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Grass puppeteer from alcoholism

Every sane person has a dream.There she and those who see eye alcoholic daily.Relatives and friends of a man dreaming of that dependent stopped drinking and returned to the old, normal life.They resorted to many means of recovering alcoholic on the right path.One of them - the treatment of grass with the interesting name of the puppeteer.

This herb has a few names: hellebore lobeleva and Chemerko, Cermis and dreidel.Puppeteer - is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the lily family.Its roots contain alkaloids.

plant is very often used as a remedy for alcoholism that causes aversion to alcohol.The advantage of this method of getting rid of alcoholism is that the puppeteer is possible to give an alcoholic without notice.It works when other methods, arrangements and to request a dependent does not act voluntarily and treated, he does not want to.

Other ways of getting rid of alcoholism are not all the same and positive.A puppeteer - effective means.

How to use it to treat?We need to take ten grams

of herbs and pour 100 grams of cold water, boil for a minute and two hours to insist this broth.Then strain it and add the patient to eat for two or three drops.This should be done 2-3 times a day.It can be added to the drink.Subject to these doses with a man can not happen do not worry.Just the next time you use alcohol he would start vomiting, nausea, headache.In short, the dependent will form aversion to alcohol.If this is not observed, the dose should be increased to 5-6 drops of broth.But no more, as the puppeteer - quite poisonous plant and may cause drop in blood pressure.

You have to be very careful with the use of a decoction of people who have kidney or liver failure developed.

If you see that the medicine is working and an alcoholic really begins to return to normal life, it is necessary to adjust its psychologically to work, busy, what he did before, to return to their former hobby and limit contact with former drinking buddies.The barrier between the past and the present - it is the task of loved ones who started the treatment process with the puppeteer.Hardly addict himself to cope with such a barrier without the support of loved ones.

As for the underground part of the puppeteer, his roots, and such treatment is less effective.It also forms the patient aversion to alcohol.Brew puppeteer root should be as follows: one teaspoon dried crushed root puppeteer should pour 100 grams of boiling water and let stand for an hour.Then it must drain and two or three drops to mix all kinds of food, drinks, which uses an alcoholic.As in the case with grass, you can increase the dose infusion, if the dependent person continues to drink and aversion to alcohol is not produced.

alcoholics usually do not feel the taste of food or drink changes with the addition of these drugs puppeteer.The effect on their reception there comes the next time use of alcohol.And here it is important to observe the response and decide whether to increase the dose of infusion or decoction of the puppeteer.If vomiting occurs, the patient may think that poor poisoned vodka.Subsequent same reactions of his body he would have just formed a negative reflex to the forbidden alcohol.If an alcoholic home uses food only once a day, you can give him a double dose of the puppeteer, that is, once 4-6 drops.

desire to "make friends" with a bottle gradually take place.So eventually formed indifference to alcohol, because the alcoholic is sick from one of its kind.It should be noted that the treatment reduces the aggressiveness puppeteer drinker.He becomes calmer and more appropriate, which is important for the people around him.At this time, try to make the person was doing something that he felt it necessary, important to others.