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Harbingers of stroke in men

Stroke constitutes a violation of cerebral circulation.It is a major cause of disability and death in people who suffer from vascular disease.Total stroke depends not only on speed but also on the quality of provided health care professional.The literacy will be treated, the less the risk of irreversible effects.It should be noted that men because of the nature of the organism and heavy loads more likely to suffer a stroke than women.First of all, at risk of fall are the stronger sex, who have a close relative suffered from stroke, heart attack and other vascular diseases, alcohol abuse, smoking and use of other harmful and drugs, do not eat, prone to stress, physical and mental fatigue,and suffer from high blood pressure.

Stroke - is a clinical syndrome characterized by rapidly emerging signs of violation of focal or general cerebral functions.Quite often, these symptoms are accompanied by structural rearrangements of the brain, which in the long course may even lead to death.Brain disorders can still

be recovered if the neurological changes last less than a day, so in the event of the first stroke symptoms should immediately call an ambulance.

main cause of stroke can be called poor circulation in certain parts of the brain due to rupture or blockage of a brain artery.Cause blockage of the arteries, in turn, is embolus (clot breaks off and begins to move in the cerebral arteries, including carotid) or thrombosis (results from atherosclerosis).Cerebral artery rupture and hemorrhage occurs due hypertension, severe head trauma, or congenital abnormalities of arterial walls, such as an aneurysm.

There are ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.The most common ischemic stroke, in which the formation of atherosclerotic plaque, which causes narrowing of the lumen of a strong of a cerebral vessel.As a result of a blood clot is formed, sealing the vessel.Because some circulatory disorders of the brain die portions, because they do not receive the required amount of blood.At a hemorrhagic stroke because of the high pressure, the rupture of cerebral vessels.As a result, the blood entering the brain of this important body is compressed, there is swelling, and then die area of ​​the brain, which was bleeding.

first signs of ischemic stroke appear a day before the incident.The man is disturbed cerebral circulation, which manifests itself in headaches.It is unusual for a person, we can safely say that he had previously not experienced such (if it was not up to such a strike).The pain is very strong, it is jogging, or pulsating in nature, thus it can not be removed with the aid of any painkillers.At the same time worsening the overall well-being, which can not be explained, there is often a temporary clouding of consciousness.In some cases, there are not harbingers of a day, and in a few hours, often in the morning or late at night.Symptoms can appear and disappear.The man's face sometimes becomes pale or slightly bluish.You may experience blurred vision, skin sensitivity, smell, speech, sometimes even paralysis of one side of the body.

But in hemorrhagic stroke There are no precursors.There really fit the word "strike".Man suddenly pierced a sharp pain, he falls and loses consciousness.The person appears red and sweating.

If a stroke nevertheless occurred, it is necessary as soon as possible to respond to a man was able to complete future life.So, in ischemic stroke affected person is bound to be distorted.You can ask the patient to smile, he either did not, or would smile curve.Still need to pay attention to it.After a stroke a person is not able to speak coherently.Even if he says that everything is fine, you can be sure it is not.Ask him to say any more or less difficult word.The man had a stroke, unable to utter anything difficult.

As already mentioned, paralysis on one side (which was defeated) can occur in ischemic stroke.It is necessary to carry out another test.Ask the person at the same time raise the legs and arms, first on one side and then the other.If there was a blow, he can not do it.

In HS, bulging eyeball, while the pupils widened, eyes lost and unconscious.The cheek on the same side inflates and deflates in breathing rhythm, on the other hand - falls.Typically, a person with such a stroke blush only by the defeat.If paralysis in ischemic stroke occurs on the affected side, in hemorrhagic, on the contrary, such a phenomenon occurs on the opposite side of the body from which the vessel and the gap hemorrhage occurred.human foot on this side becomes very unnatural appearance, it is turned inside to the outside.In the most severe cases, there is an invited puppet so eye syndrome, when eyeballs spontaneously and rhythmically moving up and down, seizures, elevated body temperature (about 40 degrees) and some other features.Any form of stroke may occur ceasing language, so this symptom is not to be missed out of the spotlight.

discovered the first symptoms of a stroke, you need to put the patient on the platform and lift his head 30 degrees, then ensure a flow of fresh air, take off their clothes in order not to hamper the movement of the chest.Next you need to measure the pressure with an increase in the patient give the necessary medication or lower his feet in hot water.The head must be turned to the side to vomit did not get into the respiratory tract.Vomiting try as best as possible to clear the mouth of the stomach contents.Immediately call an ambulance.

For the prevention of stroke should completely change their usual lifestyle, increase physical activity and to completely eliminate bad habits.It should still be examined to help determine the root cause of a violation of cerebral circulation, and eliminate the disease, which led to the stroke.

Try to avoid stress and depression, as well as to reduce the psychological pressure.To do this very well to meditation and self-hypnosis.Recommended evening walks in the fresh air, a good rest and the administration of drugs containing potassium and magnesium.It is necessary to exclude from your diet fatty foods and limit the amount of sweets, jams, sugar, potatoes and bread.An effective body is cycling, swimming and skiing.However, such loads should be agreed with your doctor.Considering your health records, he will appoint the appropriate level of physical activity.