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What is the rate of platelets in the blood of men ?

platelets are platelets which are formed in bone marrow cells.They are involved in thrombosis and homeostasis processes responsible for maintaining blood viscosity at the proper level, and resolves blood clots and prevent damage to the vessel walls.

In a laboratory study, the blood are the main characteristics of the presence of leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets.The platelet count shows clotting.This indicator is very important because it can be used to determine whether the body is able to deal with the emerging bleeding, as well as to avoid the effects of severe blood loss.

number of platelets in blood will depend on various factors.The rate of their content in the blood is different for men, women and children.The representatives of the stronger sex levels of these blood cells does not depend on time of blood sampling for analysis, but in women, on the contrary, lowering their level may be associated with menstruation or pregnancy.

If platelets are normal, it indicates that the process of hema

topoiesis proceeds normally in the body.The period of the life of platelets is only 7-10 days, they have to be constantly updated.The body of a healthy human platelets old recycled and new form.The disposal occurs in spleen and liver.

When a blood vessel is damaged platelets begin to be sent to the site of injury.They stick together and adhere to the vessel wall, thereby forming the thrombus.Because of this blood clot is hampered further bleeding.If for any reason there was an imbalance and the development of new recycling old cell, this leads to pathology.When elevated levels of these blood cells in the body begin to form blood clots.Lowering levels can lead to increased bleeding.Both of these diseases are extremely dangerous.

Norma platelets in the blood for men is 180-320 billion / l.

If the platelet count is much higher than the permissible value, the condition is called thrombocytosis.The causes of this disease may include: slowing of the decay process (often after the removal of the spleen), excessive formation of platelets in the bone marrow structures and uneven distribution of platelet cells in the blood (with physical and mental stress).

There are primary and secondary thrombocytosis.In the first case the deviation is hematology, it is caused by dysfunction of stem cells in the bone marrow.As a result, the blood cells in an excess amount released into the blood (and sometimes in the spleen and liver).Most often this type of thrombocytosis occurs in older people and is diagnosed by chance - at the time the general blood test.In children and young people such pathology practically does not occur.Different people have primary thrombocytosis is manifested in different ways, but in most cases there are severe headaches.If the disease is diagnosed before the formation of blood clots and hemorrhages, with the help of adequate treatment can prevent the dangerous condition and return the blood platelet count in the margins.Particularly severe forms of the disease takes, if the patient has a genetic predisposition to thrombosis.

treatment in this case is aimed at reducing blood clotting.The drugs are generally administered interferon and hydroxyurea.In some cases the procedure prescribed plateletpheresis - a platelet extract blood from a patient via blood cell separator.

secondary thrombocytosis occurs against a background of chronic diseases.It occurs in both children and adults.Causes of such forms of the disease include: inflammatory processes (liver disease, rheumatoid arthritis), infections (parasitic, bacterial, viral or fungal), trauma, malignant tumors, hematologic abnormalities (iron deficiency of exposure) and corticosteroids, antimitotics and sympathomimetics.In this case, the increased number of platelets, but not purely reaches a critical value.The only exceptions are strong infectious lesions.Treatment of secondary thrombocytosis is to treat the disease that caused the increased number of blood cells.

Reducing the number of platelets in the blood is called thrombocytopenia.In this case impaired blood clotting and bleeding increases due to excessive "liquid" blood.This condition is extremely dangerous to health, as the walls of vessels lose their elasticity, become too brittle, fragile and at risk of internal bleeding.

detect low levels of platelets in the blood may be for some external signs: if gums bleed easily bruises without any mechanical action, often open nasal or intestinal bleeding on the body appear specific melkotochechnye rashes, and after minor cuts or removal of blood teethfor a long time does not stop.It should be noted such causes of thrombocytopenia: allergic (in case of allergies to medications), autoimmunity (production of antiplatelet antibodies), symptomatic (caused by infection or intoxication).In this disease there are no ailments and pain, but despite this, be sure to treat the disease, because it can cause dangerous bleeding of internal organs, including brain hemorrhage.First of all, you need to treat the cause of the disease.But the marked hemorrhagic syndrome (increased bruising and bleeding of mucous membranes) thrombocytopenia have to treat both the underlying disease.Currently used treatments are: intravenous immunoglobulin injections, therapy glucocorticosteroid hormones, the introduction of Rh D-serum transfusion of donor platelet mass.If drug treatment fails, the patient offer a splenectomy (removal of the spleen).After removal of the primary blood-forming organs in 75% of patients there is complete recovery.Men suffering from thrombocytopenia, have to constantly be under the supervision of a doctor - hematologist and avoid actions that cause or increase bleeding.Try to avoid activities vysokotravmatichnymi sports, renounce the use of alcohol, home preservation and dishes containing vinegar.It is also not recommended to take Analgin, aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in violation of platelet function.It should include in your diet more foods rich in vitamins C, D and A, especially a tendency to frequent nosebleeds.

So platelet level is one of the major health indicators.The deviation in either direction can be very dangerous, so the need for detailed examination, medication and diet.