time to see a doctor.

As already mentioned, the thrush is sexually transmitted, but, despite this, it is not a sexually transmitted disease.Do not immediately panic, it just says that the body is not all right.The period from the time of infection until the first symptoms of illness is called the incubation.There are 4 stages of candidiasis.

In the first stage of development of yeast fungus need to be fixed on the mucosa.To this end, certain conditions must be created: lowered immunity, the presence of certain diseases.The second step is a fungus reproduction, reproduction.If all is well with the immune system, then at this stage, thrush and ends.When this fungus remains external tissues, and can be activated at lower protective functions.With weakened immunity disease will develop further and will move to the next stage.So, on the 3rd stage of the fungus will continue to move deeper into the tissue.Local protective cells (cells, antibodies, macrophages, lactic acid bacteria) will counteract this.But if all the same fungus penetrated the blood then begins to spread throughout the body.This is the 4th stage of the disease when affected multiple organs.

beginning of the disease in the stronger sex is Candida urethritis, which is accompanied with severe balanoposthitis sulfur spots on the head of the penis and the inside of the foreskin.Candidiasis affects the bladder and kidneys.In the presence of infection develop severe stage of the disease.To diagnose the infection could in using microscopic pictures of discharge from the urethra.

topical treatment applied at the initial stage of the disease.At the head of the penis 2 times a day is necessary to put special creams with a thin layer.Usually, treatment is 1 week.In any case the doctor prescribes medication required and the duration of their reception.Do not self-medicate, as this is very dangerous.Antifungal drugs taken by mouth, is usually prescribed for chronic diseases.Typically, this tablet or capsule of candidiasis.Furthermore, there may still prescribe drugs to restore the body's microflora and treatment with an antibacterial effect, it all depends on the stage and symptoms of thrush.During the treatment will have to follow a strict diet that eliminates sharp, pickled, sweet and savory dishes.Strongly contraindicated alcohol.Also during the course of treatment is recommended to abstain from sexual activity.To activate and maintain the immune system, it is desirable to take vitamin complexes and immune-boosting drugs to strengthen the body and to avoid the recurrence of candidiasis.It is best to strengthen the immune system hardening, and a healthy lifestyle.Be sure to observe hygienic rules for body care.It is necessary to carefully choose the soap and gel for intimate hygiene (not to desiccate the skin).The prevention of the disease is the optimism and good mood, as they help to avoid stress.

So, we should not ignore the thrush in men, because the consequences can be very severe - infertility or impotence.

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