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How to survive the crisis of 30 years for men

In the life of every man there come times when there is an abrupt change in the interests, principles and relationships.Such moments tend to occur due to the maturation of human, his age.Women, though considered the weaker sex, but, despite this, they are less vulnerable in this regard.The fact that they are more resistant to stress, failure and loss, as exempt from the negative energy by tears and tantrums.Men are used to keep all the experiences in himself all the problems they are trying to solve their own and suffer from setbacks.However, they hide their problems, which only exacerbates the situation.That is why there are quarrels in the family, divorce, and unnecessary suspicions.

Representatives of the stronger sex, analyzing his life and looked inside to their defeat and victory, are beginning to think that they and their surroundings are far from ideal.On the one hand a man doubts that lived his life to the maximum and achieved the best results, but on the other hand, he was horrified to ask you

rself: Is the fun over?The selected path to this man no longer seems so attractive and appealing.The essence of the stronger sex requires change, and in this period he was capable of the most unpredictable and strange things.Some are beginning to get involved in extreme sports, others leave the family or even throw a stable and profitable operation.

need for strong emotions due to the fact that a man needs a bright victories.He is trying to bring all children and youth the desire of bright and full of life adventures.Oddly enough, but more than a man got to this age, the more his frustration.If the age of 30, he built a good career, managed to start a family, the state of depression and frustration are particularly acute.It seems that everything goes according to planned scenario: housing undeveloped quarry built, the children grow up, and what's next?In a series of work and family life is no place for surprises and romantic adventures.And in this case, often triggered stereotypes that the new work will bring new achievements, and the new woman - a new love.As a result of this kind of thinking can lead to a very sad and irreparable consequences.thirtieth crisis in men is a deeply intimate thing, which does not depend on the behavior of others.At this time, he examines, it rethinks its goals and values.

stronger sex representatives often do not take seriously the notion of the crisis 30 years.But suddenly in the morning, they may feel an incomprehensible sadness and anger.This phenomenon usually occurs in the range from 28 to 34 years, and it occurs at all different.Only some men are trying to solve the problem with minimal losses for themselves and others, which is the most appropriate and optimal solution.Most satisfied with the family quarrels, confrontation with the leadership, are forgotten in alcohol or new romantic relationships.

Thus, we can summarize all of the above and identify the main symptoms of the crisis 30 years for men.Representatives of the stronger sex in this period begin to think about how they did not receive it, we dreamed about.Future prospects are not particularly impressive, but the thought of past victories are no longer encouraging.In family relations man alienated from his wife and children.They become more secure and self-doubt, seek solitude and peace.Some men begin to carefully monitor their appearance and find fault with the appearance of his wife.To boost confidence, the stronger sex are beginning to look for romance on the side.Furthermore, there may be an increased desire for alcohol.The main danger of the crisis 30 years is that this period is a large percentage of divorces, after which many are beginning to be applied to the bottle.

During this period, men especially need the support and understanding of family.The problem is by no means impossible to delay or displace with the help of alcohol, computer games, or other types of addiction.

about the danger of the thirtieth anniversary of the crisis in men should be aware of both husband and wife, but the woman in this case - the main character.Due to its exposure and stubbornness she can help her husband through this difficult period.

First of all, be patient, when there were changes in the behavior of her husband.It is also advisable to refrain from the tips, especially young men greatly annoyed when the other half points to their shortcomings.In no case can not impose conditions, all family matters, try to resolve amicably.Try to keep her husband in all his endeavors.Help him if he decided to start his own business, and it is not necessary to say that it did not work.Yet it is advisable not to leave his wife alone with problems.

However, representatives of the stronger sex can survive the crisis and self-thirties.The best cure for the blues is a vacation.Try to spend more time on healthy recreation, less physical exertion.Another recommended find a favorite thing.Distract from the sad thoughts that something new - a new circle of friends, the fitness club, or learning a foreign language.And most importantly, solving the problems of the crisis period with a loved one, do not turn in on themselves.

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