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Teturam and alcohol

Alcoholism - a serious illness that manifests regular alcohol use and can ruin the life of not only the drinker, but also his family and inner circle.In a constant state of intoxication man degraded, showing aggression, he loses interest in work and family.Alcohol becomes a vital priority for the alcoholic, and already through the day without drinking alcohol, it becomes impossible for the drinker.And to help the alcoholic to recover from alcoholism is very difficult, if he does not want it.

As for methods of treating alcoholism, they are by far enough: hypnosis, psychotherapy, drug and national treatment - all of which can help to get rid of alcohol addiction when the person you wish to return to the normal rhythm of life without alcohol.One of the most popular and quite effective medicinal drugs treat chronic alcoholism is a drug Teturam, which we want to talk about today in our publication.

Teturam - a drug designed to combat alcoholism, the active ingredient of which is disulfiram.This substance is

toxic enough, so when in contact with alcohol increases the concentration of acetaldehyde in blood.Teturam causes vomiting, blood pressure drops, heart rate, allowing to develop a strong aversion to alcohol.This in itself pills do not cause harm to the body.However, while the use of teturama and alcohol poisoning symptoms occur.Reaction product of alcohol manifests severe headache, red spots form on the skin, chills and fever.In principle, it is this body's reaction and enables the alcoholic to stop drinking.Therefore, treatment with this drug should only be conducted with the consent of the patient, that is, he must consciously give up alcohol for the duration of the treatment.The duration of treatment, dosage and schedule of the medication prescribed by the physician.

teturama start of treatment, the doctor draws the patient's attention to the fact that even a few years after treatment with this drug in humans, drunk alcohol, there is a specific "teturamovaya reaction".That is, all the signs of alcohol poisoning return again as soon as the body gets alcohol.In this regard, doctors do not recommend even at the end of treatment to use products with a low alcohol content - brew kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.The fact is that even a few years after the end of treatment may occur serious complications.These include heart attack, stroke, thrombosis, disturbance of the nervous and cardiovascular systems.It is possible the emergence of psychosis and hallucinations.

Thus, we can conclude that Teturam has long performance that allows you to develop a strong aversion to alcohol for many years.

Like any other medication, Teturam has a number of contraindications, it is therefore independent of its designation possible.Contraindications include the following diseases:

summarize our conversation today, I would like to note that Teturam drug is prescribed after a full examination, including mental health.The doctor must be sure that the patient cope with the temptation to withdraw into the bout as the simultaneous use of teturama with alcohol can lead to disastrous consequences.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not self-medicate, and seek help in the treatment of chronic alcoholism to the skilled artisan.

Take care of yourself!

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