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The symptoms of an inguinal hernia in men

Inguinal hernia - a pathological stepping internal body cavity of the inguinal canal.According to statistics, the disease often suffer from representatives of the male (almost 90% of inguinal hernias account for the male population).This is due to the physiological characteristics of the structure of the groin.Unlike women, men have the connective tissue in the groin weaker, and the inguinal canal wider.The contents of the hernia sac is usually part of the intestine or omentum, rarely bladder.

There are congenital and acquired hernia, and depending on the place of origin in the inguinal canal are oblique and direct hernia.If the hernial sac emerges from the abdominal cavity through the internal inguinal ring and is held in the inguinal canal in an oblique direction, this oblique hernia.In most cases it is inherent, but can be acquired as a result of high loads that cause an increase in pressure in the abdominal cavity.Congenital hernia often found in weak or preterm boys.In this case we are talking abou

t a weak abdominal wall.If the process is disturbed testicular descent - it inguinal-scrotal hernia.

Direct inguinal hernia are only acquired, it goes out of the spermatic cord, it is associated with weakness of the muscles and ligaments.Oblique hernia has an oblong shape, and the line - spherical.

At the initial stage of an inguinal hernia in men may manifest small swelling, which was later increased to a large size.And then there are other symptoms.This may be the presence of a swollen area near the groin.Bloating can vary in size, for example, in the supine position protrusion is not visible, but when a person is - clearly shows the characteristic bulging.It also manifests itself during exercise or physical activity.The size of protrusion can be both large and small.Another symptom of this disease are aching.They may be brief or prolonged, it all depends on the complexity of the hernia.A man may also feel a burning sensation in the groin area, which increases after exercise.If the disease progresses and grows, the man walking will experience discomfort.

The causes of inguinal hernia may be several.In some men, it is innate, that is, nature gave him a small opening of the inguinal canal, in others there is acquired through communication, for example, by virtue of the sports ethics.Athletes and people who quite often and actively involved in sports, can get inguinal hernia when lifting heavy objects.

In addition, a symptom of the disease can be a strong persistent cough or frequent constipation, which create intra-abdominal pressure.The abdominal wall as a result of the weakened and no longer able to protect the area from the manifestation of a hernia.The sign may also be an increase in the protrusion in the groin during a visit to the toilet.Representatives of the stronger sex can feel a sense of fullness in the lower abdomen - it is also a symptom of the disease.Remember that you need early treatment because the side effects can be quite naughty - fever, nausea and heart palpitations.

Symptoms of inguinal hernia can occur suddenly or may develop gradually.Small hernias do not cause any discomfort and pain.But with its large dimensions, as well as moving and recurrent forms of pain in the lower abdomen or groin worries constantly.Sometimes it may even be given in the lower back and sacrum.The more hernial protrusion, the more it gives the inconvenience of walking and physical work, sharply limiting the ability to work.Sliding hernia may be accompanied by frequent urination, sharp pains in the urethra, pain above the pubis, which disappear after reduction of hernia.

emergence of pain says about the infringement of inguinal hernia - this is the most frequent and dangerous complication that occurs due to the sudden compression of the contents of the hernia sac.When a large load, coughing or straining abdominal muscles abdominal pressure increases, resulting in an expanded hernial channel gets a significant amount of abdominal organs.Once the pressure is reduced, the hernial canal returns to normal size, prejudice trapped inside bodies.At the same time you may feel a sharp continuous pain, nausea and vomiting, weakness, rapid pulse.Also, there may be problems with the chair.Consequences of strangulated inguinal hernia in men is quite sad.The body breaks down the movement of disadvantaged blood and lymph fluid through the walls of blood vessels enters the lumen of the intestine and the hernial sac, reinforcing this denial.Inflamed mucous membrane of the damaged intestine can begin necrosis.In severe cases, gangrene may result intestinal wall with its further perforation and intestinal mass yield hernial sac into the cavity, which results in peritonitis.This state is very dangerous for the life of the patient.

desirable as soon as possible to begin treatment of an inguinal hernia, when the first signs of the onset.Whatever the reason, the disease is urgent - need medical assistance.This phenomenon only surgery can be avoided.Often two types of surgery to remove a hernia.In the first case, the tumor was completely removed from the sewing inguinal opening, and in the second case, the hernial sac is removed, a special net reinforce the area where there was a hernia, in order to avoid relapse.Basically, the operation is performed endoscopically.

But not always surgery involves the removal and cure of inguinal hernia.In the initial stages of the disease are talking about plastic obstructive when the tumor through a small incision reduce a into the abdominal cavity and strengthening the grid.

rehabilitation period, as a rule, depends on the method of treatment of inguinal hernia.In obstructive plastic hospital stay it is only a few hours, and in the case of complete removal of tumors - a few days.The first few days it is recommended to exclude from your diet foods that cause flatulence.Also varies and pain, but it does not depend only on the type of conducted interference, but also the personal qualities of a particular patient.

To prevent recurrence of inguinal hernia, as well as to prevent it is recommended to avoid lifting too heavy loads on a regular basis and a set of exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles.It is also important to exercise have become familiar and constant for men, because irregular exercises a positive effect not bring.

And remember, in any case can not reduce a strangulated hernia yourself, as this can lead to death.

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