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Phenibut and alcohol

Almost everyone at some point in life, a period of depression, insomnia and nervous excitement.Some experience it yourself, thus exacerbating their bad habits (smoking, alcohol or drugs), and some are taking valerian and herbal infusions.But there is another way out of this situation - a psychotropic drug Phenibut.

This pharmaceutical and pharmacological agents is a nootropic agent tranquilizing nature.Typically, it is used in the treatment of patients with impaired brain function and the central nervous system.It is also often prescribed to patients who suffer from various diseases of the psyche and its deviations, burdened by various substance abuse disorders.

Phenibut - a derivative of the substance artificial generation of gamma-aminobutyric acid.This inhibitory substance helps to cope with fears and aggression, it is prescribed for prolonged depression, and increased stress.Also, it can prescribe to enhance memory properties, attention, and improve the quality of mental operations.In the Soviet Un

ion Phenibut was very popular, they even supplied the astronauts in flight.In our time it is used in a clinical setting, often prescribed as a sedative for the elderly and people with increased excitability.But it must be remembered that in some diseases, especially alcohol dependence, treatment with this drug is possible only under strict medical supervision.

Phenibut and alcohol - these are two substances that have pronounced psychotropic action.The consumption of alcohol first excitation occurs, which develops due to inhibition.With prolonged use of alcohol is suppressed and the excitation processes leading to lethargy.Heavy same degree of intoxication can lead to suppression of the activity of the vital centers in the brain.Respiratory center is affected in the first place, so that people in a state of severe intoxication mostly die due to respiratory arrest.Phenibut acts on the central nervous system is similar to the action of gamma-aminobutyric acid - a substance with which the pulses are transmitted through nerve cells, enhancing the inhibition of the central nervous system.Thus, Phenibut activates the braking process.

Alcohol, on the contrary, inhibits these processes, so that the drug will reduce the depressant effects of alcohol on the human nervous system.So sometimes Phenibut used for the purpose of sobering up, but this treatment is carried out solely under the supervision of a physician.Remember that self-combine these substances can not be, because psychotropic drugs affect different people in different ways.As a rule, it all depends on the individual and hereditary characteristics.Therefore difficult to guess what effect the simultaneous use of alcohol and Phenibut in each case.

Phenibut also used in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal.This syndrome develops only in people suffering from chronic alcoholism, that is, having a physical dependence on alcohol.In this case, the alcohol becomes vital to the patient for a normal existence.Even a small dose of ethanol can improve your health, which will give an opportunity to continue their way of life.As a rule, this leads to binge when the patient has no control over the amount of alcohol consumed.However, heavy drinking, in any case should end, because there comes alcohol poisoning of the body and its decay products.Here begins a withdrawal syndrome when alcohol is vital to man, and his lack of evident changes in all organs and systems, especially the central nervous system.The patient observed severe headaches, high blood pressure, tremors and other.Sometimes it can occur pomrachnenie, hallucinations, disturbed orientation in place and time.It is worth noting that the heavy withdrawal symptoms can be treated only in a hospital.In the treatment often prescribed Phenibut, because it improves metabolic processes in the brain, blood circulation and prevents thrombosis.Neurons will gradually restore its function, leading to a more rapid exit from the state of abstinence.

In chronic alcoholism the main task of doctors is to reduce the craving for alcohol and restore the body's condition, disorder, prolonged alcohol intoxication.In chronic alcoholism the first to suffer the brain, the patient is disturbed memory, learning ability, concentration, emotional and volitional qualities and so on.In this disease, primarily changes the functional activity of the brain neurotransmitter systems, i.e. systems that are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses.In general, this leads to a change in the body's response to alcohol intake and the development of alcohol withdrawal.Research has shown that in this case Phenibut promotes full or partial recovery of activity of neurotransmitter systems, which reduces the craving for alcohol.Also, this drug improves memory, mental performance, returns a zest for life and the ability to continue their professional activities.However, in no case do not use the drug on their own, but in the hands of professionals, he will remove the alcohol intoxication, alcohol withdrawal syndrome and reduce the craving for alcohol.

important to remember that an overdose can occur when incorrectly selected dose of the drug, which implies a manifestation of side effects.Phenibut Overdose leads to nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, low blood pressure, as well as changes in the liver and kidneys.If you have the above symptoms should immediately wash the stomach.Then take 20 tablets of activated charcoal, which bring the body of toxins and harmful substances.

contraindications to this drug may be an ulcer, erosion, hypersensitivity, pregnancy and lactation period, liver failure, and at the age of children up to 2 years.You also can not take with other medications Phenibut similar action, as will enhanced the effect of drugs on the human body, which can cause a negative reaction.Another side effect of the simultaneous reception of alcohol and Phenibut is to increase metabolism in the body and hormonal changes.

Thus, we can conclude that Phenibut - is a drug that has a positive therapeutic outcome only if properly received by a doctor, and he developed the scheme.In no case do not self-medicate and do not use the drug on your own, because the experiments often end in failure.