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Fenotropil and alcohol

Medication prohibits the connection of alcohol and drugs.After such compatibility, as a rule, leads to negative consequences.Among them - the increased side effects of drugs and neutralizing their therapeutic functions.How combined alcohol and Fenotropil?What you should know about the consequences of such a combination?

Fenotropil is a "smart pill", which is an activator of the brain.This drug improves metabolism, stimulates mental performance and protects the cells from overloading in the form of stress.Fenotropil also has antihypertensive and anticonvulsant effects.The drug helps the learning process, speeding it up, increases the resistance of brain cells to the effects of toxic substances, regulates arousal and inhibition improves the quality of vision, improves mood.

way, Fenotropil invented by Russian scientists for astronauts needs.Therefore, the drug and has universal qualities.A positive feature of this product lies in the fact that long-term use, it activates metabolic processes in the body.T

his, in turn, reduces swelling and reduces weight.In addition, using Phenotropil increases resistance of the human body, that is it increases the immunity.

This drug is not addictive.He did not need to increase the dose or frequent use.

medicine often used in the treatment of hypertension.He was appointed and psychiatrists.And Fenotropil used as a drug for the treatment of delirium tremens, that is, in the treatment of alcoholism.Indications for use phenotropil are such states:

should be noted that the effectiveness of this medication is already visible in the early stages of treatment.After all, the brain is supplied with sufficient oxygen, even in areas that have been struck by a stroke.This impact is positive and alcoholics, because they always have problems with memory and intellectual abilities are suppressed.

Fenotropil weakens the degree of intoxication, reduces the human craving for alcohol, prevents hangover, reduces the sedative and hypnotic effects of alcohol.Under the influence of this drug retreats lethargy, there is courage and physical strength, significantly improved memory, attention.

Doctors state that Fenotropil and alcohol are highly compatible.Their co-administration does not cause side effects.This means that in the event of a planned celebration with the use of alcoholic beverages is not necessary to interrupt the treatment with this drug.But the pills and drink alcohol is also not necessary.Better, of course, if the medicine is taken in the morning, and the alcohol is used at least 8 hours, in the evening, and within reasonable limits, without going over.

Fenotropil not addictive, but overuse this drug can affect sleep calm, cause autonomic dysfunction.This will be a consequence of overstimulation of the brain.Therefore, it is necessary to apply the above medication according to the instructions of the attending physician.The dosage phenotropil always picked individually.But usually more than one tablet per day to the patient is not administered.If a person knows that he will triumph in the evening, he should plan a pill phenotropil so as to create a break in time between the action of the drug and alcohol use.And we should never forget that any alcohol - it is not the purpose of the holiday, but only the maintenance of traditions.Therefore, the measure in its use must be respected always and everywhere.