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Sumamed and alcohol

Treatment with antibiotics - the traditional method of treatment for many diseases.When the doctor appoints treatment with antibiotics, it is not superfluous to information about the compatibility of the drug with other drugs and alcohol.So, we learn how to fit together Sumamed and alcohol.

Sumamed is a potent broad-spectrum antibiotics use.It is prescribed for the treatment of typical and atypical pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media.Apply medication for the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections, urinary tract infections in the form of urethritis and cystitis.Treat sumamed stomach disease.It is necessary to know that it's pretty serious medicine.Apply it with caution and treated drug only after doctor's prescription unchanged prescribed dosage and duration of treatment.

drug Sumamed should be carefully combined with other medications.After all, some of them reinforce its functions, others - weaken, and still others can provoke side effects.This means that whi

le taking these and other drugs should be attentive, study the instructions and consult with doctors.The need for a joint application Sumamed with other drugs is when the need for treatment arises in the course of treatment (aftercare) other diseases.

also important during therapy sumamed know about the effects of combining alcohol with the drug.At the manufacturer's instructions (Croatia) to this drug is no clear taboo against the use of alcohol during the course of treatment.However, the side effects of the drug appear signs of toxic effects on the liver, liver dysfunction, necrosis.And in the summary to sumamed talking about what a contraindication to the use of drugs are various liver diseases.And even with easily-severe liver dysfunction should be used with caution Sumamed.From the above it can be concluded that Sumamed negative effect on the liver.Knowing that alcohol makes a huge load on the body, it is not difficult to guess that the concomitant use of alcohol and the drug will be a strong blow to the liver.

After three days of Sumamed its high concentration in the blood will continue to exist for four days, and then begin to decline.Therefore, any kind of alcohol after a course sumamed therapy is not recommended to use even for a week, and more - the better.After all, each of us has a different excretory system speed and its own characteristics.It is better to give your body at least a two-week break from the toxic effects of treatment on the liver sumamed.

Occasionally liver toxicity of drugs can not be felt.That is, the person does not feel the severity of pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

This light exposure.When toxic effect in humans moderate nausea and vomiting, pain in the right upper quadrant, jaundice color skin and sclera.In this case, the person in need of medical care.

Our liver breaks down gradually, but sometimes there are lightning occurring toxic hepatitis.Then there is the death of the majority of liver cells, shock and human immersion in a coma.Getting out of it is very difficult, because the disease is rapid.

That is why it is necessary to avoid the risk of combining alcohol and antibiotics.This applies fully Sumamed and alcohol.As an effective antibiotic, it nevertheless has the hepatotoxic effect.But protect yourself from the load on the liver and the serious consequences of very simple.It is only necessary at the time of treatment refuse to accept any kind of alcoholic drinks.The taboo on alcohol will provide an effective and lasting result of the treatment sumamed disease.

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