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Causes of hair on the back in men

increased hairiness is a problem many men.It gives them a lot of trouble, in addition, develop inferiority complexes.Representatives of the stronger sex are embarrassed to bare his torso.They are afraid and confused by the idea that all people will pay attention to their hairy back.But before we deal with this problem, it is necessary to establish its causes.

experts still can not explain why men grow hair on the back.Some argue that the reason is heredity.Given that people went from monkeys, then the excess hair on the back - it is only the echoes of evolution.But why, then, men are much more likely to experience this problem than women?

All children are born into the world with a little fuzz on the back, which over time is erased.He appears in the womb.But sometimes it happens that a newborn back hair is abundant and thicker than they should be.Most often it occurs in premature babies.This fluff called "lanugo", but it disappears after a while: erased or ceases to be transparent.

Another reason for the increased hairiness on the back can be elevated levels of the male hormone - testosterone.If such a problem "suffering" man, then it is only a plus, but the increased amount of testosterone in a woman can bring her a lot of trouble and complexes.This is a psychological problem, which will help manage only specialist.

Excessive hairiness, especially in places where the hair should not be, can talk about such disease as hypertrichosis.Also, the body is covered with lots of hair and with such disease as hirsutism.However, they must not be confused with each other.Hirsutism occurs exclusively in women, and in those areas where hair does not need to grow.In addition, these areas should be sensitive to androgen-hormones.But with hypertrichosis facing both women and men.The main difference is that the hair during the disease grow wherever they need to grow, but in much larger quantities.

main causes of hypertrichosis in men are: pathology (congenital problem suggests that damaged the structure of the epithelium, which is why there is formed a hair follicle), oncology (excessive body hair can be the first symptom of cancer), medicines (drugs penicillin group, Corticosteroids, streptomycin may cause unwanted hair growth), as well as injuries (especially traumatic brain injury or a skin fungus), nervous exhaustion and constant stress.With this issue should consult a dermatologist and endocrinologist.No single treatment regimen of this problem, but in any event not do without cosmetic industry.

Nowadays beauty salons offer a wide variety of methods of hair removal, including - and on the back.And now such salons are increasingly began to visit the representatives of a strong half of mankind.Consider the basic methods of getting rid of hair.

There are special razors for the back, which have a fairly wide blade and long handle, even in everyday life, many are commonplace and familiar disposable razors.You will also need a shaving cream.This procedure is very simple and cheap, but it has some drawbacks.A few days later it begins to appear "bristles", which brings a certain sense of discomfort.Also unpleasant and burning sensation after shaving.

Waxing is quite old and effective method.Although this procedure is not the most pleasant.To reduce discomfort, the usual wax is replaced by soy - it sticks only to the hair.It needs to be applied to the treated skin area, then paste strips of a special material.Wax for a couple of minutes and dry tear strip.The procedure is very painful and can last for a long time, but for the next month and a half, you can forget about the problem.Laser hair removal is a new method, which involves the destruction of the hair root by using laser radiation.The follicle is still in place, so that after some time the hair grows back, but the process takes a lot of time, which ensures long-lasting effect.In addition, laser hair removal virtually painless, but there are some restrictions on its use (certain types of skin).This is an expensive procedure, but very effective, eliminates the hair for about 6 months.

The modern and "fashionable" is considered by electrolysis.In this case, a special fine needle is inserted into the hair shaft to the follicle and then a pulse that destroys the hair cells.The cells are completely destroyed, which is why the hair in this place to grow will not be.Sami sessions this procedure are short, but you need to understand that every hair work separately, so you can imagine how long it takes for such cleaning.The same applies to the cost of one session is not expensive, but in the complex will fairly substantial sum.But the effect is worth it, because the unwanted hair removed permanently.

now very popular special creams for hair removal.In this case, the chemical component cleaves protein in the hair, because of which its root weakens, resulting in the hair falls out almost immediately.This procedure has the effect of inexpensive and 1-2 weeks.However, these creams can not be used on sensitive skin areas of the body, and sometimes cream chemical components cause allergic reactions.

Sometimes to reduce the amount of hair on the back of used methods of traditional medicine.To combat the hair on the back, you can use nettles.It is necessary to grind 40 g of seeds and fill it with vegetable oil, then let stand in a dark place for 2 months.The resulting mixture should be rubbed every day in problem areas of the skin for a month.It is also possible to lighten the hair with hydrogen peroxide.With prolonged use of hair will become weak and almost invisible.It is necessary to mix 1 teaspoon of peroxide and liquid soap, then add to the mix 5 drops of ammonia.The resulting mixture should be rubbed into the skin on a daily basis with the hair.The course can not be stopped as soon as the results become noticeable.You can even rub it on the problem areas of the mass of the horse chestnut.For this purpose it is necessary to peel and pour boiling water.Cook the mixture, stirring, until all the liquid is evaporated.

Remember that for excessive hair on the back needs some extra care.The pores become clogged quickly, which could result in irritation and odor.Every day, be sure to use the sanitary facilities and a washcloth.Several times a day to take a shower, especially in the summer.Proper hygiene will improve the health and possibly the amount of hair on it will be less.