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Herbs from alcoholism

Nowadays, there are many ways to get rid of alcoholism.But against the backdrop of modern innovative methods of ancient Russian recipes, which are based on herbs, its relevance is not lost.So, we learn about the herbal treatment of alcohol dependence and their charges.

Traditional medicine provides two ways of getting rid of alcoholism.First - this is a challenge disgust nonperception body of any kind of alcohol.This effect is achieved by the use of decoctions and infusions that are incompatible with alcohol.Such funds herbs should be added to the food addict, when treatment is carried out without his knowledge.Or he has to do it, knowing and knowingly agreeing to treatment.It is very important to observe the dosage.

second direction - restorative and supportive therapy.This refers to the removal of craving for alcohol, removal of toxins that have accumulated in the period of use of different types of alcohol.Restorative therapy lies in the support of patient soothing herbs, plants fortification of his


Which of these are well established in the treatment of addiction?Among them are considered to be the most effective lovage root and pumpkin seeds, bay leaf and thyme (Bogorodsk grass), puppeteer and Asarum.

There are proven fees herbs - compounds that are combined in a specific dosage and also treat alcohol dependence.

Medicinal properties of this herb are used in Russia since the 16th century.Most often to get rid of alcohol addiction lovage root used to be digging through 1 month after flowering.It was at this time, the healing power of plants culminates.When dig root before flowering, you can not get any results in the treatment.Moreover, it is time to accumulate toxic substances.

Note and one more thing: you can not take a one-year rhizome of the plant.Only in the second year it will have a therapeutic effect.Drying can root and the open air and in the oven.

roots of plants contain terpenes and sesquiterpenes acids, carbohydrates and ascorbic acid, tannins and essential oils.

lovage root decoction is odorless, which is important in the treatment of humans without their knowledge.After adding this drug should be directly in the alcohol.If we apply this treatment regularly, then very soon the person will appear aversion to all kinds of alcoholic beverages and beer as well.

How to cook lyubistkovoe antidote?The most popular is the so-called prescription Vanga.Not the fact that the author is precisely this famous clairvoyant, but to be effective this compound proved.So, in 300 ml of vodka, insist you need to put two 150 grams of the root of lovage and two bay leaves.After this infusion of strain and need to give an alcoholic drink.This recipe is valid at a time.

Another option that requires the daily use - a decoction of the root.We need to take 100 grams of lovage root, pour a glass of water and boil for 10 minutes.Then cool and one teaspoon to pour the broth into the food.This should be done 2-3 times a day.The food can be tea and soup, cereal and yogurt.Smell the broth does not, therefore, a small dose will not cause any sensations.Dependent it will not feel.

This herb helps to treat alcoholism perfectly any stage.Bogorodsk grass or thyme are composed of thymol.It causes vomiting after drinking.There are several recipes for an antidote to alcohol dependence with Bogorodskaya grass:

Grass ungulates in its composition has essential oils that cause vomiting when used with alcohol.Collect rhizome ungulates need during flowering, ie, in April-May.It is necessary to take a teaspoon of shredded roots and pour a glass of boiling water.After infusion for 30 minutes, strain and a glass of vodka, add 1 tablespoon of prepared infusion.

can try another version of the preparation of a medicament.For this we need to take 6 tablespoons of crushed roots and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water.Insist need to root in a dark place for two weeks.Then drain and allow the patient to drink 100 grams of vodka in the morning with 100 grams of infusion.Day of this procedure must be repeated, and in the evening he should be given only 100 grams of vodka.After that immediately start vomiting.Then, when everything calms down, you should try to give the dependent drink another 100 grams of infusion ungulates.After such manipulations drinker stops drinking.

This herb is often used as a decoction.To make it, take one teaspoon of the plant and pour 100 grams of boiling water, boil for a minute or two over low heat.Insist hour, filter, store in refrigerator.In the first days of treatment the broth to be added to the meal 2 drops with a pipette.Then, the dose should be increased to three or four drops and continue to increase the dosage until the nausea after eating.It is important to gradually increase the amount of broth is used.Do not exceed a dose of 20 drops.After such treatment, the patient will be a feeling of disgust for alcohol.Contraindications to treatment with the puppeteer is the presence in the patient of cardiovascular diseases.

If a person has a strong response, the dose of medication needed to reduce or stop treatment for a couple of days.

Veratrum - it is the second name of the puppeteer.Therefore, treatment should be carried out in the same way.We must remember that the water from the pharmacy hellebore for the treatment of alcoholism can not be used.It is necessary to prepare a decoction.They should be stored in a cold place, no more than 5 days!Add decoctions of hellebore can not only milk, because it reduces the effect of the drug.

Besides monotherapy herbs can be used and their fees.They help to relieve the craving for alcohol, to reduce the level of intoxication, to remove the hangover.All this helps to improve human well-being of the patient and remove the jumps of his mood.An example of this is the collection of the following composition.Herbs ungulates and butterbur, Lycopodium, hogweed, mint, thyme, centaury must take in equal proportions and stir.Take one teaspoon of this collection and pour a glass of water.Boil on low heat for five minutes.Insist hour broth and after straining 2 tablespoons added to tea and other beverages.It is possible to mix and dependent human food if treatment is carried out without his knowledge.Receiving the above acquisition is an aversion to any kind of alcohol, regardless of the stage of dependence.

Traditional healers used to treat alcoholism herbal teas.But they should drink without any additives, sugar, honey and others.

For this purpose, you can make tea from herbs wormwood, St. John's wort and yarrow, taken in equal parts.Just pour one tablespoon of boiling water over the mixture, let configure themselves for 15 minutes, and allow to drink tea addict.Of course, teas treatment should be carried out with the patient's consent.Such a dose of herbs in alcohol is simply impossible to pour.He immediately feels dilution.The course of treatment is 10 days teas.After a break of 5 days, this course is recommended to repeat.After that the craving for alcohol in humans disappear.

So herbs from alcoholism have some advantages in the treatment of the sick person.Firstly, you can add them in his power, without his knowledge.Secondly, this is an affordable and safe method of treatment.Unlike other methods, it does not cause disturbances in the mind, does not require the patient to the clinic premises or rehabilitation center.