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specialists who are treating different kinds of dependencies that have long ceased to rank as alcoholism among the bad habits.It is a serious disease that often requires competent and appropriate medical intervention.What drugs presently are most effective in the treatment of alcoholism?

Today, experts distinguish three main groups of drugs of this kind: pills, causing an aversion to alcohol, pills, inducing vomiting from alcohol and pills that reduce cravings for alcohol.

Remember that every single drug rarely produces long-term therapeutic effect.Experts recommend the use of pharmacological treatment of alcohol dependence in combination with psychological work.It is strictly forbidden to use these medications on their own, because almost all of them are powerful tools with certain side effects, and strict rules of admission.

The main component of these tablets is disulfiram.If you take the medicine on the basis of the substance and then to use a little bit of alcohol, the effect is guaranteed - and

very unpleasant.Man may unexpectedly quit in the cold or, conversely, in the heat, can also be observed dizziness, profuse sweating, rash on the body and bloating.As a rule, all this accompanied by copious vomiting and often the fear of death.Tablets from alcoholism can be mixed into food suffering from alcohol addiction.In this case, each new dose of alcohol will lead to severe reactions that eventually lead to the formation of an aversion to alcohol.Of course, such treatment An important role is played by psychological factors and the patient's suggestibility.In addition, we must remember that once a person learns that it was the cause of his poor health from alcohol, very high risk of a return to alcohol dependence.

Teturam anti-alcohol is a drug that is used mainly in the treatment of chronic alcohol dependency.The active agent of the drug - disulfiram promotes accumulation of acetaldehyde in the blood of the patient.These chemical compounds tend to cause the patient precipitates a effect which manifests itself in a fever, redness of the skin, heart palpitations and so on.This medication should produce a negative reaction to the smell and taste of alcoholic beverages as a result of after passing a course of treatment, the patient can not tolerate even the appearance of alcohol.Before the start of drug treatment narcologist must send the patient to a comprehensive medical examination.On the basis of these results, he appoints an individual course of treatment and selects the appropriate dose of the drug.Remember that Teturam has a number of contraindications to the use and accompanied by side effects, which can be hazardous to health, so these pills can be used only after consulting a doctor.

Esperal also a drug aversion therapy.It generally comes in the form of tablets and gel.Introduced in certain doses orally or disulfiram muscle into the blood, causing further from an ethanol-disulfiram reaction when in contact with liquor taken to form a human aversion to alcohol.

On the mechanism of the impact of emetics are central and reflex action.By centrally acting emetics include apomorphine which causes vomiting due to excitation of dopamine receptor trigger zone of the vomiting center.Emetic reflex action is mainly used when necessary rapid removal from the stomach of toxic substances, and poor quality food, if it is impossible to carry out gastric lavage.Apomorphine and broth Baranets usually used for the production of negative conditioned reflex reactions (disgust) on alcohol in the treatment of patients with chronic alcoholism.By Apomorphine side effects include the development of collapse, as well as the occurrence of visual hallucinations.This drug is contraindicated in diseases of the central nervous system, severe heart diseases, open tuberculosis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Medications that can reduce the craving for alcohol, often used for the removal of hard drinking.However, the mechanism of action of these drugs have the ability to affect some parts of the brain that play a role in craving for alcohol.These same drugs may play a role of antidepressants.Initiate therapy with the recommended suggestion drinker thought of having to quit drinking - without this the effectiveness of the treatment reduced to zero.

Proproten 100 is a homeopathic drug, which is aimed at the treatment of withdrawal symptoms in people with pronounced signs of alcoholism.This drug reduces the severity of mental (aggression, agitation, and aggression) and neurological (dizziness and headache) symptoms.Against the background of the drug significantly reduced craving for alcohol, causing chronic alcoholism in remission longer.

With Metadoksila can break the chain of endless hangover, spanning the chasm in alcohol.This is a fairly new drug, which is used in the domestic Addiction last 5-7 years.Initially, the drug was intended to rid teenagers of acute alcohol intoxication.In our time the drug has been used successfully for the treatment of adult humans, including chronic alcoholism.

Metadoksil has no sensitizing properties to ethanol, also used for chemical protection or encryption.It increases the speed of cleaning the body of toxins entering with alcohol, and facilitates the hangover.Two tablets of the drug before the meal can reduce the negative impact of alcohol on the human body, making it easier for the state of hangover.Metadoksil contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

quite widely used in the treatment of different stages of alcoholism received Acamprosate.This drug acts on some system of the brain, and through them to suppress craving for drinks containing ethanol.People who are prone to alcohol consumption, unbalanced brain chemicals.Negative dependence can be eliminated by adjusting the balance of brain chemicals - in this direction and work Acamprosate.

should remember that all drugs for the treatment of alcoholism have a number of contraindications, and an overdose can cause life-threatening complications.Therefore, all medications can be used only by prescription and under medical supervision.

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