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Hemorrhoid Treatment in men

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases among the male population, but its specificity and clinical features of serious danger lies.Men talk about this issue, even less than about their problems in the sexual sphere.However, they are in no hurry to see a doctor.Despite the fact that hemorrhoids are not life threatening, if not engaged in treatment, he can go into the chronic stage and lead to very unpleasant consequences.But with the help of modern medical technology can successfully cure the disease at an early stage, without resorting to surgery.

main causes of hemorrhoids in the stronger sex are stretching and deformation of the vein walls venous plexus, which are located in the rectum.That is, hemorrhoids occurs as a result of stagnation of blood in these veins.The main factors of this disease in men are: lack of exercise and sedentary work, genetic predisposition, hard physical labor, alcohol and drugs, constipation and other intestinal diseases, leading to an increase in intra-abdominal pre

ssure, and respiratory diseases, which are accompanied by frequent fits of coughing, andexcess weight.

In hereditary factor observed congenital valve insufficiency hemorrhoidal veins or weakness of their walls.Young people tend to hemorrhoid develops on the background of hereditary predisposition, and in men older than 40 years are more common causes of acquired disease.Very often the disease occurs in alcoholics and especially in drug addicts.Under the influence of alcohol and drugs slowing intestinal peristalsis, increased intra-abdominal pressure and decreases the tone of hemorrhoidal veins.

At the initial stage of the disease in the stronger sex there are small venous nodules on the mucous membrane of the rectum.At the same time during defecation patient may feel itching and burning.In the second step increases venous nodules, may have their hands to feel the patient, as well as aching pain appears.In addition, the patient feels the presence of a foreign body in the rectum, which is actually not.If time does not heal hemorrhoids nodes inflamed and become so painful that it is impossible to be touched, because of the pain a man will be difficult to sit.Also, at this stage hemorrhoidal vein bleed.Remember that running hemorrhoids can lead to thrombosis hemorrhoidal veins, strong anal bleeding, rectal prolapse and fecal incontinence.

experienced proctologist can easily make an accurate diagnosis, in some cases, he need only visual inspection to identify the symptoms, but may be required, and digital examination (when the buds are hidden within, rather than at the entrance to the rectum).Very rarely a patient is prescribed sigmoidoscopy, ie inspection using a special device.Especially this procedure is necessary when it is necessary to make sure that it is necessary to treat hemorrhoids, but not cancer.This event is absolutely painless, but can cause mild discomfort.

In most cases, patients themselves reveal the symptoms of the disease, because the discomfort is impossible not to draw attention.But self-treat disease is by no means impossible, especially without accurate diagnosis.Before application of various folk methods be sure to consult with a specialist.However, traditional medicine still provides a fast and reliable results.

for the treatment of hemorrhoids in men and non-surgical methods of the radical can be used.First used in the later stages of the disease, and the second - as soon as the first symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Non-surgical methods - it's mostly local application of ointments and gels, pain and reduces inflammation (Proktozan, Proctosedyl, Aurobin, Relief, and others), gemorroynye candles, massage nodes, which improves blood circulation and lymph flow, as well as drugs in pill form, whichallow the patient to cure constipation.

more radical methods include infrared coagulation, hemorrhoidectomy (surgical intervention), that is, an operation to remove hemorrhoids, sclerotherapy, minimal surgery, doping cones latex ring, and thrombosis of external components is performed thrombectomy.

Radical treatment may be imposed only after an assessment of the patient's condition.As a rule, it is carried out when the drugs do not help and symptoms indicate that the disease progresses.

In ancient times called hemorrhoids and with the emerods, and people have come up with many ways to alleviate the disease.It should be noted that traditional methods can only be effective during the early stages of the disease.

To reduce inflammation, recommended cool baths with potassium permanganate.A few grains of potassium permanganate to dissolve in a glass of cold boiled water.Then pour into a bowl should be boiled and cooled water and mixed with a solution of potassium permanganate to slightly pinkish liquid.This basin is necessary to take 2 times a day for 5 minutes.

also very effective bath concoctions from dandelion, calendula and chamomile, and even onion peel and garlic.To prepare a bath 50 g of raw material must be boiled in 4 liters of water and then infuse for 4 hours.Then the mixture was poured into a bath.To prepare a bath garlic head crushed garlic to be added to 5 liters of boiling hot water.The solution should sit for an hour, and then after filtering it is mixed with cold water.The bath should be taken 15 minutes.

For external hemorrhoids are most effective ointments and compresses.For example, for preparation of ointments require propolis 80 g of olive oil and propolis 15.The mixture should be cooked in a water bath, and after boiling, it is removed from the heat, cool, and within 2-3 weeks twice applied to problem areas daily.You can even drink the broth nettle, St. John's wort or mountaineer pochechuynogo.You can try to make their own candles potato cut from fresh potatoes in the piece as rectal suppositories.It needs to be put on the night.

to never face this unpleasant disease, you need to take care of the timely prevention of the disease.The representatives of the stronger sex, who play sports (non-weightlifting), symptoms of hemorrhoids will never appear.The fact that the blood in the pelvis does not stagnate, and therefore do not arise hemorrhoidal venous plexus.To the disease you are not bothered by the symptoms, it is recommended to run in the morning, swim in the pool, go to the dance, and actively carry out summer vacation.

Also, try to prevent the onset of chronic constipation.Solid stool damage the mucous layer and put pressure on the veins, which can cause the development of hemorrhoids in men.Therefore, you need to eat right and drink plenty of mineral water without gas.Even men, especially older than 40 years should reduce the amount of alcohol, eat less, move more, and avoid hypothermia.

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