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The main causes of diabetes in men

According to recent reports, diabetes is suffering from 2 to 10% of the inhabitants of our planet, but every year the number of patients is steadily increasing, especially in the developed capitalist countries.Disease susceptible to people of any age and sex, and the worst that there is no cure, but the disease can be prevented from it.Knowing the causes of diabetes, it is possible to avoid dangerous situations and reduce the risk of falling into the category of diabetics.

disease develops due to chronic deficiency of the hormone insulin.It is produced by the pancreas and is involved in all metabolic processes in the body.This substance glucose enters the cells and is distributed correctly on the male body.Insulin slows down the process of decay of carbohydrates and fats, increases the flow of sodium into cells and activates the process of obtaining energy from food.

There are two types of diabetes in men.Diabetes of the first type is also called insulin-dependent, it occurs when a lack of the hormone

insulin or when the full immunity of its internal tissues.The disease occurs when not running a 20% insulin producing cells.Diabetes Type II diabetes (non-insulin dependent) develops in a bad tissue sensitivity to the hormone insulin.This means that a sufficient amount of its body, but it can not enter cells because they do not respond to it.This increases blood sugar levels, and are activated by alternative processing of glucose, which can lead to complications such as cataracts, damage to the joints and blood vessels.In addition, the stronger sex it still leads to problems with potency.

Diabetes of the first type is often called juvenile or adolescent, that is, he begins to develop in childhood or adolescence.This type of diabetes is still divided into autoimmune and idiopathic, but the cause of the latter is still not established.

autoimmune diabetes type is caused by malfunction of the immune system.The protective system of the body, in this case creates antibodies that destroy the pancreatic cells that produce insulin.The reason usually become infectious diseases, exposure to toxins.

Diabetes Type II diabetes usually occurs in men over 45 years, but in recent years much younger and he reason for this - obesity.The risk group, first of all, get those people in my life that the following factors are present.

primary cause of diabetes is a genetic predisposition.If a man has a family with such a diagnosis, the risk of the disease is 80%.Also in the risk group overweight people.If you consume a large amount of carbohydrate food (beer, sodas, dates), the lack of fat can lead to obesity.Most susceptible to disease development abdominal type, that is when most of the fat cells accumulate in the abdomen, mostly this is a problem of men who love to eat in fast-food outlets.Therefore, parents should not buy your children chips, crackers, and hot dogs.

constant stress can also trigger the development of diabetes, especially if they are accompanied by the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline.It can lead to diabetes and diseases such as coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and hypertension.They all reduce the susceptibility of tissues to insulin.The cause of diabetes in men can be an autoimmune disease in which antibodies are produced which destroy pancreatic cells, and they are known to produce the hormone insulin.Typically, this chronic insufficiency of the adrenal cortex and chronic inflammation of the thyroid gland with antibody production.It is worth noting that even some drugs can trigger the development of a second type of diabetes: diuretic, anticancer, steroid hormones, and some antihypertensives (pressure reduction) preparations.

Unfortunately, not always possible to influence the inevitable emergence of the first type of diabetes in men, because often it is caused by a hereditary factor and small viruses that occur in everyone's life.It has been proven that diabetes is far less common in children and adults who were breastfed, and respiratory infections were treated with antiviral drugs.However, it can not be called prevention, so that indeed there is no effective methods.

But with diabetes of the second type of situation is quite different, since it is often the result of poor lifestyle choices.First of all, prevention is the normalization of body weight, control of hypertension and lipid metabolism, exercise stress, as well as the correct fractional dietary with minimal carbohydrate and fat.

Today difficult question remains the possibility of a complete cure of diabetes.The only exceptions are those forms of diabetes that can be controlled with diet.In this case, due to the normalization of diet and physical activity can be to get rid of diabetes.Do not forget that the violation of the risk of recurrence of the disease is very high.

official medicine claims that the first type of diabetes and persistent forms of diabetes of the second type can not be completely cured.But thanks to constant medication can be invalid or slow the progression of complications of the disease.So just need to regularly control the blood glucose values, monitoring the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.

is worth noting that some patients could be cured of this disease by fasting.However, this method is simply unacceptable if you can not find a good specialist in his city, which you would be able to control.

diabetes in some cases, eliminate operational method with implantation of a kind of an artificial pancreas.This is a special device that analyzes the level of hyperglycemia and automatically selects the required amount of insulin.Such treatment is quite effective, although not devoid of serious shortcomings and problems.While not yet been able to replace the natural insulin is a synthetic analogue of a certain person, who also can not all come with diabetes.Presently being developed in the synthesis of the species of insulin which are composed of identical components, each specific to men.

Remember to regularly observed by specialists and for tests on blood sugar.This will help to identify disease at an early stage.Early treatment can save many of the complications of this disease.

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