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How to survive the crisis in men 45 years old

majority of boys aged 40 to 45 years, faced with such unpleasant phenomenon, as a midlife crisis.This period can not be confused with anything, depression, causeless mood swings, frustration in life, the increased interest in his own appearance, revaluation of values ​​in life and love affairs on the side - this is the main features of this stage.

For 45 years the man has time to live a respectable life stage, build a family, to raise children, to make a career and achieve a certain material prosperity.Most likely, at this age already achieved all goals in life, about which he had dreamed of in his youth.The passion for his wife has long gone, and the children grew up and did not need parental care.Among other things, there is still the first health problems.Many men exchanged fifth ten years, begin to think about what awaits them on the meaning of the remaining length of life.Some of the stronger sex, middle-aged crisis may last for about a year, in others it may take several years.Its duration depends

on social status, family relationships, and the nature of the material well-being of men.

All people have a midlife crisis manifests itself in different ways.Many fans of alcohol and smokers suddenly begin to think about their health.They totally refuse from cigarettes and alcohol, began to go in for sports.Of course, a healthy lifestyle - this is fine.But we must understand that if a person who has never previously not particularly in sports, suddenly began to mercilessly torturing his body classes at the gym, swimming, running and other sports, his body is not accustomed to such pressures, it may fail.In men 45 years of heart is not the same as in his youth, but they refuse to understand it, hoping for a few sessions to pump muscles and lose weight.Often such perseverance leads to hospital bed.

also to lose weight, the stronger sex often starts to experiment with your diet.Of course, it is sure to give up bad habits and enter into your diet healthy food.But men, having read books about vegetarianism or syroyadenii, abandoning many of the products needed to maintain normal life of the organism, as a result, this leads to various health problems.To get rid of excess weight and maintain your health in this age, be sure to first consult with a nutritionist.

After 40 years, the majority of boys begin sexual power problems.This is quite normal and is due to a decrease in testosterone levels in the male body.For some, it becomes a real tragedy, and they turn in on themselves, while others are starting to look for adventure on the side.But we must understand that such love affairs can lead to sexually transmitted diseases, physical exhaustion and psychological problems.Often, men decide to give up his family and take a wife a young girl.Aging womanizer like to think that they are still interested in the fairer sex.

midlife crisis in some men is shown by experiments with appearance.Realizing that age, many of the stronger sex are fundamentally changing its image.They buy youth stylish clothes to look younger.However, this is only the ridicule and misunderstanding of others.Of course, from time to time can and should change the style of clothing, but this should be done with the understanding that you will no longer 20 years old, after all these things mature man will look ridiculous.

Many men are too self-critical to themselves and often compare their achievements with the achievements of others.Even if the person has had time to get their own real estate and the car had a good career, it will still feel not enough successful if someone from his friends at this age could do better.Such men are extremely dissatisfied with themselves, they regret the missed opportunities, become short-tempered.The less a person has achieved in life, the more he manifests the crisis.

relationship between husband and wife begin to deteriorate.Spouses often live together only for the sake of the children, and as they grow up and start to build their lives (and in most cases, this period comes after just 40 years), these people decide to break up.Very often they begin to regret his decision, which further aggravates the crisis of middle-aged men.

First of all, do not be scared 40-year milestone, because it is the next phase of development of the individual, in which more acutely and subtly occurs docked youthful dreams and plans have already been implemented.And if a man is found in these comparisons discouraging failures, they will cause a severe blow to his psyche.In this case, the representative of the stronger sex need to understand yourself or with the help of his wife, relatives or children, that the period of mid-life crisis - it's not the perception of himself as a failure, and the adoption of what has already happened, and it was achieved in life, just as a positive experience.Further, applying the lessons learned to live even better for their children, grandchildren and happy retirement with his family.The crisis in this case, helps the man to rethink values, find and eliminate the causes of discontent, using past experience.

the stronger sex is recommended to focus on the important things for them during this period.It is not necessary to respond to what has already been passed and will never happen again.Remember, life does not end, it is necessary to prepare for new challenges.

single man can not withdraw into themselves during the crisis.In any situation you need to be a man, to be more open and sociable.You can finally have a family.It is a wonderful period because childbearing age does not end there, but the man is already firmly on its feet financially.In addition, life experience enough to become a loving husband and wise father.

To cope with the crisis, it is desirable to diversify his life.Begin to live as actively as possible, but this activity should be directed in a positive direction.It can be trips to the gym, exercise, a new hobby, a new job or profession, the birth of a child.

also advisable to consult a psychologist.Professional advice and support of a loving wife to help survive the midlife crisis quickly and painlessly at the man.Strong sex is very important to feel that he is loved, valued, and that he needed a family.So try to surround him with care and attention, express your appreciation for what he does for the family, more than praise, and then a sense of inner harmony will return to it.Remember that you can cure everything age crises.