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The causes of hemorrhoids in men

Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases among men, but his evil lies precisely in its specifics and peculiarities.The disease is not lethal, but in spite of this, it often leads to very unpleasant consequences, because men are not traded long enough with his sensitive issue to a specialist, causing the hemorrhoid becomes running a chronic course.In the advanced stage treatment is usually done surgically.But this can be avoided if timely consult a doctor, because modern medical technology can effectively treat the disease.

The problem of hemorrhoids often faced by men over the age of 30 years.Statistics show that the peak incidence occurs in forty years abroad.With age, the risk of acquiring this disease increases by several times without proper prevention.It should also be noted that the complexity and duration of the treatment is directly proportional to the age of the sick man, that is, the younger the patient is, the easier it is to cure hemorrhoids.

disease occurs as a result of deformation

and stretching venous plexus, which are located in the anus.In other words, hemorrhoids caused by stagnation of blood in the hemorrhoidal veins.At the initial stage of the disease is almost asymptomatic.If time does not detect the symptoms and not to begin treatment, hemorrhoids go into outer stage, when it is already evident seals, components and painful tumors in the anal area.There are many causes of this unpleasant disease in men.The main factor is unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle to which most men are accustomed.These include a sit-down job, alcohol abuse, lack of love for the sport and physical activity, unhealthy diet with a predominance in the diet of fatty and spicy foods, weight lifting and so on.

One of the main causes of hemorrhoids in men can be called constipation and irregular bowel movements.In this case, you just need to adjust your diet.But many of the stronger sex can not do it, because they prefer to eat harmful and heavy food, not conducive to the improvement of intestinal peristalsis.Fatty and heavy meat very slowly digested in the intestine, worsens the gastrointestinal tract and causes a disturbance of the chair.In addition, many men love to season food spicy sauces and spices, resulting in enhanced inflow of venous blood to the pelvic organs.The diet of many of the stronger sex is almost no cereals, vegetables and fruits rich in crude fiber.All this leads to serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, constipation, and as a consequence, to hemorrhoids.

Another cause of hemorrhoids is alcohol abuse.Many men are very fond of beer and other alcoholic beverages, and often use strong alcohol.This leads to expansion of the pelvic veins and the strong inflow of venous blood to them.The risk group includes those by men whose work involves heavy physical labor (carrying furniture and other goods), as well as those engaged in weightlifting.Excessive loads can cause hemorrhoids development.

more susceptible to this disease, office workers, who rarely engaged in physical exercise and do not move in the workplace.In addition, in our time, most office workers do not move on foot or by public transport and by car, that only reinforces the congestion in the pelvic organs.

disease can develop gradually, from a few months or more.Therefore it is necessary to know how the disease manifests itself in men, so that when the first symptoms to consult a specialist.In some cases, hemorrhoids begins to manifest itself in men with acute forms.At the same time there may be bleeding from the anus, discomfort and pain before, during and after a bowel movement, acrid, burning and itching sensation in the anal orifice foreign body, which speaks about the internal hemorrhoids.

Men, as a rule, when the first symptoms of the disease are in no hurry to seek professional help.Even during the severe pain and constant discomfort, they prefer to take painkillers.All the matter in a false shame and embarrassment.Therefore, hemorrhoids almost always have to treat already at an advanced stage.

Like any other disease, hemorrhoids easiest to cure in the early stages.That treatment was the most effective methods of getting rid of hemorrhoids must comply with the current stage.The main thing in this case assigned to complete the course of procedures, otherwise the risk of exacerbation increases significantly.Many representatives of the stronger sex bombarded treatment after come considerable relief.But we must understand that any nedolechennaya disease - favorable conditions for the re-development of the disease.

is currently known a variety of methods of treatment of hemorrhoids in men.After the examination, the doctor chooses the most appropriate treatment strategy.In mild and moderate stages of the disease tend to prescribe medicines, suppositories and performing procedures.In modern medicine used painless and safe treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of special equipment.But in severe stages can not do without surgery.Remember that hemorrhoids can be treated successfully only if the life will be completely changed and eliminated all risk factors for the disease.

Prevention of hemorrhoids in men includes some measures aimed at preventing the development of disease.It is worth noting that such measures should fulfill not only suffering or past successful treatment of men, but absolutely healthy people.If the activity of the stronger sex is associated with a sedentary lifestyle (long stay in the office at the same place, driving a car), then every few hours (ideally every 2-3 hours) need to take a break for 8-15 minutes.At this time, it is recommended to do a little warm-up exercises, or just walk, to strengthen the gluteal muscles.Soft workplace is recommended to replace a more rigid.Also you have to completely change your diet.It should reduce the consumption of foods that cause constipation and slows down the gastrointestinal tract.It is desirable to have a few times a day in small portions.The daily menu you want to include more vegetables, fruits and dairy products.The day also need to drink a half to two liters of clean water (other liquids do not count).Consumption of alcoholic beverages should be completely excluded, oily and spicy food.

after each act of defecation, it is desirable to take a cool or warm shower.In this case it is best to use only a soft toilet paper, which does not irritate the anus.When emptying the bowel as possible, try to relax and not push.

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