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Tabeks Tablets from smoking

Certainly not in the human environment of the smoker, who at least once did not try to do away with addiction.Everyone tried different methods and techniques, choosing a sub option to facilitate separation of tobacco.Tablets - one of these options.So, we learn about the action Tabeks tablets, the way they use and features.

herbal medicine Tabeks intended for the treatment of nicotine addiction.It helps those who want to quit smoking.Tabeks helps to quit smoking completely, or reduce the number of cigarettes consumed daily.This drug is available in pharmacies without a prescription.It contains in its composition alkaloid cytisine.Mode of action similar to nicotine cytisine, but less toxic.

Tsitizin and nicotine stimulate nicotinic receptors, increase blood pressure, cause the appearance of adrenaline from the adrenal glands.Tsitizin reduces dependence on nicotine.

If a person takes Tabeks and smokes, it leads to unpleasant symptoms of nicotine overdose that causes a person to give up smoking gradually.

Thus it will not experience withdrawal symptoms, that is, cigarette withdrawal.After all, the effect of nicotine is replaced by the action of cytisine.

As for the therapeutic efficacy of the drug Tabeks, for the establishment of its clinical studies have been conducted.As a result, it was proved that smoking gave up to 72% of patients taking Tabeks.Subject to the instructions Tabex recommendations from people not observed side effects, and the overall status of dependent improved.Experts advise to convince patients whose first treatment proved ineffective, repeat it after 4-5 months.

Instruction recommended to take three times a day 1 tablet 2 hours.They need to use the whole inside and drink plenty of fluids while reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

So use Tabex scheme should look like.From 4 to 12 days from the start of reception is necessary to use one tablet in 2.5 hours, that is, 5 tablets per day.From 13 to 16 a day should drink a tablet after 3 hours, using a total of 4 per day tablet.From 17 to 20 days of treatment dependent person is recommended to use the tablet in 5 hours, ie 3 tablets a day.In the final stage, from 21 to 25 a day, we recommend the use of one or two tablets per day Tabex.

As a rule, successful treatment of the final rejection of cigarettes should be on the fifth day from the beginning of treatment.

Tablets have a number of side effects, which prevent manufacturers instructions.This is a dry mouth and a change in taste, insomnia, tremor of limbs, dizziness and headaches, drowsiness and irritability, pain in the abdomen and thorax, increased blood pressure and weight loss.There may be sweating.

Contraindications to the use Tabex are hypersensitivity to the drug.You also can not accept the presence of at Tabeks dependent of such diseases: myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, vascular disease and angina, atherosclerosis, schizophrenia, adrenal tumor, and gastroesophageal reflux.During pregnancy and lactation eat Tabeks also impossible.Tabeks not recommended for young people under the age of 18 years and older dependent over 65 years.

necessary to take into account the fact that clinical experience treating Tabeks patients with diabetes, renal or hepatic insufficiency no.Therefore, such a dependent drug is given only after a thorough evaluation of the expert ratio of benefits and risks.

It should be noted that the drug is incompatible with tuberculostatic.

recommends Tabeks apply only in the case of serious intention of quitting.

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