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Causes of irritability and aggression in men

Perhaps every man faced with such a condition, when any little thing that has no special meaning, exasperated, irritated, provoked anger and aggression.In most cases, it causes nervousness, irritability and bad temper are accumulated fatigue after a working day or any household problems.But if negative spills often and for any reason, it may speak of mental disorder to be treated.Of course, it is very difficult all the time to live under the burden of a bad mood.And to counter this state, should determine the main causes of constant nervousness.

There are physiological and psychological causes are often grumpy and sometimes rudeness.In the first case, increased irritability cause any chronic disease, mainly of the digestive system or the endocrine system.Physiological nervousness are more prone to the fairer sex, when, during pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome, occurs in the body hormonal changes.

result of increased irritability psychological character is a chronic lack of sleep, constant fatigue, dep

ression, and, of course, stress.The man often dissatisfied with himself, thus annoying the people around him.It is also the cause of increased nervousness can be a lot of noise from the neighbors: Daily spree, ongoing repairs, very loud TV sound.People usually try to restrain his anger, but at one point, long kopivshiysya negativity spills.The result is a nervous breakdown, scandal, mutual insults.Sometimes a person accumulates over the years anger, then this condition develops into running shape, and it is very difficult to cure.

irritability, low mood and anxiety is usually accompanied by general weakness, fatigue, fatigue, excessive sleepiness, or, conversely, insomnia.Very rarely, a person becomes irritated whining, there is a sense of apathy and anxiety, often dominated by anger, anger and unmotivated aggression.The main symptoms of irritable state can be called slamming, loud high-pitched voice and repetitive movements - tapping toes, swinging leg, a continuous walking from side to side.So here's a way people try to remove the emotional tension, to put in order their composure.Nervousness is often the reason for the decline in sexual activity, loss of interest in any activities.Different people irritability flashes appear in different ways.Sometimes a person has all boils inside, but he did not show it outwardly.And in some cases, tantrums occur with the use of physical force, damage to property, moral humiliation.Protection from sudden flashes of irritation and aggression does not exist.Human Aggression can be directed at both the casual passer-by, and the man who caused it.

More recently, medicine has learned a new disease - irritable male syndrome (CMP).Nervousness, and irritability in men occurs primarily during menopause due to the fact that the body produces little testosterone.Due to lack of testosterone by men become irritable and aggressive, and at the same time they are concerned about fatigue and drowsiness.Moreover, further enhanced irritability due to the large amount of work and fear of impotence, which have to be treated.During menopause, it is desirable for men to include in your diet foods that contain protein.Sleep should be complete (7-8 hours), and in particular must be patient and caring attitude of close friends.

In no case can not be taken lightly in increased irritability, explaining its presence character traits or difficult living conditions.It may be indicative of any disease.If you do not treat the problem, in the future it could lead to the depletion of the nervous system, the development of neurosis and other complications.If irritation occurs more than a week for no apparent reason, you should immediately consult a doctor, a neurologist.If necessary he has already sent the patient to the physician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Psychologists are advised not to focus on negative emotions, learn to switch to a pleasant thought for you.Do not withdraw into themselves, of the trouble is better to tell the person to whom you trust.Try to control anger.Can you count to ten in your mind, this pause will help you to cope with their emotions.Do not strive for unattainable ideals, it's impossible to be perfect in everything.It is desirable to further increase its motor activity, it helps to cope with anger and irritation.Always try to get enough sleep, the body is necessary to restore the full 7-8 hours of sleep.With increased irritability and fatigue, even a short holiday week will bring many benefits.

In some cases, irritability and aggression is treated with drugs, but only on prescription.If the cause of the problem was mental illness (eg, depression), in this case prescribe drugs-antidepressants: Prozac, fluoxetine or amitriptyline.They improve the patient's mood, thus reducing irritability.In this issue, paying special attention to the normalization of the men sleep.For this purpose appointed hypnotic and anti-anxiety drugs (tranquilizers).If you sleep okay, but there is anxiety, then the patient is prescribed sedatives that do not cause drowsiness.If the spleen is the result of stress in the patient's life, there shall be soft vegetable or homeopathic remedies anti-stress orientation, for example, Knott, Adaptol, New Pass, and others.

To combat irritability often used methods of traditional medicine.It helps the herbs in the form of tinctures and decoctions (valerian, borage, motherwort, coriander), as well as medicinal baths.When excessive aggression and irritability healers advised to use inside the spice powders cloves, cumin and cardamom.A very effective remedy is a mixture of honey and chopped walnuts, almonds, lemon and prunes.This tasty medicine is a real storehouse of minerals and has a mild anti-stress effect.

However, traditional remedies should not be used in the case of mental illness.Hot baths, for example, can provoke exacerbation of schizophrenia.Such treatment is possible only with the permission of a doctor.

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