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Trichopolum and alcohol

Start treating any drug requires the person responsible attitude.This adherence to the designated doctor scheme, the dosage, the taboo on the combination with other drugs and ban on alcohol.But many people simply ignore the latter, without attaching any importance.What is fraught with the simultaneous use of alcohol and Trichopolum?What could be the consequences?

Trichopolum, like other medications, it is not recommended to take with alcohol of any kind.Mortal danger shall not be combination, but does not add health.

Trichopolum most commonly used in the treatment of bacterial infections.This medication is prescribed for trichomoniasis and giardiasis, amoebiasis and peritonitis.He is credited with abscesses of the abdominal cavity, is prescribed for inflammation of the uterus and appendages, postoperative complications, diseases of the bronchi, lungs, meningitis, skin infections and infections of bones, blood poisoning.Trichopolum also prescribed for the treatment of patients with chronic alcoholism, b

ecause this drug is in patients sensitive to different types of alcohol.

How valid this medicine?Interacting with the simplest organisms and bacteria Trichopolum robs them some of the proteins.The drug reacts with DNA of bacterial cells, suppressing their biochemical processes.For this reason killed infectious agents.So Trichopolum heals the body.

Trichopolum For compatibility with alcohol, the mechanism of interaction is as follows.The drug simply inhibits the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase function, taking part in the exchange of ethanol.Doctors ascertain if Trichopolum mixed with alcohol, the blood will significantly increase the level of the product of alcohol metabolism, as acetaldehyde.Usually, this will cause headaches in humans and stomach pain, skin redness noticeable.It is also possible decrease in blood pressure and the occurrence of nausea, vomiting and heart palpitations.In addition, people dramatically begins to sweat.That is, the use of alcohol at the same time with this medication cause unpleasant pain.They usually gradually fixed in the subconscious of the person a ban on alcohol.

After receiving Trichopolum alcohol may alter the therapeutic properties of the drug.It is also possible the emergence of a situation where a drug changes the effect of alcohol.Then, the patient may receive the run-off angioedema and extensive skin rash, diarrhea, and dyspepsia, dry mouth or a metallic taste.

If the person taking Trichopolum suffering neurological diseases, then under the influence of alcohol he can develop a strong headache and consciousness appear nebula.Therefore, the physician should take into account all of the patient always warn about the need to observe the "dry law" in the period of treatment.By the way, it is quite short.Ten days to limit itself in the use of liquor everyone can.

Trichopolum in no case can not drink alcoholic beverages.And be sure to review the instructions to the drug.After all, alcohol is always strengthens its side effects.

If the doctor appoints Trichopolum drug for the treatment of trichomoniasis, it necessarily prevents the person on the outcome of a combination of drugs and alcohol.After all, the consequences of allergic reactions are often unpredictable.

Thus, a responsible attitude towards their health simply does not allow a person to risk by combining treatment and Trichopolum raspivaniem spirits.Even if it is beer, from its use can be dispensed with.