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Torpedo from alcoholism

alcohol dependent people, and often their families, are looking for ways to get rid of addiction, and choose different methods.One of them - Torpedo.What is its essence and advantages?What is the mechanism of action?Try to understand.

Torpedo is also called the magic pill of alcohol addiction.It is sewn into the body, making an incision in the skin of the patient and there placing special drug which is released into the blood.Another option - an injection substance, which is incompatible with alcohol.If the patient drinks even a small dose of alcohol-containing beverage, his condition significantly deteriorates.

Many doctors are limited to sewing torpedoes.Others complement coding Torpedo other psychotherapeutic methods.They can openly harass the patient or take the receipt that in case of death after the next drink with the doctor removed any responsibility.Some patients take it as motivation to sobriety, while others immediately change their decision, not trusting such treatment.

What exactly does the torpedo?This is the name of a number of medicinal methods of coding from alcoholism.It should be noted that the method appeared in the market fighting alcoholism medical services from the first one and is now considered one of the most effective.First, the active substance was Torpedoes disulfiram.It is not compatible with ethanol and indeed after a dose of alcohol can worsen the human condition, and even lead to his death.Next torpedo began to be manufactured on the basis of other substances.Today there is a whole list of "Torpedo", which sewed patients with alcoholism.This can be Antinol and Binastim.The latter has effects of disulfiram and administered intramuscularly.It improves the immune system and improves the functioning of the liver.Another drug on the basis of disulfiram - Aktopleks.It is administered and intramuscularly, and intravenously.

And it Akvilong depot preparations, Algominal and Stopetil.

So torpedo enclosing narcologist.The question arises, what exactly prevents further drink: a drug or a suggestion?After the sewing procedure, the person is given a little bit of alcohol.Under its influence the patient developed violation, which the doctor warns.These violations demonstrate a person coding efficiency torpedoes.The patient, of course, after that provide medical care, followed by psychotherapeutic suggestion.

Judging from the reviews of people who have used this method, it does not give 100% guarantee of the result, as well, and other ways of dealing with alcoholism.Some people positive feedback.Patients state that the torpedo - a powerful and efficient tool.Under the influence of his people stop drinking forever.

Others criticized torpedoes.Grumble that the drug does not work.

And the reason may be just in the facility, which is sutured to the patient's body.But if it's really real preparation on the basis of disulfiram, the success of his actions will be high.When it is questionable means, besides not certified, you can hardly wait for the result of the application of the method.

Many wonder whether this method is dangerous.Keep in mind that any drug has side effects.In all there are contraindications.The psychiatrist must before applying the method to learn about the state of human health.Torpedo is not sewn in such circumstances: alcohol intoxication and withdrawal syndrome, an acute infection in the form of the common cold and exacerbation of hepatitis, high body temperature, the presence of a malignant tumor.Also Inserting Torpedo is not carried out if you are hypersensitive drugs.All this turns narcologist before the application of the method.Sometimes he simply postponed to a later time, after the curing of the disease (eg, acute respiratory infections).And often found out the details about the health of dependent generally impose a taboo on Inserting Torpedo.