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As age crises occur in men

Many women believe that if their spouse inherent qualities such as optimism, responsibility and activism, no hurricanes will not disturb the tranquility of their family life.Unfortunately, in practice it is not always so.Men sometimes very hard going through life crisis.As you know, in every person's life turning points occur when it is necessary to rethink the past, important decisions, while there is a struggle with himself inside.The representatives of the stronger sex age crises appear much brighter than in women, and are much harder and more complicated.The main symptoms of this period: irritability and a tendency to scandals, bad mood, apathy, lack of interest or a sharp change, promiscuity, as well as addiction to alcohol or computer games.

first crisis in men occurs in adolescence 13-16 years.Boys tend to grow faster, their hormones predominates over the mind.Teenagers in this period inherent boyish, opposition to parents and society.He tries to prove that better than their peers, and eager to p

lease the opposite sex.If attempts to prove anything failed, Man waiting for adolescent crisis.

Then comes the so-called "crisis of '21," which can occur in men between 20 and 23 years.Especially hard during this period it occurs in those who have not felt adolescence and was a modest boy at school.As a rule, at this age we are entering into adulthood and gain full independence.Crisis point is that the young man is faced with a reality that does not coincide with his far-fetched ideas about life.Ambitions for the work and career are often unjustified, and the work is not so already and easy as it seemed.As a rule, this period is accompanied by an abrupt change of style, ideology and even faith.A girl or young man to his wife should be patient, to treat more calmly to his behavior, it may take some time, and everything will fall into place.

family construction, the birth of children, active life, the absence of any fear - this is the life of a young man about 28-29 years old.Another critical period comes to 30 years, it may take a year or more.At that moment a man becomes aware of the fact that some strips have been overstated, they are simply unattainable for him.The man is absolutely differently looks at his wife and children, he was not in the euphoria of love.He is aware that time is not so slow stretches as for school, and flies inexorably, unrolling the allotted years to life.A large number of pairs in this period bred.Women in crisis 30th anniversary of a very different, so they often do not understand the status of men.Spouses are increasingly arguing, and between them there is an even greater lack of understanding.Weak men are by nature they go "to the winds", if the self can not cope with this difficult period.But after a while the representatives of the stronger sex are beginning to realize their foothold, are aware of the opportunities are fully aware of the responsibilities and to set realistic goals and small.However, things do not always end in divorce, the couple just a little drifting, accumulated grievances and reticence.

In 7-8 years, approximately the age of 40 the man plunges into a new depression.It would seem that this man had already firmly realized what he has done and what he wants from life, that is all very complicated behind.At work or in business - relative stability, and the next - a loving wife.But then suddenly there is a midlife crisis, when there is a revaluation of values ​​and ideals change, appear regret unrealized opportunities.The man realizes that he is not getting younger, appear gray hair and wrinkles.Symptoms of this condition may be any external changes: often the stronger sex are beginning to "young", can make young lover, to prove to himself and others that he is still young enough.In addition, after 40 years, some men start to get involved in alcohol, and as a result - the development of dependence.

This crisis age is considered the most dangerous, because the yield from it may take several years.In this case it is necessary to explain to myself that every age has its advantages.Try to understand their desires, to understand what really matters to you.Do not chase the external changes, you should strive for harmony in the soul.

Recent manifestations of crisis in men occur in the region of about 50 years.With age, they become dissatisfied with their figure, appearance, and other wrinkles.Even more aggravate the situation with potency problems.Men are trying to prove that the still young, so often occur due to the side.Representatives of the stronger sex can seem that they fell in love, but, in fact, it only need to be realized sexually.

In some men, the crisis manifested in the fact that they start wearing youth thing, use slang, go to nightclubs, bars and restaurants in search of adventure.Others suddenly start to eat right, exercise, trying in this way to prolong their youth.

particularly heavy during this period for his wife, because divorce is too late, but also to tolerate such behavior would not be desirable.Psychologists recommend in this case to do is, fitness, dance, beauty salons and other.Of course, it is best to arouse the jealousy of her husband, switching it on him his identity.It is in any case should not be cheating, because it will only aggravate the situation.Personal care, flirtation and intrigue will help maintain the relationship.

worth noting that not all men are faced with crises.In troubled times of life, as a rule, do not fall into those who held as a person, sure of himself, without complexes and psychological problems.Also, the absence of acute manifestations of the crisis contributes to physical health and well-being of the family.