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How to treat hemorrhoids in men at home

Nowadays hemorrhoids is almost the most common disease among the population of the globe.Unfortunately, according to statistics, most men do not go to the proctologist because of their shyness, they pull up to the last, and earn a disease with serious violations.

In people the disease has become a household word, any problems in life people call hemorrhoids, and this is no accident.He brings a lot of pain and discomfort, and can make the disease almost every second inhabitant of our planet.Hemorrhoids - a disease of the veins in the anus.Hemorrhoids, for whatever reasons, are increased and become inflamed, fall down or fall out to the outside, and may even bleed thrombosed.

The main causes of this disease are: genetic predisposition, sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, frequent constipation, drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking.The first symptom of hemorrhoids becomes itchy anus.Often, however, this symptom remains unaddressed.Itching increased over time, the act of defecation is accompan

ied by severe pain, appear allocation in the form of mucus and feces can be a blood impurity.There are 4 stages of disease development.At the last stage of the nodes has constantly fall out, they can not be right within, they bleed and thrombosing.These nodes can be easily pinched, while felt a very strong pain.It should be as soon as possible to see a doctor, because the longer the delay the harder it will be to cure the disease.

First of all, for the prevention or treatment of hemorrhoids, you must eliminate all the causes of the disease.Try to move more, it is desirable to do special exercises for the pelvic blood flow, or to arrange hour walk.If the work involves heavy lifting, it will have to change, because in this case does not get rid of the disease.Still it is necessary to adjust the power that will eliminate constipation.Still it is necessary to completely eliminate alcohol, since it contributes to the stagnation of blood.

Now let's deal with the basic rules of personal hygiene, which will have to comply with the first symptoms of the disease.Primarily a soft toilet paper, and even better without alcohol wipes should be used when pain occurs.Good hygiene is very important, because the fecal matter can cause severe irritation and injury to the painful area.If you wipe too much, you may further harm.Therefore, as an alternative wiping experts recommend cool shower.During defecation careful not to push too hard, because it often leads to the emergence of hemorrhoids.

One of the treatments at home is the use of traditional ointments and suppositories, for example, Proktozana, ihtiola and others.But do not forget to follow their way of life, because of hemorrhoids for most people occurs due to lack of mobility, poor nutrition, the presence of diseases of the pelvic organs.

order not to aggravate the disease, proctologist recommend how to takes care of problem areas.Use baby wipes should be soft and often take a shower.Also, try not to use soap and other means for the body, which contain artificial colors and flavors.To get rid of the pain and itching, you can use painkillers sold without a prescription in every pharmacy, such as ibuprofen or Tylenol.5-10 minutes to the center of the ice cubes can exert disease, but only if in these places no bleeding and thrombosis.Warm compresses or a heating pad on the area of ​​the anus is very well help soothe itchy pain.

In the early stages of hemorrhoids effective 15-minute sitz baths.It is particularly desirable to do them after a bowel movement.In the acute form of the disease in any case can not sit or stand for a long time.When sedentary work every hour to do short exercises for 5-10 minutes.To prevent accumulation of moisture, annoying pockets of disease, you need to wear underwear on cotton basis.

For home treatment can be applied not only to products of traditional medicine, but over the years proven popular recipes that relieve the main symptoms of the disease.Among home treatment baths are considered the most popular with a variety of herbs and supplements.Very good help bath with mummy and onion skins.For its preparation you need to pour boiling water 3 handfuls of onion peel to give it brew broth.After that, the broth to dissolve mummy.The resulting solution every day for 10-15 minutes immerse the anus until the complete disappearance of disease symptoms.For the treatment of hemorrhoids are often used lotions from honey, birch tar or onion juice.They significantly reduce the itching and aching pain in the anus, but also contribute to the reduction of disease outbreak.

course, home treatment can not do without the use of a variety of home-made ointments and suppositories.Enough effective way is considered a mixture of propolis, honey, mummy and sea buckthorn oil.All ingredients must be mixed to a uniform consistency with olive or sunflower oil.This ointment should be applied 10-15 days.Even in equal proportions can be mixed oak bark, common toadflax and grass of water pepper.The fee is necessary to add the hot lard, then simmer, stirring often.Total reflux time - 12 hours.After straining the fat should be poured into a jar.The resulting ointment need to swab of gauze to enter into the anus for 5 hours.In the affected area can also apply a paste of rowan berries, raw grated carrots or beets.

more often men enjoy potato candles.To do this, the usual need to cut small potatoes oblong piece that is inserted into the rectum for several hours.These candles perfectly heal the cracks and relieve pain.However, hemorrhoids launched in such a way not to win.Bleeding in the home can be treated with a decoction of nettle and yarrow.At strongly expressed nodes fit chamomile and calendula.Inside you can take a decoction of the leaves and wild strawberries.Completely get rid of the disease at an early stage will help regular intake of herbal infusion pochechuynoy.This is an excellent prevention against the hemorrhoids.For soft stool and anti-inflammatory approach decoction of senna, buckthorn, yarrow, licorice and coriander.All these ingredients are mixed and brewed a tablespoon, and then filtered.

Do not be ashamed of their problems and self-abuse.In advanced stages of hemorrhoids no folk remedies do not help, you're just wasting your time and aggravate the situation.Remember that timely consultation and treatment will allow you to avoid complications.

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