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Prevention of yeast infection in men

thrush in women is quite common, in contrast to men.Representatives of the stronger sex it often baffled, they start to panic and what did not suggest: herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, while accusing my soul mate of infidelity.Young people should know that even the thrush sometimes transmitted sexually, it is not always indicative of treason partner.Most often, the representatives of the stronger sex, it does not develop the fault of women.Indeed, thrush in men is not as common as in women.The main reason for this is the structure of the genital organs.Genitals men are not the breeding ground for the fungus Candida, which causes the appearance of thrush.The main cause of yeast infection in the strong sex can be called a weakened immune system because the body healthy and protected is easy to cope with the fungus, preventing it from spreading.Therefore, when such a diagnosis as thrush, men should pay special attention to their health.Also causes of yeast infection in men are: prolonged use of antibacterial dr

ugs, diseases related to hormonal imbalance (especially diabetes), sexual contact, genital trauma, violation of the flora of the ureter, the head of the penis and other organs, as well as failure to comply with personal hygiene.

The disease among representatives of a strong half of humanity is often asymptomatic, so the detection of yeast infection in one of the partners need to undergo a course of treatment for both partners.

Thrush in men characterized by the following symptoms: pain and burning sensation when urinating, erectile dysfunction, during or after sexual intercourse, a gray-white coating with a sour odor, as well as swelling and redness of the foreskin and the glans penis throughout.When the first symptoms should immediately seek medical attention because delayed treatment can lead to the emergence of these diseases.Balanitis, which is characterized by the appearance of small wounds, rashes or skin changes.Also, its symptoms include swelling of the head of the penis and a whitish-gray powder.Yet it may be balanoposthitis, which develops with the spread of the fungus Candida on the glans penis and the foreskin, which leads to its contraction.Urethritis is the defeat of the urethra by the fungus Candida.Often confused with gonorrhea or other infections, sexually transmitted diseases.The main symptom of urethritis is the allocation of a small amount of whitish liquid and itching.If the fungus reaches the bladder, in this case there is cystitis.The man at the same time feels heaviness in the pubic area, a burning sensation when urinating.Urine becomes more turbid, and sometimes it contains blood impurities.

Diagnosing yeast infection in men is the study of smear from the urethra and penis under a microscope.If the fungus struck and bladder, will have to carry out urine microscopy.

Prevention of thrush usually start when it is successfully treated, or if likely to occur.First of all can not be in contact with an infected person, the maximum strengthen the immune system and be sure to follow the rules of personal hygiene.In the treatment of candidiasis is extremely important is early diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.Particular attention should be paid to the prevention of candidiasis people are at risk.These are patients with diabetes and diseases of the hematopoietic system, for a long time, taking antibiotics and hormones, as well as people who have a tendency to lower immunity and various other pathologies.

Prevention thrush is to reduce the impact on the body of yeast.But it is worth noting that to get rid of it is impossible, as the fungus Candida is part of our normal flora and pathologically manifested only in the event that there are problems with immunity.If a man fungus was detected, it does not necessarily indicate the presence of disease.It is important that it does not exceed the normal levels.If you exceed the amount of fungus doctor prescribes local and general antifungal therapy with immunomodulatory drugs.

patients after rehabilitation course be sure to follow the following instructions to again face the unpleasant manifestations of candidiasis.You must use contraception (condoms), it is desirable to give up close to a person who has symptoms of thrush.Furthermore, it should conduct a full examination of the body for hidden diseases.In any case, it is not necessary to self-medicate.The doctor will select the most appropriate treatment for you, taking into account the pathological processes occurring in the body.

Prevention thrush is quite simple.First of all, you should always observe good personal hygiene.Male sex organ must be cleaned regularly, by sexual contact with the girl, sick thrush, be sure to use a condom to complete her recovery.Otherwise, the disease symptoms can recur.Do not use for personal hygiene gels and soaps with extra flavor, such as different colors.Often, they become a cause of irritation of the mucous membranes.After washing, dry it thoroughly follows the sexual organ.It is advisable to wear underwear exclusively from natural fabrics.Try not to allow the accumulation of moisture under the foreskin, as it leads to active fission yeast.

An equally important aspect is the correct food.This does not mean that you have to completely give up your favorite foods, you may need only a little to correct diet and to enter into the diet of certain products affecting the candidiasis.This is especially useful for those who abuse preservatives, food dyes, alcohol and smoking.Men also need to take measures to strengthen the immune system, namely, a full sleep and rest, avoiding alcohol and smoking (the fungus multiplies actively in the mouth), and, if possible, avoid stressful situations.

So thrush prevention is the responsibility of right living and timely treatment to the doctor.Most often the most simple rules help reduce the number of relapses or even forget about troubles such as thrush.

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