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The remedy for a hangover

All sensible people argue that alcohol - is evil.In fact, it has long been proven that alcohol negatively affect the human body.But, despite this, almost any event not do without alcohol.However, in the morning, usually occurs hangover - is unpleasant condition after heavy receiving liquor.The person will feel severe headache, nausea, thirst, fever and chills, weakness, and changes in blood pressure.Many people think that the hangover comes only after a large amount of alcohol consumed.But this is not the case, because some people to feel bad in the morning, drink quite a modest dose of alcohol.

Hangover usually occurs due to poisoning of the body.The decay of ethyl alcohol in the body to form new toxins.Very harmful are the different rums, whiskey, tequila, because they make the liver to process not only alcohol, but also all sorts of impurity.Also of note is dehydrated, no disadvantage is caused by the fluid and its distribution in the body incorrectly.Furthermore, as a result of the decay of alcohol

disrupted brain cells.The next day after drinking the nervous system of the patient is very hypersensitive, even dim light and soft sounds strongly irritate human.In some cases it may be unwarranted sense of shame and guilt, what is called "adrenaline anguish."

To remove a hangover, you need to understand the mechanisms of the effects of alcohol on the human body.The main cause of a hangover is intoxication.In this case, can help physical elimination of poisons that can do an enema and gastric lavage.You can also take the pharmacy sorbents - activated carbon or products based on lignin (Liferan, Polyphepan).These medicines should be taken 3 tablespoons 2 times a day after 2 hours, drinking 1.5 cups of water.

course, our body is able to rid yourself of the poisons, but some medications can help make it faster.Succinic acid can take 1 tablet every hour, but not more than 6 tablets.Raise the tone will tincture of Eleutherococcus, it should take 20-40 drops before meals.A great remedy for a hangover is to brew and milk products, and cucumber or cabbage pickle help normalize the water-salt balance in the body with a hangover.Intoxication and dehydration in alcoholic poisoning can eliminate a contrast shower or bath, steam room and sauna.

Once you have taken out the toxins from the body, you can begin to restore the nervous system.The best means in this instance is glycine.It should be taken every hour up to 5 times a day, placing the tablet under the tongue or in the cheek.Among the medicines for the treatment of a hangover are best known Antipohmelin and Alco-Seltzer.The tablets should be taken according to the instruction, the package insert of a drug.If you have no special preparations can drink 2 tsitramona tablet, preferably after a meal.Aspirin also is very good, especially in the form of soluble tablets, further comprising vitamin C. The best remedy for a hangover is considered No-spa, which relieves the liver.To quickly remove all the unpleasant side effects of alcohol, doctors recommend a one-time, before going to bed take 1 tablet of Aspirin, 2 tablets shpy and 6-8 tablets of activated charcoal.The next morning, as a rule, the symptoms of hangover are not observed.

Nowadays, most people prefer home treatments for a hangover.Today, there are many popular recipes to relieve hangover.

First of all, try to use as your body can be more fluid, as under the influence of alcohol dehydrated.This may be a juice or broth hips.It can also be dissolved in a small amount of mineral water, lemon juice.In addition, well help to dairy products such as yogurt or fermented baked milk.Receipt of fluid in your body will improve blood circulation, which contributes to the rapid removal of toxic substances.Several state is able to facilitate and fruit juice from apples, oranges or pomegranates.These drinks contain large amounts of fructose, which helps to neutralize the alcohol in the body.It has similar properties and honey, so a few spoonfuls of this means exactly will not be superfluous.

worth noting that after the consumption of alcohol has a huge irritant effect on the entire gastrointestinal tract, which is why when a hangover often have nausea, vomiting, heaviness in the stomach, heartburn.Mug of broth is able to restore the normal functioning of the digestive system, thus it is not necessary to cook the chicken, you can simply dissolve in hot water cube.Improve blood circulation and help you regain your strength strong coffee or tea with lemon, necessarily sweet.But if you feel that your condition is getting worse from a liquid, discard it, just such a method of treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome is not for you.

Another folk remedy helps to almost everyone.For this recipe you need to break into the cup one egg, add a few drops of vinegar, a little salt and pepper, then mix it all thoroughly and drink in one gulp.Instead peppers can add a small amount of ketchup or tomato juice.You can also add to the hot milk castor oil.As soon as the drink cools down a bit, it is also necessary to have a drink in one gulp.

hangover When some people are faced with a runny nose.To facilitate breathing, in this case it is necessary to clean the sinuses.You can use special drops that are sold in any drugstore, and you can drip nose aloe juice, rinse with saline or breathe the vapors over the boiling water, in which pre-dissolve a little salt.

Many drinkers say that the best cure for a hangover is to consume alcohol in the morning.However, some are beginning to lean on strong drinks, that ends the same story in the morning.After drinking alcohol can feel relieved, it can be explained by the fact that alcohol is an excellent analgesic.However, toxic substances from this in your body will be more, and the consequences could be dire.But if you can not stand the pain, you can drink a couple sips of beer, but not anymore.

As you know, the best way to deal with a hangover is prevention.It should be noted several options for the correct preparation of the body for the holiday.

2 days before the feast is recommended to eat foods rich in iodine (seaweed, seafood) and drink a tablet of aspirin per day.In the morning before the meal, it is desirable to take cholagogue preparations (2 tablespoons of rosehip syrup or a glass choleretic collection), and a few hours to drink vitamin B6 in any form.Directly during a party drink more plain drinking water between alcoholic drinks receptions.This will help prevent dehydration and dilute the toxins that irritate the stomach.Activated carbon is known to absorb alcohol, before a party therefore take several tablets.Also slows the absorption of alcohol in the body fat food, it protects the gastric mucosa from irritation.You can mix one teaspoon of butter with one egg and take before the meal.Under no circumstances do not mix alcohol with soda water, because it increases the rate of absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.Instead wine or vodka mix with water or fruit juice.Before the party, you can also drink a glass of milk, it coats the lining of the stomach and helps to minimize the alcohol entering the bloodstream.Remember that drinking alcohol should be on increasing the fortress.Beer after wine or vodka sure to turn the suffering of the morning, and do not forget about the dense snack.

primarily a hangover - it is your body's signal that the amount of alcohol consumed is simply unacceptable.It is therefore necessary to control myself and not drink anything that is on the table.Then you will not suffer from the hangover.