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Test of Nicotine

Statistically, smokers make up 1/6 of the population of our planet.smoking problem is discussed very actively, but smokers of this does not become less.The most offensive, that smoking takes many lives, including young people.And each smoker warned about the consequences of smoking.And yet this does not prevent even the first teenagers to smoke a cigarette, and, hidden from prying eyes, become hostage to this addiction.Naturally, attentive and loving parents can not help but notice the addiction to cigarettes in his child.Firstly, clothes, anyway, impregnated tobacco.Therefore, "zanyuhanny" tobacco is not so difficult.Second, the child's behavior is also changing, because to steal the corner to smoke a cigarette, strive all teenagers.And, thirdly, to dispel all doubts about teen smoking will help a modern diagnostic test strip for nicotine.

Express test for nicotine - the modern incarnation of immunochromatography.Simple and easy way to check whether your child smokes or not, allows without additional r

eagents for a few minutes to learn the truth.All that is needed for the analysis, - dip the strip into the urine sample and determine the result.And even if since the last smoked cigarette has been more than 40 hours, the test strip shows a reliable result.

is important to note also the fact that today there are also tests that can identify the fact of tobacco use or spice, even after a few weeks.

However, in order not to fall for the defective product, buy only certified test strip and read the instructions attached to it.

fairness, we call upon you, do not rush to blame the child, if the test was positive.The fact is that if you do smoke when children are present, it may also affect the results.For example, if the house daily smoked up to two packs of cigarettes, the nicotine level of a child who lives in an atmosphere of tobacco, will meet 1-2 cigarettes smoked.Therefore, passive smoking can not pass without a trace, so in this case you can blame only himself.

If the result of the testing is negative, but you still have doubts, it is possible to repeat the test for nicotine again in a few days.

Parents who decide to test your child for the presence of nicotine in the body, it is recommended to know some tricks that can take advantage of a child to cheat a test for nicotine.

confirm results of a rapid test for nicotine are laboratory studies, so if your question does not give you peace of mind, go with the baby to a nearby laboratory.

In conclusion, it should be noted that nicotine tests - it's just a diagnosis.And here to help your child or loved one to quit smoking, it will require much more effort and patience.Do not go mad and curse the child - it is better to consult a specialist and consult with him, how to help loved ones quit smoking.Today there are many methods to combat smoking, so if you want to quit smoking can be, without terrible suffering.

hope that all your concerns will be in vain, and your child does not become hostage to smoking.However, if it is not, then do not despair.Caution and care, as well as timely treatment will help you forget about smoking as a nightmare.

Take care of yourself and do not smoke!

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