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Intimate Hygiene Men

Every self-respecting man, who cares about the cleanliness of the body, is obliged to regularly brush your teeth, wash, shave, and seemingly everything.But there is another body that needs constant health, because it is very sensitive.This, of course, talking about the penis and intimate hygiene for men.

If you do not pay enough attention to intimate hygiene, there is a high risk of disease, disorders of the functionality of, or at least unpleasant smell will be a constant companion.This is why it is still a young age to vaccinate boys habit to monitor the cleanliness of their penis.

For intimate hygiene also applies to the process of urination.After all, if this is not done carefully, the remnants of urine will contaminate underwear.Although initially such residues do not bring harm to anyone, but they are excellent breeding ground for microorganisms and emit a foul odor.

According to statistics, men are more likely to ignore the rules of personal hygiene, and some just do not know how to monitor the

cleanliness of their penis.Ignorance of the rules of intimate hygiene, can also cause disease or inflammation.

Therefore it is very important to know and doderzhivatsya few basic rules:

skin in the intimate area of ​​men more delicate and sensitive than women, so they are more common irritations of various kinds.Despite this, men are paying less attention to intimate hygiene.To avoid the development of diseases associated with urinary and sexual functions necessary to monitor the cleanliness, but also to choose the right tools for personal hygiene.

When selecting a deodorant for intimate areas, should be favored deodorants, water-based and odorless.These deodorants are used to prevent the occurrence of odor, so it should be used only after a shower.

For those who are on the road or is not able to often take a shower - wet wipes are an indispensable means of hygiene.They can always carry with them.Wet wipes for personal hygiene, usually impregnated herbal lotion or lactic acids.However, it is important to remember that this is only a temporary means of hygiene, and a full shower, they can not replace.

Soap for intimate hygiene also choose the best special.It differs from the usual soap a delicate structure and gentle composition.Male intimate soap usually contains various herbal extracts as well as a minor amount of fragrances.However, any soap should be used carefully, as it may dry up too much skin and cause itching.